Training days

Tuesday 08 May 2012

The training days for next year have been provisionally set for the following dates:

Last week, teachers spent the training day in school working on our School Development Plan and action plans for 2012-13. Nearly all schools in England should have a School Development (or Improvement) Plan and accompanying action plans. They outline across a period of time how a school can make changes and keep up to date on educational trends.

This year, our teachers have begun to plan using Google Docs rather than Word. This is a step towards greater use of ‘the cloud’ to prepare, save and share / collaborate. Google Docs (and Google Drive) is a move away from saving things on a PC towards sharing things in a more ‘virtual’ way, which allows greater collaboration. The next steps will be for teachers to work in this way for more and more projects, and to get our governors using and sharing as well.