Flexible bodies

Saturday 09 September 2017

In our Friday PE this half term, we will concentrate on balance, shape and teamwork. This will build up to dance related sessions with the children performing a short sequence of movements by the end. Children will plan, perform and repeat short sequences that include changes of speed and level, with clear shapes and quality of movement.

In most of these lessons, the children will work in bare feet. However, if your child has any problems with that, such as verrucas or blisters, then they can leave their footwear on.

For our first lesson, we focused on shape and balance. Children were asked to create shapes using their bodies only. Following that, we looked at which part of our bodies we could balance safely on.

There were some superb balances taking place. In a small group, the children then had to incorporate an object into their balance and hold it for three seconds. This was tricky but I was impressed by the determination shown to be able to achieve this.

Take a look at some photos of our work below.

tiny shape
thin shape
long shape
balance with an object
wide shape