Herd Farm

Monday 23 May 2022

Hello all!

Year 4’s residential to Herd Farm was absolutely fantastic! For some of the children, it was their first night away from home but they all were incredibly mature and were having too much fun to even have a second to worry.

They all completed three different activities; the giant swing, the assault course and crate stacking. The most nerve-wracking activity was the giant swing but every single child overcame their fears and had a go on it. Some even went to the very top! The assault course ended up in some of the children getting soaked as the aim was to end up with the most water in their pot by the end! This was tricky… Finally, the crate stacking became a competition to see who could climb the highest. We managed to get to 11 crates high.

All of the staff were impressed at how enthusiastic and polite our class were. At each meal time, the children helped to set the tables. They sat and ate their amazing food and helped to tidy and clear up too!

I hope the children managed to get a good nights sleep on Friday night – I know we did!

Miss Birch, Mrs Charlesworth, and Miss Gilliland