Topic and Science!

Friday 15 September 2023


Year 3 have had a great second week where we have really got stuck into our new learning.

Topic – Geography – Where in the world am I?

Year 3 have become geographers for this half term (a scientist who studies the Earth). We began by using an atlas to help us plot the capital cities, rivers and mountains in the United Kingdom on our own maps. Have a look at one of our maps!

We then began to answer our question: Where in the world am I? We realised there are a lot of answers to this question; Leeds, Europe, Moortown, Moortown Primary School, UK, England and the Earth!

Help at home: visit Google Earth and zoom all the way out from Moortown Primary School! What else can you see?

Science – Skeletons!

We began by trying to build the human skeleton out of different pieces. Once we had successfully done this, we tried to name as many of the bones as possible. We focused on these 5:

We imagined what we would look like if we didn’t have a skeleton or bones… it would be quite strange! Skeletons help to protect our organs and supports our body and movement.