Autumn 1: Week 8

Thursday 26 October 2023

In Literacy, we’ve been reading Potion Commotion by Peter Bentley. The book is about a little witch called Betty. She ends up making a big mess when putting just about everything into her cauldron to make a potion. Betty’s potion grows and grows and spreads all over the town! 
Help at home: Talk to your child about the story and see if they can remember what happened at the end.

After reading the story, we thought about what we would put in a magic potion. We drew pictures and labelled our list of ingredients.
Yesterday, we decided to be scientists and make our very own hubble and bubble potion.
Before doing the experiment, we made sensible predictions.

I think it will bubble.
I think it will fizz.
I think it will hit the ceiling!
I think it will overflow.

Click here to watch our bubbling potion.

This week, we introduced simple addition and subtraction number stories.
For example,
First there were three spiders on the web.
Then, one more spider joined them.
Now, there are four spiders altogether.

Help at home: Collect up to five of your favourite toys. Use these toys to create addition and subtraction stories. Don’t forget to use the words ‘first’, ‘then’ and ‘now’ and your fingers!

What else have we been up to?
The potion chilli challenge was very popular this week!
It’s important children spend lots of time doing fine motor activities to develop their finger muscles ready for writing.

Help at home: Practise your cutting skills.

We’ve been recognising numerals and practising our counting skills at the maths bench.

One-to-one correspondence focuses on the actual counting of objects, and assigning numbers to objects in the correct order, as they are counted. This also helps children to understand that the numbers they are saying hold value.

Creating more potions in the water tray!


Have a wonderful half-term break! I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 06 November.