Autumn 2: Week 3

Friday 24 November 2023

This week, we explored making shadows. We used torches to explore what happened to the shadows when we moved the light source closer and then further away from the model. We had lots of fun creating our own shadow puppets in the creative area. Some children explored making shadows of their models in the construction area.
In Literacy, our focus story was Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. For our writing activity, we drew and labelled pictures of things we see and do during the day and at night time .
Our word of the week was nocturnal.

A hedgehog used to live in my garden.
I saw a fox when walking home.
I have seen bats before!

Help at home: Draw a picture of a nocturnal animals and label it.

In maths, we introduced the children to  composition by focusing on the preliminary skills: the concept of ‘wholes’ and ‘parts’. We investigated composition using own bodies and familiar toys. For example, we looked at  Mr. Potato Head and talked about the smaller part that make Mr. Potato Head a whole. We also sand ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and thought about our body parts. We used this stem sentence My […] is a part of me and the whole of me is [name] to explain our parts.

Help at home: Look at the pictures. Can you see the parts?

We also had a go at composing and de-composing Numberblocks up to 5 using cubes.