Reception Class News

Summer 2: Week 7

Posted on Friday 19 July 2024 by Kay Lowry

This week we have been talking lots about change. We have been looking at the way we change during our lifetime from being:

a baby

a toddler

a child

a teenager

an adult

someone that is elderly


The children were able to act out each stage and discuss the things that you can do during these times.

The children have been  talking and drawing about the things that they are looking forward to in year one.

We had a great Sports Day on Wednesday. The children showed real courage taking part in races infront of their peers and parents.


What a wonderful year reception class have had!

It has been a pleasure being able to share the last 9 weeks of their journey in reception. Even in that short time, the children have been a joy to teach  and  shown great progress.

They are now ready to start their new adventure in year one.

Thank you for all of your wonderful cards and gifts to reception staff.

Have a safe and fun summer.

Summer 2: Week 6 Safety Week

Posted on Friday 12 July 2024 by Kay Lowry

This week has been learning all about safety.

The children have been learning all about staying safe online, people who help us and staying safe around animals.

We have been lucky enough to have lots of visitors this week too.

During the week, we had a visit from two of our local police officers. They we able to help us identify who we need to speak to if an adult asks us for help. They also showed us some of the special equipment they use in order to keep themselves safe.

A person from our local dog’s trust came to talk to us about being safe around dogs. They taught us the five rules to stay safe around them.

We were also lucky enough to be taught some martial arts this week too.


During maths this week, we have been looking at time. We have been identifying  why we need to tell the time and what different things we can use to tell it. The children have enjoyed timing eachother to do different activities.


Please can all children bring a bag in on Thursday 18th July so that they can take their school books home.

Staying safe week: road safety

Posted on Thursday 11 July 2024 by Mrs Taylor

Jake, from the Leeds City Council road safety team, gave a whole school assembly all about staying safe on and around roads including different types of active travel.

Don’t forget, as part of our staying safe themed week, we are running our active travel safety competition this week.

For a chance to win one of three £10 Love2Shop vouchers, we’d love to see your active travel staying safe photos, maybe using a traffic crossing or wearing a bike helmet (send photos to Photos should be sent by 4pm on Thursday 11 July and winners will be announced on Friday 12 July.

Help at home: Jake reminded us of the green cross code. Talk to your child about what we need to remember when crossing the road.

Staying safe: online safety

Posted on Wednesday 10 July 2024 by Mrs Taylor

Louise from West Yorkshire Police gave a whole school assembly all about staying safe online.
There were lots of clear online safety messages around content, contact and conduct.

At the end of the assembly, the children reflected on what they were going to do after hearing Louise’s messages.

I am going to check my younger sisters’ Roblox settings.

I am not going to accept friend requests from people I don’t know.

I am not going to play games that have a age rating older than me.

Help at home: ask your child how content, conduct and contact are linked to online safety.

Staying safe week: water safety

Posted on Wednesday 10 July 2024 by Mrs Taylor

Claire, a volunteer from Canal & River Trust, came to visit Reception and Key Stage 1 to teach us about staying safe near water.

SAFE stands for stay away from the edge.

If you do fall in water, you should float on your back like a starfish trying to keep your head above the water.

There were lots of hazards to spot.

Life jackets and buoyancy aids can help to keep you safe on boats.

Help at home: have a look at these water safety games with your child.

Summer2: Week5

Posted on Friday 05 July 2024 by Kay Lowry

It has been a fun filled week for reception this week.

The children enjoyed going to see their new teacher on Wednesday. They asked lots of great questions and were excited to talk about their new classroom when they came back.

During the trip on Thursday, the children were fantastic. They enjoyed adventures in the woods, learning more about recycling, hunting for minibeasts and exploring with water.

The children were able to use our word of the week (humungous) to describe the play area.


The children have been looking at fair and unfair sharing. They are now able to identify when something has been shared fairly. We looked at sharing different amounts of objects between 2,3 and 4 people.

Help at home: by sharing objects out fairly and unfairly.

Staying Safe themed week

Posted on Thursday 04 July 2024 by Mrs Taylor

Our next whole school themed week, based around Staying Safe, will be taking place next week.  The key message is how to be safe in a range of situations – at home, at school, online and in the environment.

A variety of events and visitors are planned to help us deliver this key aspect of education including road safety (Leeds City Council); water safety (Canal and River Trust and RNLI); fire safety (West Yorkshire Fire Service); staying safe around dogs (Dogs Trust); first aid (Leeds Beckett and Red Cross); safety in our community (PCSOs) and e-safety (d:side).

Here are some events taking place.

Monday 08 July 3pm – 3:30pm d:side e-safety drop in information session

A representative from d:side, a health education provider, will be available to discuss e-safety issues and details of your child’s e-safety learning in the themed week.

Thursday 11 July from 8:30am West Yorkshire Police bike register event

Pupils are invited to bring along their bikes to be registered at this bike security marking event at school. Registering your bike helps police and retailers identify and verify the legitimate owner of bikes that have been stolen or are being resold. This is a first come first served event.

Friday 12 July 2:35-3:15pm Leeds Beckett University Carnegie Great Outdoors basic first aid session for parents/carers – there are limited places available so please confirm your place via school gateway.

The themed week is a good opportunity to continue to think about healthy, active and safe ways to travel to school.  Children are encouraged to travel to school in a sustainable way, keeping safe along the way.

For a chance to win one of three £10 Love2Shop vouchers, we’d love to see their active travel staying safe photos, maybe using a traffic crossing or wearing their bike helmet (send photos to Photos should be sent by 4pm on Thursday 11 July and winners will be announced on Friday 12 July.

Due to the rising costs of visitors to school, this year, we are requesting a voluntary contribution of £1 per pupil to go towards paying for visitors. This can be made on school gateway. Thank you for your support with this.

Finally, can you help? Does your job involve an aspect of safety?  If you are able to support our Staying Safe themed week by coming into school to speak to the children, please contact me via the office or your child’s class teacher.

We will keep you up to date about events during the week on the class news pages on our website.

Thank you for your support to keep Moortown a happy, healthy and safe school.

Summer 2: week4

Posted on Friday 28 June 2024 by Kay Lowry


We have been practising our races for sports day again this week. The children are really enjoying using the different equipment and developing new skills!


This week’s book is called Clean Up. It is about a girl called Rocket who cleans up the beach whilst on holiday. It has inspired the children to clean up our school. They have been proud litter pickers picking up any rubbish that they find and using it to make creations in the classroom. They have been using the word of the week (pollution) whilst discussing what they have been doing and why.

Help at home: by using our word of the week with your child.


This week we have been discovering bonds to 5. The children have been making these and using the sentence stem:

5 is made from …. and …..

…. and …. combine to make 5

We have also been singing lots of songs including five little speckled frogs to consolidate this learning.


Next week is a busy week. We have sports day, meet the teacher, our school trip and the summer fair.


Posted on Friday 21 June 2024 by Kay Lowry

As the weather becomes brighter and we near the end of the academic year you may be thinking about your child’s next steps as they journey into Year 1. Moving to Year 1 is perhaps a less significant change for children, and that’s because we’re a happy and healthy place to learn where we all know each other.

A zoom meeting for parent’s starts our transition process, here you will meet the Key Stage 1 staff and find out about the Year 1 curriculum.

The zoom meeting is on Tuesday 25th June 6-7 for all reception parents. Please follow the link that will be emailed to you.

The next step is for your child to spend some time in the Year 1 classrooms. They’ll meet the teachers and join in with the learning, they’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be in Year 1. The whole-school transition, later in July, completes the process, by spending a morning with their new class teacher.

This is a really exciting time of year, moving on and taking those next steps whilst continuing to strengthen the effective learning behaviours they have established in Reception.



Summer2: Week3

Posted on Friday 21 June 2024 by Kay Lowry

This week, has been a busy fun filled week.

We have started practising our dance around the May Pole ready for the summer fair. The children have been inspired by videos of others doing it and were very excited to get started themselves.


During PE lessons, we have been practisig some of the different sports day activities. Please see your child’s sports day team below. Your child will need to come to school wearing their team colour tshirt on the day.


We have been recapping the letters a and g  this week in handwriting.

We have also been practsing forming the letters m and n.


During maths this week, we have been looking at counting up to 20 objects.

Help at home: by getting different amounts of objects upto 20. Support your child with counting them.

Living and Learning:

The children were talking about consent during this weeks living and learning session. We discussed the importance of being asked for consent   before taking a picture. The children understood  that it’s their right to say no if they don’t want one taken.

We also talked about stop means stop. You have the right to say stop if you don’t like something.

If someone was being unkind I would tell them to stop.

If someone tried to hurt me I would say stop.

Poetry Picnic

We have been performing our poem this week with musical instruments. The children enjoyed selecting which instrument they would like and following the beat of the poem.


Sports Day

I have attached the groups for sport day. Please ensure your child comes in a plain tshirt that is their team colour.