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27 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Friday 27 March 2020 by Mrs Burke

Good morning, everyone! I hope you enjoy today’s learning activities.


Words to read:

Words to write:

hurt, land, trust, chair

Phonics activity

Can you match the pictures with the words?


Help to prepare some food.

You could bake a cake or help prepare dinner!
Afterwards, write a set of instructions which explains how you made the food. Don’t forget to write your instructions in a numbered list!

What did you make? Please let me know.



Enjoy the weekend!

Let me know what you get up to.

[email protected]



26 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 26 March 2020 by Mrs Burke

Good morning! I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather.

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful rainbow pictures.


words to read:

words to write:

plan trip grab sniff

Phonics activity:


Write a sentence about the picture.


  • think of  the sentence
  • say it out loud
  • count the words
  • write each word
  • check

What sentence did you write? Let me know.

Maths: addition

First there were 6 people on a bus. Then 2 more people got on. How many people are on there now?

Draw a picture to help you work out your answer. Can you think of a different maths story?


Can you write an addition sentence to go with your story?

Please keep sending photos of your fantastic learning.


Rainbow Cheer

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020 by Mrs Weekes

What a lovely surprise tonight when I opened an email to see 30 smiling faces all holding amazing art work.  I sent them straight to Mr Roundtree and we both loved all of them!  Believe me, in the middle of some quite serious emails that we have been receiving over the last couple of days, this one was, literally, a ray of sunshine!  Thank you Reception class – keep smiling!


Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020 by Mrs Burke

Thank you so much for sending all your beautiful rainbow pictures. They made me smile!

We enjoyed painting ours outside in the lovely spring sunshine.

25 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020 by Mrs Burke

Good morning, everyone. I hope you are enjoying the tasks so far.


words to read:

tricky words (all current tricky words can be found in your pack and in your word books.)

Can your child tell you what a tricky word is?

words to write:

melt, fact, golf, jump

phonics activity:

Write the sentence (adult to read aloud.)

I must not tramp on the flowers.

Look through a book. Can you find any words with more than six letters? What is the longest word you can find?

What was your child’s favourite word?

Maths: 3d Shape 
Can you remember the name of these shapes? What do you know about 3d shapes?

Have a look around your home. Can you find anything that is the same as one of these 3d shapes? Why don’t you draw and label them?

Did you go on a shape hunt today? Please email some photos. If you made playdough you could try making the shapes.

[email protected]

Extra Activity

Lots of children are painting rainbows to put in their windows. Why not paint one too!

Go on a walk and see if you can spot any. I saw two on my ride to school yesterday.

24 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 24 March 2020 by Mrs Burke


words to read:

words to write:

Phonics activity:

Write a sentence using one of the words you have written. For example:

The clown has a pink waistcoat

How did your child find the writing activity? Remember it’s OK for some words to be spelt phonetically. Encourage your child to write independently, rather than copy you.


Choose a new book to read. Stop reading in the middle of the story. Can you guess what will happen at the end? Were you right?

What book did you read?  What did your child predict? Let us know.

Maths: order numbers 0-10

Put the number cards from your pack in order. Can you find small objects to count to match. Count carefully!

What objects did your child use for the activity?

Extra activity

Did you make playdough? What did your child make?








23 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 23 March 2020 by Mrs Burke


Words to read:

Words to write:    best, think, burnt, spot

Phonics activity: Read and colour 10 words from your word book.

Did your child use their phoneme fingers?

Literacy activity

Visit This website has daily pictures. Use the arrows to find the most interesting picture you can (or use today’s daily photo) Discuss the photo and write what you can see. Perhaps you are even inspired to come up with your own story based on the image!

Which picture did you use?

Maths: Finding one less

If you don’t have toy cars, you can use anything! Dolls, teddies, pieces of food- any objects you can count!

Challenge: Can you record your findings either by drawing your objects and crossing one off each time or writing it as a number sentence (ie. 5-1=4)

Did your child enjoy the activity? Can they use objects to 10?

Extra Activity


Home learning explained

Posted on Sunday 22 March 2020 by Mrs Burke

Your child was given a home learning pack last week. (The packs for those children who were absent can be collected from the office.)

The packs contain some of the resources the children will need to support their learning at home.

Home learning tasks will be posted each day and will include a phonics, literacy and maths activity as well as other ideas and information.

The tasks can be found on the Reception class news page and will be published daily at 9am. Each of the three tasks will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Please use the email below if you are unsure about any aspect of the home learning. We are here to support you and your child’s home learning journey and will aim to reply to emails on the same day.

[email protected]


Sport Relief

Posted on Sunday 15 March 2020 by Mrs Burke

The children took part in their Sport Relief challenge, They had to throw and catch a beanbag as many times as they could within 30 seconds. Everyone beat their personal best-including the adults!


Posted on Sunday 08 March 2020 by Mrs Burke

Thank you for attending our Phonics Mornings this week- we hope you found it useful.

Below are sentences taken from ‘Letters and sounds’ which  your child can write independently using their phonic knowledge.

Mark and Carl got wet in the rain.

The farmer gets up at six in the morning.

Jill has fair hair but Jack has dark hair.

Jim has seven silver coins.

I can hear an owl hoot at night.

Nan is sitting in the rocking-chair.

Bow down to the king and queen.

Gurdeep had a chat with his dad.

I can see a pair of boots on the mat.

It has been hot this year.

Don’t forget to let us know about the writing and reading your child is doing at home.

[email protected]