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How to help with phonics at home

Posted on Sunday 30 January 2011 by Mrs Burke

We are beginning to learn vowel digraphs such as ai, ee, igh, oa, and oo. Encourage your child to say the letter names as this is less confusing at this stage.

Here are some examples of words they will be reading. Their confidence from the daily experience of practising and applying their phonic knowledge to reading and writing is really paying off!

tail, week, right, soap, food, park, burn, cord, town, soil.

Tricky words

The number of tricky words is expanding. These are so important for reading and spelling: he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all.

Continue to play with magnetic letters, using some of the two grapheme (letter) combinations:

r-ai-n = rain blending for reading      rain = r-ai-n – segmenting for spelling

b-oa-t = boat blending for reading    boat = b-oa-t – segmenting for spelling

h-ur-t = hurt blending for reading     hurt = h-ur-t – segmenting for spelling

PLEASE continue reading to your child even when they are reading independently. This is very important – your child needs to practise their reading skills every day, and needs the support of an interested adult.


Posted on Sunday 23 January 2011 by Mrs Burke

Reception children have been following and making their own repeating patterns in Maths.

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Class Assembly

Posted on Saturday 15 January 2011 by Mrs Burke

Don’t forget the Reception Class assembly on Thursday at 2.45.


Posted on Sunday 09 January 2011 by Mrs Burke

Would you like to read to a small group of children or the class?

Do you have a favourite story from your childhood you would like to share?

We are learning traditional stories in our Literacy sessions this term and would like to provide the children with a wide range of stories read by a variety of people. If you would like  to read to the children at story time please let us know.

We would particularly like to hear stories from a variety of cultures, not necessarily from a book.

Games to play at home

Posted on Sunday 09 January 2011 by Mrs Burke


Memory, also known as concentration, is a fantastic game that can be played by even the youngest children, making it a very enjoyable way to learn the phonemic code. Because children generally excel at memory-based games, it also allows them to compete easily with older players.

The player to the dealer’s left starts. On each turn, a player must turn over two cards and pronounce each phoneme. If they match and are a pair the player may keep them if he or she can pronounce the phoneme correctly. If playing with the advanced code phoneme cards, then a word containing that phoneme has to be said in order to keep the pair. Because that player was successful, he/she also gets to take another turn. If, however, the two cards that he/she turns over do not match, then the player must turn them face down again and the next player takes his/her turn. The game is over when all of the pairs have been found. The person with the most pairs is the winner.

Word Card Winners

Place all the cards face down and take it in turns to pick one. If your child says the word correctly they keep it. Read a few words wrongly and encourage your child to spot the mistake. The person with the most cards is the winner.

Have fun!

Born In A Barn

Posted on Monday 13 December 2010 by Mrs Weekes

Who was born in the barn one cold and wintry evening?  If you come and see our Christmas performance on Tuesday 14 or Wednesday 15 December then you’ll find out.  It’s not too late to get your tickets!  Come and listen to the singing donkey, various sheep and cows, a wise owl and a very noisy cockerel.  Looking forward to seeing you.

december 2010 032december 2010 034 Join in our celebrations!

Key Stage One and Foundation Stage Christmas Performance



Posted on Sunday 05 December 2010 by Mrs Burke

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Curriculum Morning – Tuesday 30 November

Posted on Sunday 28 November 2010 by Mrs Burke

There will be a short meeting at 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning for those parents who were unable to attend the evening meeting. The meeting will give you the chance to find out how we teach reading and writing in Reception and give you ideas for helping your child at home. We hope you will be able to attend.

Helping each other to learn in Reception

Posted on Sunday 28 November 2010 by Mrs Burke

   This week the children have been helping each other learn. Will we be out of a job soon?

A phonics lesson
A phonics lesson


Helping your child at home

Posted on Thursday 18 November 2010 by Mrs Burke

Thank you to everyone who came to the curriculum meeting yesterday. If you could not make it  please let us know as we will be arranging a morning session very soon for those parents who wish to attend.

For information on how we teach maths using Numicon there is a useful parent’s page on their website.

For more information on the correct pronunciation of phonemes this website is very useful.