Year 2 Class News

Welcome back

Posted on Friday 07 September 2012 by

Welcome back. I hope you all had an enjoyable summer break. I’ve enjoyed listening to all of the days out and holidays that the children have been on!

I’ve been really pleased with how motivated the children have been in our first week back. Our first few weeks will involve some re-capping.  For example, we’ll revisit some of the phonics covered in Year 1. Children tend to slip back a bit over the long holidays so regular reading at home and practising of handwriting, counting and number bonds will all help.

For those of you who I don’t know, this will be my fifth year at Moortown Primary and my second year teaching in Year 2. Parents’ Evening will be towards the end of October; in the meantime, please feel free to drop in if you have any queries. I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Jorja to our class.  She’s been welcomed by all the class and is already proving to be a great member of the Year 2 learning community.

Health questionnaire

Posted on Wednesday 11 July 2012 by Mr Roundtree

There will be no further homework this term. However, please support your child to complete the health questionnaire sent home today in order to find out their views on some of our key health issues at school.

Emotional health and obesity are the two targets we are working on in school to further our healthy schools status and the questions, devised last year by the school council, are linked to these areas. These include:

  • Are you happy at school?
  • What do you enjoy most about playtimes and lunchtimes?

Completed questionnaires to be returned by Monday 16 July.

Goodbye Year 2

Posted on Monday 09 July 2012 by

If I had a pound for every wobbly tooth I’ve been shown this year, I’d be a rich woman!

This is just one of the many delights which I have discovered teaching in Year 2 brings. It has been an enjoyable year with lots of interesting stories from weekends away or days out (Sam and Brandon particularly)! I’ve learnt more facts about sharks than I ever thought possible (Oliver, Levon and Ethan)! Ravinder and Arranhave provided many thought-provoking questions with their ever-enquiring minds, whilst Alex and Katarina have wowed us with their confidence and ability to settle in to new surroundings.

As I enjoy being active, I was pleased to discover that the class love PE and that they have been enthusiastic about taking part in sporting events. Zach was even the first child from Moortown Primary to cross the finish line at the Roundhay Fun Run! Archie, Shriyaa, Bailey, Jahneil, Lanas and Molly were keen to take part in the Wake Up! Shake Up! competition which meant I got to hear lots more of my favourite band, One Direction! Pavan, Simran and Isabella have demonstrated a talent for gymnastics and Tayshaun never fails to impress us with his football skills (remember us when you’re famous Mr Lennon)!

Other successes of the year include:

  • Superstar mathematician Henry who’s made great progress
  • Roshan’s big improvements in reading
  • Ibrahim putting 100% effort into his learning
  • Ahmed’s amazingly creative homework
  • Shahban’s accurate observational drawings
  • Jawaad’s ability to make us jump with his animated expression when reading a story
  • Jaskirat’s fantastic handwriting
  • Yahya’s helpful contributions as school councillor
  • Rayhaan’s ability to be ready to learn at all times

And…. not forgetting Linda’s brilliant performance in the Christmas production!

Thank you to Mrs Stewart for all of her help with class routines and the children’s learning. Finally, thank you to all of the parents this year for continued support with your child’s learning – it really does make a difference! I wish all of Year 2 an enjoyable time with Mr Wilks in Year 3.

Have a lovely summer.

Miss Hewson













Dance Showcase

Posted on Monday 09 July 2012 by

Well done to the children who took part in the Dance Showcase at Allerton Grange. Thank you to Tracey for choreographing a fantastic routine which involved lifts and the children making use of the whole stage.

Dance showcase

Wake Up! Shake Up!

Posted on Monday 09 July 2012 by

Well done to our Year 1 and 2 children on reaching the final of the Key Stage 1 Wake Up! Shake Up! competition. The children put a lot of effort into practising and were an absolute delight to take to represent our school. Thank you to the parents of the children for helping with lifts and coming along to support us.

Feeling proud

Learning about symmetry

Posted on Monday 09 July 2012 by

Creating symmetrical patterns

Yoga fun

Posted on Monday 09 July 2012 by

We were lucky enough to enjoy a morning of yoga last week. Here are some of the children enjoying the relaxing benefits.

Yoga experts

Creative homework

Posted on Monday 09 July 2012 by

How to stay safe at the seaside Lego model


Posted on Friday 22 June 2012 by

Take a look at our class kenning poem. Can you guess what animal it is?

A poisonous-spitter

A mouse-eater

A stealthy-slitherer

A camouflaged-rattler

A deadly killer!

Jubilee Day

Posted on Tuesday 19 June 2012 by

Year 2 looked great on our Jubilee day. They even had a visit from the Queen!

Jubilee fun