Year 5 Class News

Welcome back!

Posted on Monday 10 January 2022 by Alice Needham

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a very restful and healthy holiday. It’s lovely to have all the children back in school again. I have been really impressed with how the children have settled straight back into school. Their behaviour and attitude towards their learning has been fantastic. Well done, Year 5!

This half term, we are historians. We are learning about the Vikings and the Islamic Golden Age.

This is the vocabulary that your child will learn across this history topic:

chronology – arrangement of events or dates in time order
conflict – a series of battles over time
invasion – when a country or region is invaded by an armed force
golden-age – a time when an activity or society is at its best
innovation – an improvement or replacement for something
trade – the exchange of goods and services
caliph – ruler in a Muslim country
civilisation – the society considered most advanced at a time
bias – a particular viewpoint for one thing over another, especially an unfair one

We have also started a new science unit this half term all about evolution and inheritance. This half term, we are biologists.

This is the vocabulary that your child will learn across this biology topic:

evolution – change in living things over time
inherited – the way that a trait or characteristic is passed to offspring from parents
trait – a quality or characteristic belonging to something
adaptation – a small change that a living thing goes through
natural selection – a process in which living things adapt themselves in order to survive, that they don’t have any control over
prehistoric – the time classed is ‘before history’ as it was so long ago it hasn’t been recorded or written
variety – differences between things as part of a whole group
fossil – the prehistoric remains of a plant or animal

Do keep referring back to this vocabulary and asking your child if they can remember what these words mean! It will help them greatly as we progress through both topics.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.

City of Leeds Basketball

Posted on Friday 07 January 2022 by Mrs Taylor

The City of Leeds community basketball sessions will be restarting this weekend and can be booked here.  Sessions are available for children age 5-8 and age 9-11.

Living and Learning: I make healthy choices

Posted on Friday 10 December 2021 by Alice Needham

This week in Living and Learning, Year 5 have been talking about how to make healthy choices.

We discussed how it is important to be healthy both physically and mentally. 

Year 5 were able to come up with lots of examples about how they make healthy choices.

I enjoy baking but we usually bake healthy alternatives instead of lots of cakes and biscuits – Lily

I like going to dancing at the weekend which helps me stay physically healthy – Isla

I stay healthy by keeping active and eating lots of fruit – Harry

At the end of our Living and Learning session, we had a debate about whether fast food should be allowed in our school.

After a heated discussion with good points both in favour and against, in the end, Year 5 voted that they would like Moortown Primary School to remain a happy and healthy place to learn.

We are artists!

Posted on Tuesday 07 December 2021 by Alice Needham

This half term in Topic, we are artists.

So far in art, we have been learning about the history of art and describing art work as classical, modern, abstract and figurative.

Ask your child if they can remember what these four words mean!

Next week, we will be making our own sculptures inspired by the Leeds sculptor Barbara Hepworth.

In preparation for this, Year 5 started to design their sculptures today. They will be working as a table to construct their final pieces.

If you can, please can your child bring in a cardboard box (no bigger than a shoebox) by Thursday the 9th of January for this art project.

Thank you!





Skipping ropes for sale

Posted on Wednesday 01 December 2021 by Mrs Taylor

This year we are continuing to work with Skipping School to develop the children’s skipping skills. Skipping School ropes (KS1 ropes and longer KS2 ropes) are now available to buy from the office.

Girls rugby opportunity

Posted on Wednesday 24 November 2021 by Mrs Taylor

Leos Junior Rugby Club are hosting a girls only training session, open to all girls in Reception to Year 6, on Sunday 28th November, with the aim of setting up a girls only rugby team in the area. Please see below for more information.

Cross country results

Posted on Tuesday 23 November 2021 by Mrs Taylor

The results have been checked and we are very pleased to announce that following the Leeds North East Cross Country Festival last week, Ewan (2nd – Year 5 boys) and Ralph (5th – Year 4 boys) are successfully through to the Leeds Cross Country Finals. What a great achievement to match their brilliant performances.

Commiserations to Billy (11th – Year 6 boys race), Zaid (20th – Year 6 boys race), Edris (15th – Year 6 girls race), William (12th – Year 3 boys race) and Zak (17th – Year 3 boys race) who narrowly missed out on qualifying.

Cross country stars

Posted on Monday 22 November 2021 by Mrs Taylor

What a great few days of cross country action! On Friday, twenty four Key Stage 2 children took part in the North East School Games Cross Country festival. It was great to be back competing after such a long break.

All the children put in 100% effort and we had some fantastic results which will hopefully mean a number of children will qualify for the Leeds finals once we hear the final results.

Thank you to parents who helped to accompany the children, to Allerton Grange for transporting us and lastly to all the children who competed so well and supported and encouraged each other.

I really enjoyed it.

I just enjoy running.

It was my first time but I just kept going.

It was tough but once I’d done it I felt like I’d achieved something.

It was really fun. It didn’t really matter where you came. You just tried your best.

On Saturday, a number of children took part in the Leeds Schools Athletics Association cross country race at Prince Henry’s, Otley. Well done to all children who took part and represented to school.  Once again, it was great to hear about the team spirit and support for each other.

Living and Learning: Anti-Bullying Week

Posted on Monday 22 November 2021 by Alice Needham

We are all the same and we are all different

Last week in our living and learning session, we spoke about what bullying is and what we can do to prevent or stop it happening.

“Bullying is when you hurt someone physically or emotionally several times on purpose.”

Year 5 were fantastic at explaining what to do if they encountered bullying or saw it happening to someone else.

We use the following acronyms to remember what bullying means and what to do if we know bullying is happening:

S – several
T – times
O – on
P – purpose

S – start
T – telling
O – other
P – people

Remember, if bullying is happening to us, someone we know, or if we have seen or heard it happening to anyone, we must tell a teacher or a trusted adult.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Posted on Friday 12 November 2021 by Alice Needham

Last week, Year 5 visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park on our first school trip of the year.

The children explored the park, commenting on, and comparing a variety of sculptures over the course of the day.

Take a look at some pictures from the day: