Year 2 Homework

07 January 2011

Posted on Friday 07 January 2011 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is Talk Time and is due in Wednesday 12 January.

I can talk about the features of a non-fiction book.

We will be focussing on information texts for the next two weeks. The children have been introduced to the main features this week but will benefit from some more examples at home.

Why not visit the local library to look through some non-fiction books?

We’ll be talking about what they’ve done all week, next week.

Holidays approaching…

Posted on Friday 10 December 2010 by Mr Roundtree

…so there are no spelling lists, tables or other homework this week.

Enjoy reading, writing (and possibly making?) Christmas cards, reflecting on this term’s topics and other activities.

03 December 2010

Posted on Saturday 04 December 2010 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is ‘Creative’ and is due in Wednesday 08 December.

I can create a story mountain of my favourite traditional story.

I would like to see the children come up with some creative story mountains to structure their favourite traditional story.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Pictures of each stage of the story mountain.
  • Comic strip of each stage of the mountain.
  • Main characters at different places on the story mountain.

These ideas are only a guide; it’s completely up to you how you want to create your story mountain.

26 November 2010

Posted on Friday 26 November 2010 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is ‘Creative’ and is due in Wednesday 30 November.

I can create a ‘Peaceful Problem Solving’ poster.

This is in response to our SEAL theme this week of ‘keeping calm’ and in preparation of next week’s ‘problem solving’ theme. I would like you to come up with posters for our SEAL wall which inform our school community on how to solve problems.

Here are some ideas for the poster, but feel free to do something even more original:

  • A step by step guide for solving problems.
  • Instructions of what to do if something goes wrong.
  • A cartoon of a character that made the right choices in their problem.
  • A poster that persuades children to make the right choices.

Wow me with your creativity, Year 2!

19 November 2010

Posted on Thursday 18 November 2010 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ and is due in Wednesday 23 November.

I can add on a number line.

I would like Cubes to add along a number line with single digit numbers (e.g. 4 +3 = ?)

I would like Spheres to add along a number line with a two digit number and a single digit number (e.g. 23 + 5).

I would like Cylinders to add a single digit number onto a two digit number using an numberless number line. For example, in the sum 48 + 9 they should do as follows:

+2                    +7


48            50                          57

I would like Cones to add two digit numbers using the method above or this alternative: In the sum 23 + 35 they can:

+ 5            + 10                       +10                     +10


23          28                  38                          48                        58

We don’t usually do ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ but I really feel the children would benefit from solving some subtraction calculations at home.

12 November 2010

Posted on Sunday 14 November 2010 by Mr Redfearn

This week, it’s Talk Time homework and will be discussed and reviewed on Wednesday 18 November.

I can talk about toys from other countries.

  • What toys do children have in other countries?
  • Are any of them the same as the ones we have in England?
  • Which of our toys come from outside England? How do you know?
  • How much do toys cost in other countries?

Why not inspect your toy to see if you can find any clues?

05 November 2010

Posted on Saturday 06 November 2010 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is ‘Creative’ and is due in Wednesday 10 November.

I can make a guide for looking after my favourite toy.

  • A poster about how you should look after your toy
  • A list of instructions on how to protect your toy from wear and tear.
  • A diagram of the best way to play with your toy.
  • A fold out informative leaflet.

This is creative homework, so the more original, the better!

Half-term holiday

Posted on Friday 22 October 2010 by Mr Roundtree

Our policy is not to give homework in the holidays.  However, if you’d like to support your child’s learning at home, have a look at the Homework Tips for Parents (which has ideas for extra practice) and the National Expectations section (which should give you some ideas about what to learn more about).

Don’t forget: all children should be reading on a daily basis: comics, books, websites.  Why not make a trip to the library this holiday?

Older children should also practise times tables (why not re-cap all the tables you’ve practised so far this year?).

15 October 2010

Posted on Friday 15 October 2010 by Mr Redfearn

This week, it’s Talk Time homework and is due in on Wednesday 20 October.

I can talk about pushes and pulls.

  • What forces do you know about already?
  • Can you give me examples of a push?
  • Can you give me examples of a pull?
  • Can you see forces? How do you know they are there?
  • What push and pull do you do the most?

This homework will really help you in our topic. I can’t wait to hear what you already know!

08 October 2010

Posted on Thursday 07 October 2010 by Mr Redfearn

The homework this week is Creative and due in Wednesday 13th October.

I can invent a toy.

Ask yourself these questions first:

  • What is my toy made of?
  • Is my toy of the past, present or future?
  • Who is my toy for? Is it for girls, boys or maybe even adults?
  • How much would my toy cost?


  • What does your toy look like? Draw a small diagram with labels.
  • You could write a list of instructions of how to build your toy.
  • You could draw an advert of your toy.

It’s up to you! Let’s see if you can show me how your toy is better than others!