Year 5 Homework

Week 14: 14 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 13 July 2020 by Miss Wilson

Maths – LO: translation
Watch this video!
Reading – LO: quiz
As we so often read FirstNews, today’s task is a FirstNews quiz of 2019-20!
Click here to start the quiz and record your answers in your home learning book. Once finished, scroll down to the bottom to check your answers!

Drama – LO: responding to a stimulus

Use this BBC Bitesize lesson to learn the basics of using stimuli to develop ideas.

How could you link this learning to last week’s learning? What genre could your play be?

You need to complete both activities one and two. It’d be awesome if you filmed your efforts and send them to me on an email.

Week 14: 13 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 12 July 2020 by Miss Wilson

Maths – LO: reflection with coordinates
As we looked at coordinates and reflection last week, your task today is to answer these questions in your home learning book.
Reading – LO: Love of Reading
Today’s reading task involves simply reading FirstNews! It is a special edition of FirstNews based on ‘Fake News’.
Your task is to read some (or all if you wish) of the newspaper at your leisure!
Send me an email to show me one thing you’ve learnt about fake news!
Science –  LO: spectacular space
Today’s task is to read this BBC Bitesize web post and then complete activities one and two!
We would love to see your science experiments – send in an email!

Week 13: 10 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 09 July 2020 by Mr Wain

So we’ve reached the end of our penultimate week of the school year. It looks a lot different than we may have envisaged at the start of the year but your effort and attitude towards your learning remains just as impressive – well done everyone!

Today’s tasks…

Maths – LO: reflection

Click here for your video. Once you’ve watched, click here for task one and then have a go at task two, here.

Reading – LO: RIC or conveying character

Your task today is either a RIC from FirstNews, or you can choose to convey character from the short film ‘Catch it’ that we watched yesterday.

Click here for your RIC.

If you decide to convey character, you need to use the speech that you created for the different scenes yesterday and act them out! Feel free to change your speech slightly if you wish and remember we are conveying character – this means lots of expression in your voice, obvious body language between the characters and most of all, enjoy yourself!

You could choose members of your household to act out the scenes with you or you could do it yourself!

I’d love to see your attempts so please send them over if you get the chance.

Drama – LO: theatre genres
Click here to start today’s task all about different performance styles in plays.
Once you’ve read the website and watched the videos, complete the following sentence stems in your home learning book.
1. Genre means…
2. My favourite type of theatre was… because…
3. My least favourite was… because…
4. Three things I have learnt today are…
Next, complete activities one and two.
An example for activity one could be to change the genre of Little Red Riding Hood to be a comedy. Some of the lines might change in order to make the audience “howl” with laughter eg more terrible wolf puns. The costumes might change to be funnier, like a wolf with an exaggeratedly large head and bug eyes.
Have a look at the example below for activity two.
As always, email me with your efforts!

Week 13: 09 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 08 July 2020 by Mr Wain

Hello everybody! You’ve all been doing a fabulous job with your home learning – I couldn’t be prouder.

Today’s tasks…

Maths – LO: plotting coordinates

Click here for your video. Answer these questions after!

Reading – LO: creating dialogue

Your task today is to watch this video.

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d like you to click here to access the task for today.

Your job is to create some dialogue for the different scenes within the short film. You need to use your retrieval and inference skills to help you come up with some appropriate dialogue.

I’ve written an example piece of dialogue and explained how I used my retrieval and inference skills to help me do so.

If you have any questions, email me: [email protected]

Good luck!

Spanish – LO: saying your birthday
Back again today due to very popular demand, our Spanish lessons return!
Today, we’re going to expand our number knowledge to learn the numbers up to 31 and the months of the year in Spanish, so that we can say the date of our birthday in Spanish!
For this lesson you will need some paper and a pen or pencil – click here to get going!

Week 13: 08 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 07 July 2020 by Mr Wain

Hey Y5! Wednesday already…

We hope you enjoyed participating in yesterday’s virtual sports day!

Maths – LO: 3-D shapes

Click here for your video. Answer the questions as we go along in your home learning book!

Reading – LO: FirstNews puzzle

Your task today is to complete the following two crosswords. The first one relates to an article in science news and the second one relates to an page of the newspaper in world news.

For each crossword, I’d like you to complete page 2 (this is the part where the words aren’t underlined in the text!)

Click here for crossword 1.

Click here for crossword 2.

Spanish – LO: introducing yourself

Today’s lesson is part 2 of your Spanish learning – introducing yourself.

Click here for today’s lesson and follow the instructions.

Write down new words/phrases in both Spanish and English as you go along – it will help you remember them better!

Buena suerte!


Week 13: 07 July 2020 Home learning virtual sports day

Posted on Monday 06 July 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Sadly, one of our favourite events of the year – sports day – cannot take place in its normal format this year. However, today is our virtual sports day and we’re excited to be joining the West Yorkshire Virtual School Games Sports Day. This will be part of your home learning for today for all classes.
1.At 10am (or anytime after this) watch the opening ceremony video for details about the day.
2.Choose which activities (as many as you want) you will have a go at. They can be done at any point on Tuesday 07 July. Click here for details of each activity. Instructions will also be available on the introductory video.
3. You can record your scores on this record sheet.
4.Submit your results using this link (live from 10am on 07 July until 12pm on 08 July). We will be competing against other schools across the county so all the results will count.
We would love to see the virtual sports day in action so please share any photos of your children taking part and good luck to everyone!

Week 13: 07 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 06 July 2020 by Mr Wain

Maths – LO: regular and irregular polygons

Click here for your video! Once you’ve watched it, have a go at these questions.

Reading – LO: identify features of a text

Today we are continuing our reading learning based on Harry Potter. Your task today is to follow the instructions on this lesson. You will be identifying the features of a newspaper based on Harry Potter!

If you have any questions, send your teacher an email! Alternatively, send your teacher an email to show off your work!

Week 13: 06 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 05 July 2020 by Mr Wain

Hey Y5! I don’t know about you lot but I’m hoping for some better weather! It doesn’t seem like July at all!

On to today’s learning…

Maths – LO: lengths and angles in shapes

Click here for your video! Answer the questions as we go along.

Reading – LO: Love of Reading

Today’s task, by popular demand, is a Love of Reading session.

I would absolutely love to hear what you are reading at the moment and your opinion, too! Currently, I’m re-reading all of the Harry Potter books! I’m on Goblet of Fire at the moment!


Design and technology – LO: interactive design

Today’s task looks at design and the importance of testing using this website.

You need to complete activities one and two and make sure you send us a photo of your learning!
Get creative and have fun!



Week 12: 03 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Friday 03 July 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Friyay Y5! After some technical difficulties, I’m back with another video!

Maths – LO: angles around a point
Watch this video and answer these questions afterwards.
Reading – LO: retrieval
We’re carrying on with our Harry Potter – The Prisoner of Azkaban learning today with another fact finding retrieval lesson. Read this text and answer the questions that follow!
Retrieval tips: Look for keywords in the question, find the right page/section, read around the information, write down your answer, check it makes sense!

Week 12: 02 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 01 July 2020 by Miss Wilson

Hey Y5!
I hope you are all doing well and I can’t wait to see you all again at some point soon. Please keep sending me through your work and the stuff that you’re getting up to in your free time!
Today’s learning…
Maths – LO: calculating angles on a straight line
After attempting to use my Screencast and having it crash numerous times, I haven’t been able to record a video for today. Have a watch of this video on week 10, lesson 3   then have a go at these questions  and remember, all angles on a straight line add up to 180°.
Email me if you have any questions!
Reading – LO: retrieval
I’ve been on a Harry Potter hype at the moment, so I thought I’dd base today’s reading task on The Prisoner of Azkaban.
I’d like you to read this Harry Potter extract from The Prisoner of Azkaban and answer the accompanying questions.

Science – LO: evolution

Today, we’re throwing it back to our Y3/4 production Darwin Rocks!

Following on from yesterday’s learning, use this website to learn all about Charles Darwin and evolution.

You need to complete:

  • activity one
  • activity two
  • activity four (download it here)

As a bonus task, you could complete activity three.