Year 5 Homework

27 April 2018

Posted on Friday 27 April 2018 by Mr Catherall

This week, our homework is Creative:

I can show who inspires me. 

This week, we’ve focussed on the verb ‘to inspire‘. Because of this, we’ve read about, and discussed, some famous people who have inspired others. I’d like you to share with the class who inspires you.

We have discussed this in class and children came up with the following ideas:

  • you could print a picture of the person and explain what they do to inspire
  • you could film yourself imitating that person
  • you could make a poster about your idol
  • you could bring in something that reminds you of that  person
  • you could use a shoe box to recreate a situation where that person is doing what inspires you
  • you could make a model of your  inspiration
  • you could create a fact book about that person

and, obviously, there are many more ideas, too!

Homework should be returned on Friday 04 May 2018.



Friday 20 April 2018

Posted on Sunday 22 April 2018 by Mr Catherall

This week our homework is TalkTime: Should we spend so much money on exploring space?

This links to our current mini-topic: space. Children should discuss this (including pros and cons) in preparation for a class discussion as part of our homework review.

23 March 2018

Posted on Thursday 22 March 2018 by Mr Catherall

Our homework this week is Creative: I can recognise my talents. 

All of the children in Year 5 are blessed with an array of talents. This week, we’ll celebrate this as part of our Living and Learning lessons! I’d like children to respond creatively and be ready to show off their talents to their peers. They could do this in a range of ways:

  • create a short performance to show to to the class
  • film themselves showing off their talent
  • make a collage of their many talents
  • produce a piece of art to show off their talents

There are, of course, many other ways that children could respond. We’ll review our homework on Thursday 29 March 2018. 

16 March 2018

Posted on Friday 16 March 2018 by Mr Catherall

This week, our homework is Talk Time: Is it OK to be proud?

Children should discuss this question with someone at home. It’d be great if you could focus on the difference between feeling proud and being boastful. We’ll discuss this as a class as part of our homework review.

02 March 2018

Posted on Friday 02 March 2018 by Mr Owen

This week, the whole school has the same creative homework which is due in on Thursday 08 March:

I can show what I love about reading.

We wanted this homework to link to World Book Day, which unfortunately didn’t go quite as planned because of the snow yesterday. We still think it’s important as we still love reading!

Children should express their love of reading in imaginative ways. It doesn’t just have to be story books – we want children to enjoy a range of reading from newspapers and poetry to fact books and graphic novels. Some ideas include:

  • an interview with your favourite author
  • a character biography or fact file
  • tables and graphs to show the results of a reading survey that you’ve done of friends and family
  • book cover art, including a blurb
  • a book review or recommendation
  • write a page of a sequel to your favourite book
  • amazing facts that you’ve learnt while reading
  • a drawing with labels of an incredible setting in your favourite text
  • a labelled photo of you dressing up as your favourite villain from something you’ve read

We look forward to seeing what children come up with!

23 February 2018

Posted on Thursday 22 February 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week’s homework is Talk Time and will be discussed on Friday 02 March.

Animal experimentation – vivisection – is it right?

Have a chat in the car, over dinner or while walking to the shops about animal experimentation and whether is it ok or not. Try researching scenarios which might suggest that it’s a good thing to happen or examples of it being a bad thing to happen and make some notes in your homework book.

We’ll discuss the statement together in class, most likely sparking up a debate, something we love!

02 February 2018

Posted on Thursday 01 February 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week’s homework is Creative and is due on Thursday 06 February.

How does the human body work?

Our topic learning next week will be all about the human body so we’re challenging the children either to tell us something they know already or find out something new to teach us.

This homework will be used to create a class information book which we’ll keep in our reading area. Because of this, it must be completed on the page of the homework book (not on extra sheets or on the computer). This could be an information text, a diagram, a story which tells the journey of food through the body, a lift the flap information page, a leaflet – anything really!

There are all sorts of things you could inform us about:

  • different organs (Did you know… your skin is an organ?)
  • the digestive system
  • the circulatory system
  • our teeth
  • how the brain works
  • the skeletal system
  • the nervous system
  • how we change as we grow older

26 January 2018

Posted on Sunday 28 January 2018 by Mr Catherall

This week, our homework is Talk Time: I can make safe choices.

Please discuss scenarios and situations when making a safe choice is vitally important. You may also want to discuss safety in general – making sure you discuss internet safety would be perfect!

12 January 2018

Posted on Friday 12 January 2018 by Mr Catherall

This week, our homework is Talk Time:

True or false? Drugs are bad for you.

This, on the surface, may seem like a simple question with a simple answer. However, when you discuss this with your child, you may realise that this question is a great catalyst for a discussion on the merits of some drugs (medicines etc) and also the dangers associated with these drugs, and others.

We’ll talk about this during our homework review and our ‘Living and Learning’ sessions next week.

05 January 2018

Posted on Friday 05 January 2018 by Mr Catherall

Our homework this week is Creative:

I can show how materials are used in the world around me. 

As we are currently completing our mini-topic (What’s the Matter?), I would like children to think about how different materials are used and, most importantly, why they are used in the world around us.

There are many ways children could respond – here are just a few:

  • take pictures of materials in action and explain why that material is used
  • find unusual examples of materials used in everyday life
  • create a video diary entry of all the different materials they have come across in that day

Homework should be completed, and returned to school, by Thursday 11 January 2018.