Reception Class News

Election ready

Posted on Wednesday 24 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

The polling station is all set up and ready for the annual School Council elections tomorrow.

Good luck to all candidates.

Active travel in October – week three winner

Posted on Wednesday 24 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Well done to our week three winner who made active journeys to school every day last week.

Our active travel section on the website has recently been updated.  Have a look at some of the initiatives we take part in to encourage a happy and healthy start to the school day.

Learning about measures

Posted on Sunday 21 October 2018 by Mrs Burke

Our maths learning this week has been all about measuring. The children have been comparing the length and height of objects such as sticks, playdough worms, pencils and each other!


Home challenge
Ask your child to build a tower of five blocks and a tower of 9 blocks. Can they build a tower shorter than one but taller than the other?


Active travel in October – week two winner

Posted on Sunday 21 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Well done to our week two active travel winner (08 – 12 October)  who was randomly selected to receive the latest £10 voucher.

Our week three winner will be announced early next week.

We have a final weekly prize to award and also a prize for someone who has made an active journey to school every day in October.  These prizes will be awarded straight after half term once our Living Streets travel tracker data is available.

Remember an active journey can be walking, biking, scooting or parking away from the school gate and striding the last part of the journey.


Lost property

Posted on Wednesday 17 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

School Council are involved in a project to try and reduce the amount of lost property we have at school.

Starting this Friday, lost property will be available to look through in the playground to hopefully reduce the pile we have already this term!

Naming your child’s items helps to get things back to their owners so we will also be offering a clothing name labelling service for 20p per item.  Profits will go to our school charity, Make-a-Wish.

New additions to the library – thank you, school councillors

Posted on Wednesday 17 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

At their final meeting, our current school councillors spent time, using part of their budget, choosing new books for our library.

From sport books to science books, there’s a great selection.  The books will soon be available to borrow from the library.


School Council elections

Posted on Tuesday 16 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

In our whole school assembly today, we launched this year’s School Council election process.  Our School Council is one of the ways that children are encouraged to take an active part in pupil voice.

The election process allows children to develop an understanding of one of the British Values, democracy, with two representatives from each class, chosen democratically by their peers.

Our current school councillors spoke about their role over the last year and the qualities needed to be an effective school councillor.

These included:

  • use the 8 Rs for learning
  • be respectful and polite
  • help others
  • be a good speaker and listener (to members of your class and in the meetings)
  • share and be confident with your ideas
  • let others speak
  • accept the views of others even if you don’t agree
  • be friendly and approachable
  • follow our school rules and make good choices in class and around school

Watch out for the whole school homework this week all about the election and democracy, ready for the elections next Thursday 25 October.

Early Maths Workshop

Posted on Sunday 14 October 2018 by Mrs Burke

What is Numicon? How do we subitise?

For answers to these important questions and more…don’t forget to attend our maths workshop on Monday.

Learn all about how we teach maths in Reception and how you can help at home.

See you there!

Investigating shape

Posted on Sunday 14 October 2018 by Mrs Burke

This week we have been investigating, describing and naming 2D shapes.


Why not encourage your child to go on a  shape hunt at home?

Half term boys gymnastics

Posted on Tuesday 09 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Leeds Gymnastics, who run our gymnastics after-school club, are running a fun taster session at their club on Tuesday 30th October.  See the poster below for more details and how to book.