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Perfect Persuasion and Promotion

Posted on Wednesday 23 March 2011 by

Year 6 have learnt how to write adverts that persuade and promote. We invented a new bike and wrote an advert to encourage people to buy our product. Here is the advert – it’s fantastic!

Do you want to be the coolest cyclist in town? With our brand new, top of the range, most innovative bike ever, you can go anywhere, any place, any time with the awesome Speed-o-Matic. It’s fast… fun and funky. Only a fool would settle for less.

Are you ‘wheelie’ ‘tyred’ of your boring bike? We know you are, so go and buy the Speed-o-Matic… NOW! Jam-packed with heaps of high-tech features, the Speed-o-Matic is everything you’ve ever dreamed of… and more.

From its six smooth gears to its jaw-dropping 15 metallic colours, the Speed-o-Matic has it all. Other mind blowing features include:

  • spokes fitted with neon lights.
  • luxurious padded seat (with an extra option to change the colour to suit your mood).
  • carbon fibre frame that gives you the lightest, fastest bike ever invented.
  • wireless Ipod and mp3 docking system.
  • built-in ultra accurate SAT NAV – you’ll never lose your way again.
  • adjustable steel stunt pegs for additional top class performance.

Surely you would agree that this global phenomenon is the ultimate in cycle technology. The facts are clear: Speed-o-Matic is the highest ever rated bike in ‘Race Magazine’ with an astonishing ***** rating. Don’t just take our word for how brilliant the Speed-o-Matic is… “This is the greatest bike I’ve ever used.” Jim Smith (Olympic Cycling Gold Medallist)

Available from all good bike retailers around the globe. Normal price £200, but now reduced to a bargain price of only £129.99 while stocks last. (With 3 free seat covers)

The Speed-o-Matic comes with a life time guarantee.

Speed-o-Matic’s for you

Speed-o-Matic’s for you

Go and get it from the bike shop

Speed-o-Matic’s for you

The Speed-o-Matic…. fast, fun, funky.  Get it…..NOW!

The Forum

Posted on Thursday 03 March 2011 by

Keep your eye on the Forum over the weekend for another set of puzzles.

Why not try to add your own topic for discussion like Bethany and Yutaro?

School Council

Posted on Thursday 03 March 2011 by

Congratulations to Rosie and Yutaro for their election to the school council. I’m sure they’ll do a great job.

Also, well done to all the other children who stood in the election.

TAG rugby

Posted on Thursday 24 February 2011 by Mrs Taylor

For the next half term, Year 6 will be taking part in five weeks of tag rugby coaching on Monday afternoons.  The programme has been set up by Leeds Carnegie and we are one of a small number of local schools selected to take part.

Please ensure children have their outdoor PE kit at school for these sessions.

Class Poetry

Posted on Thursday 27 January 2011 by

As you know, Year Six studying a unit of work where they are imagining they are ‘Snowbound’ in school. As part of the topic, we have been studying different writing genres.

Today the class worked together to share ideas about writing poetry.

We wrote a poem about sleeping in school that compares the noises, thoughts and fears you may have at night in school to those you may have in a jungle.

Here is our poem.

Classroom Jungle

Darkness… all around.


Wailing wind lashes windows,

Tiger-claw branches scratch.

It whispers: let me in.


Blinds are shadow makers,

Moonlight is squeezing through.

Transforming everything.


Children are snakes,

Tables are fallen trees,

Door keys are panther eyes:


Staring….. staring.


Caged animals line the walls,

Clicking and groaning.

Bat-like paper draped from the ceiling…



To pounce?



A drawer falls, eyes open, hearts pound, screams of fear,

Night is disturbed.

The classroom jungle has awoken.



By Year Six

Every Child Matters Survey Preparation

Posted on Sunday 16 January 2011 by Mrs Taylor

This week Year 6 have their pupil diary to complete prior to taking part in the ECM survey this Friday.  By completing this diary, the more accurate the data will be in the survey.

The anonymous ECM survey gives our school information of how we can support the health and well-being of our pupils and will be used by other health professionals to bring about positive change in all areas of health.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the diary.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey please come and see me.

A Review of Last Term

Posted on Wednesday 12 January 2011 by

Last term was very successful with lots of learning taking place in all curriculum areas and SEAL. When we asked the children what their favourite learning was, many said it was the opportunity to dress up and experience Victorian Day. The children have also enjoyed the opportunity to use the Year Six Forums on the website.

Here’s looking forward to another busy, eventful and successful half term!

Fun In The Snow

Posted on Tuesday 30 November 2010 by




Vile Victorians Assembly

Posted on Tuesday 30 November 2010 by

Thank you to all the parents for the positive comments about our Vile Victorians assembly. Here are a few of the comments we collected during the assembly:

One mum said, “Fabulous as always.”

Another thought that the assembly was excellent, especially the shoe polisher!

I really enjoyed it. The children looked wonderful,” was another comment.

Again, many thanks for your comments.

Class Assembly

Posted on Friday 26 November 2010 by

Our first Class Assembly was on Thursday 25 November.

Well done children! You performed with confidence and enthusiasm and gave the rest of the pupils a hugely interesting show jam-packed with examples of your great learning about Vile Victorians.

You should be very proud of yourselves!

Well done again.

Mrs Hazell.