Year 6 Class News

We’re great writers!

Posted on Thursday 30 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

Inspired by our trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we’re going to write a narrative about one of the artworks coming to life!

First, we discussed what makes a good narrative and read an example.

We did some drama to get into the mind of the sculpture awakening from its deep slumber. How would it move? Where would it go? What are some consequences?

Help at home by discussing what types of figurative language your child knows. Can they give you an example of each? How could they use it in their upcoming writing?

We will also aim to use expanded noun phrases and more complex punctuation like semi colons.


Leeds Coding Day

Posted on Thursday 30 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

Today, Y6 joined an online coding class! We used Scratch to make a game where a Sprite had to cross a canal whilst avoiding the barges.

We used lots of computing skills that we’ve practised in the past such as variables, repetition and selection.

“It’s really fun. I liked it because I’m quite good at Scratch and I love practising it,” said Evan.

“It was very difficult and confusing so we had to be resilient!” explained Sienna.

“The best thing about it was creating your own code!” said Theo.

Maths – we’re resilient!

Posted on Monday 27 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

Today, Y6 looked at some multi-step addition and subtraction questions involving fractions.

We worked in teams and had some amazing discussions about our thought processes and workings out.

Lots of 8 Rs had to feature in today’s lesson:

  • remembering – we’ve learnt lots of skills over the last couple of weeks and we had to put in to practice today
  • resourceful – we had to use our knowledge and skills plus the knowledge and skills of others in order to succeed
  • resilience – lots of questions required a lot of brain power and the ability to keep going!

Edith said, “I liked how we’ve been using what we’ve learnt recently and completing questions that we’ve struggled with in the past! If you get past the tricky words, the maths is much simpler so that was good.”

“One question took me about twenty minutes and one I could do in my head so you had to be ready to be resilient!” explained Penelope.

Cross country stars

Posted on Sunday 26 November 2023 by Mrs Taylor

*UPDATE* Four of our Year 3 runners have qualified for the Leeds School Games cross country final!

On Friday, twenty two Key Stage 2 children took part in the Leeds North East School Games Cross Country festival at Roundhay High School attended by 900 pupils.

We had a great start from our Year 3 runners with 4 children coming in the top 10! After that, we saw some excellent efforts from the rest of the children throughout the afternoon with great support and encouragement from the other pupils.

Well done to all the children who took part and represented the school. We are sure there will be some qualifiers for the next race, the Leeds final. Watch this space!

Thank you to the parents who came along to help and support at this event.

It was a brilliant event. The Team Moortown spirit was very strong.

If you’re child would like to take part in cross country, have a look at our physical activity guide for details of local running clubs and junior Park Runs.

Living and learning: online safety

Posted on Wednesday 22 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

Our key take-always from this week’s Living and Learning lesson were:

– websites use cookies to keep information about us which can be useful (saved log in) or unhelpful (targeted ads)

– pop ups can try and persuade us to click on them

– games and apps are trying to make us stay online for as long as possible

We made posters to teach others how to stay safe.

Living and Learning: new school charity

Posted on Friday 17 November 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Every year, we vote for a new school charity to support and this week is the start of the selection process.

Our new charity will replace our current school charity St Gemma’s Hospice. An amazing £1500 has been raised for this great, local cause.

Whole school homework this week is to consider the following shortlist of charities.

The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

The main objective of the charity is to enhance the quality of care and support available to babies, young children and adult congenital cardiac patients, who are treated at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, based at Leeds General Infirmary.


We receive referrals through our network of schools. We deliver a bed bundle for every child in the household that requires it; this includes a brand-new Bed, Mattress, Duvet, Pillow, Bed Sheets, Pyjamas and Hygiene Kit. We work with local partners to include Food Parcels and, if needed, a school uniform. We can also mediate between families and their support services, as well as making referrals.

Leeds Hospitals Charity

To further any charitable purpose or purposes relating to the general or any specific purposes of Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust or the purposes of the National Health Service.

Simon on the Streets

Objectives are to: 1) prevent and relieve hardship and need and distress amongst those who are homeless and rootless by the provision of practical and emotional support, in particular but not exclusively to those who are sleeping rough or who are unwilling or unable to accept existing provision; 2) educate the public concerning the problems of social isolation and homelessness.

Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks and together we provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

Mind (The National Association for Mental Health)

We provide information and support, campaign to improve policy and attitudes and, in partnership with independent local Minds, develop and provide local services.

The charities will be reviewed in class on Thursday 23 November. Each class will vote for one charity which will be brought to the Junior Leadership Team who will have the final vote on Friday 24 November.

We went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park!

Posted on Thursday 16 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

What an action-packed day we had on Tuesday!

Y5 and Y6 went on an amazing trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to support our Art learning for this half term.

Before we went, we had a look at the website and previewed the art which made it very exciting when we actually saw them up close!

We took our Arty Ideas books and did a lot of amazing sketches.

It was great to see both abstract and figurative sculptures – just like we’ve been learning about in school.

Spot the difference: Moortown vs Network by Thomas J Price edition.

Zodiac Heads was definitely a fan favourite.

The texture and scale of the sculptures was sometimes mind boggling!

We did a lot of walking – luckily, the scenery was stunning. Can you spot Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure: Arch Leg in the distance?

In the afternoon, we took part in a workshop with a real artist!

We investigated patterns, colours and shape in Three Stones for Three Trees by David Nash.

And did some artwork without looking at the page – it was quite spiritual in a way.

Another great moment was seeing Barbara Hepworth’s Family of Man in real life! We had a tour of the sculptures and learnt all about the story of what they represent.

Lastly, inspired by the sculptures we’d seen, we made our own out of clay, just like Henry Moore would have done. He used a maquette made out of plaster.

Help at home by asking your child about their review of the trip which we’re doing in writing!



Living and Learning: anti-bullying day

Posted on Thursday 16 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

This week, we had learnt a lot about anti-bullying!

We celebrated Odd Socks Day! We’re all unique but we’re still on the same team.

We defined respectful online behaviour…

… and discussed the dangers of careless posting online.

Help at home by setting boundaries for or just talking about what your child posts online (including messages on apps).

There are consequences to bad online behaviour. Lots of them!

We made a list of things we can do if come across some negative behaviour online, including just stepping away.


We also had loads of fantastic ideas for what makes a healthy friendship…

… and made some really key distinctions between bullying and just falling out. Bullying happens Several Times On Purpose so you should:

  • Start
  • Telling
  • Other
  • People

Bullying needs to STOP – we’re a happy, healthy and safe school.


Abstract vs figurative art

Posted on Wednesday 15 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

We’ve continued our history of art journey by analysing whether art is figurative or abstract.

I’ve been really impressed with Y6’s ability to discuss art this half term. Well done, everyone!

Help at home by asking your child to define these terms!

We showed off our artistic knowledge by explaining how we knew which art belonged where.


Leeds Schools Sports Association Saturday morning cross country race

Posted on Monday 13 November 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Key Stage 2 children are invited to compete in an upcoming cross country race as part of the Leeds Schools Athletics Association cross country programme of Saturday morning races. Children will compete against pupils from other Leeds schools.

The race will take place on Saturday 25th November at Wharfe Meadows Park, Farnley Lane, Otley, LS21 2RW from 10am.

Please note, parents/carers are responsible for taking and supervising their child/children at the event. There will be a parent representative at the event.

There are opportunities for Year 3 and 4 girls and boys (under 9) to race 900m and Year 5 and 6 girls and boys (under 11) to race 1500m. Once your child has completed their race, you are free to leave the event.

Please sign up by giving consent online or ask at the office if you would like further information about the race.