Year 1 Homework

22 March 2013

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Super Science  Day is postponed due to snow.  The homework below relates to this themed day.  We will have Super Science Day next Tuesday, 26 March.  The homework below will happen after the Easter holidays – it would be a good idea to have some talk time at home about Super Science after Tuesday’s themed day.

This week’s homework is both talk time and creative. It is due in on Wednesday 27 March 2013.

Today, everyone took part in a Super Science themed day in which they completed nine science activities. The learning objectives were:

  • I know that dyes are made up of other colours
  • I know why objects float
  • I can create a gas with a solid and a liquid
  • I know that static electricity creates a charge
  • I know about irreversible changes
  • I know the effects of a chemical reaction
  • I know what exercise does to my body
  • I am aware of acids and alkalis
  • I know what happens when you mix water with oil

In talk-time, we’d like the children to talk about what they have learnt and then, in creative homework, sum up their learning.  (Creative homework can be completed on the next page in the homework book so that a full page can be used.)

15 March 2013

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This week’s homework is talk time. It’s due in on Wednesday 20 March 2013.

How can art be a treasure?

Why do we treasure art?

What sort of art can we treasure?

08 March 2013

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This week’s homework is creative. It’s due in on Wednesday 13 March 2013.

I know what instructions are.

You could produce:

  • art work
  • cut out from a magazine
  • construct something
  • a poster
  • write instructions
  • draw
  • your own creative idea

01 March 2013

Posted on Thursday 28 February 2013 by Mrs Taylor

Next Thursday 07 March is our annual school council election. This week’s homework, linked to the elections, is talk time.  It’s due in on Wednesday 06 March 2013.  Your child has a choice:


If your child would like to be a candidate for their class, their homework is to prepare a speech to present to their class.  This should include the following:

  • Why they think they can represent their class well.
  • What qualities they have to make a good school councillor.
  • What suggestions they have for the new school council to consider.  Think of realistic ideas.

Some websites to help with this homework include and


If your child does not want to be a candidate in the elections, their homework is to discuss:

I understand the importance of voting.

This week, in class and assemblies, children have been learning about voting, school councils and why their vote, in the elections next week, really does count.


It’s the Spring half-term holiday next week…

Posted on Thursday 14 February 2013 by Mr Roundtree

It’s half-term holidays next week, so there are no specific homework tasks, times tables or spellings next week.

Of course, regular practice and learning can still happen: reading each day, swimming, tables practice, trips to the library, walks around Roundhay Park… A personal recommendation from me: take a visit to Leeds Art Gallery -the Liberty and Anarchy exhibition is great!

All will help your child have a happy and healthy holiday!


08 February 2013

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Our homework this week is Talk Time.

I can tell a story.

Children have been asked to plan a story (using the structure below) and then tell it to people at home. They will be asked to re-tell the story at school on Wednesday, when the homework is due in.  This homework is designed to help children’s story writing, which is what we’re focusing on at the moment in class.

Suggested story structure that children are familiar with:

  • Beginning or Opening (sets the scene, tells a reader where and when the story is happening and often introduces the main characters)
  • Middle (how the story progresses)
  • End or Resolution (how the problem is solved)

In Year 1 we call this structure the Story Mountain.

01 February 2013

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The homework this week is to practise and prepare for our class assembly:

  • the words to the songs (the children know the words already, so it’s a case of working on loud, clear singing)
  • individual parts (practise projecting your voice!)

The performance will be on Thursday 07 February at 2.40pm

See you there!

25 January 2013

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The homework this week is creative and is due in Wednesday 30 January.

I can show what I already know about treasure.

As you all know, our new Big Topic is Hidden Treasure. We’d like you to show us what you already know about the topic. As always, you can be as creative as you like, but if you’re struggling why not…

  • draw and label a picture
  • use a computer to find information
  • create a comic strip
  • make a collage

We look forward to seeing your ideas.

18 January 2013

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The homework this week is practice makes perfect and is due in on Wednesday 23 January 2013.

You will be practising using adjectives. An adjective is a describing word – it describes nouns. It gives more information to your sentences, making them more interesting to read. You will find the activities in your homework book.

If you have any questions, please come and see me or Mrs Weekes.

11 January 2013

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This week’s homework is creative. It’s due in on Wednesday 16 January 2013.

I can find different materials around the house.

You could produce:

  • art work
  • cut out pictures from a magazine
  • construct something
  • a poster
  • write a sentence or two
  • a Venn diagram
  • your own creative idea

Remember: all objects are made from a type of material (glass, wood, metal, pottery etc).