Year 1 Homework

12 October 2012

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The homework this week is Creative and is due on Wednesday 17 October.

I can show what I know about the circus.

As you know, our new topic is Roll Up, Roll Up! I would like you to show me anything you already know about the circus. You can be as creative as you like, but if you’re struggling why not try:

  • produce a spider diagram of ideas
  • draw pictures with labels
  • write a sentence
  • produce a poster
  • cut and stick pictures from the internet or magazines

05 October 2012

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The homework this week is practice makes perfect and is due in on Wednesday 10 October.

Your child has a handwriting worksheet in their book that they should complete. If you have any questions about the worksheet, please come and see me.

28 September 2012

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The homework this week is creative and is due in on Wednesday 03 October.

I know what makes my brain healthy.

Here are some ideas:

  • A poster
  • Draw a picture
  • A Lego model, box construction etc
  • A photograph
  • Information from a book, internet
  • Write a sentence

I look forward to seeing your creations on Wednesday.



22 September 2012

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This week’s homework is Talk Time.

I can talk about who is in my family.

Remember, this is an important time to chat without any distractions: turn the television off, sit together and share ideas.

We’ll have a discussion in class on Wednesday 26 September.

14 September 2012

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This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect – to complete a number formation worksheet.

You’ll find the worksheet in your child’s homework book.

This homework is due on Wednesday 19 September 2012.

07 September 2012

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The homework this week is creative and is due in on Wednesday 12 September.

I can show something interesting about myself.

We will be spending the next two weeks learning about ‘Ourselves’. I thought it would be a good idea for the children to start the topic creatively and show something interesting or special about themselves.

Here are some ideas that we came up with as a class when we talked about the homework:

  • A poster
  • Draw a picture
  • A list of family members/toys etc
  • A photograph

I look forward to seeing your creations on Wednesday.

It’s the summer

Posted on Sunday 15 July 2012 by Mr Roundtree

Yes, believe it or not, the summer holidays begin on Friday, despite somewhat autumnal (ok: downright dismal) weather.

During the holidays, research shows that many children’s key skills can regress – this makes rapid progress in the autumn back at school hard. It’s important to make sure your child spends time reading, and try to include daily opportunities to do some writing and number work – things like sending a postcard to someone (look out for our postcard competition – more details soon) and working out some ticket prices and journey times.

As many teachers at Moortown Primary noted in children’s annual reports, your child may need a bit more than this if they need to keep up-to-speed with times tables and spellings – spend just five minutes on each every day to really help your child.

Of course, holidays should be as happy and as healthy as possible, whatever the weather.  A useful starting point to planning a few days out or activities in Leeds is Breeze.

Another interesting and familiar idea crossed my mind recently as I read a Sunday paper: the writer and child psychologist Sue Palmer comments: “Every child will make a den given a chance; their evolutionary roots are still very strong.  Sitting down watching someone else do it on television is no substitute.” You can buy some exciting kit to support this (I like the Ultimate Dangerous Den Kit, but less so the price), but there’s something even more exciting (and cheaper) by getting creative with cardboard boxes and blankets!

Whatever you and your child get up to, enjoy the break, and see you on Tuesday 04 September (or sometime in the week beginning 17 September if your child is starting in Reception).

Health questionnaire

Posted on Wednesday 11 July 2012 by Mr Roundtree

There will be no further homework this term. However, please support your child to complete the health questionnaire sent home today in order to find out their views on some of our key health issues at school.

Emotional health and obesity are the two targets we are working on in school to further our healthy schools status and the questions, devised last year by the school council, are linked to these areas. These include:

  • Are you happy at school?
  • What do you enjoy most about playtimes and lunchtimes?

Completed questionnaires to be returned by Monday 16 July.

06 July 2012

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This week’s homework is Creative and is due on Wednesday 11 July.

I can show my learning journey this year.

Children have spent the past academic year learning lots and now’s the time to show it. Your child can produce anything that communicates some of their best or favourite learning. The learning can be from one of their topics or from maths, art, science or literacy, or a mixture of lots of subject areas. Your child can decide how to present their homework. Here are some ideas:

  • a diagram
  • a picture / photographs
  • a video
  • a report
  • a conversation between two people
  • a piece of art work

This will be the last piece of homework before the summer holidays.

29 June 2012

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The homework this week is Talk Time and is due in Wednesday 04 July.

I know feelings that are involved with change.

You could talk about the change of class teacher next year and the feelings associated with that, and any other significant changes your child has experienced or would like to consider.

We’ll have a discussion next week where your child will have the chance to listen to the views and experiences of others, as well as reflect on their own.