Year 1 Homework

10 March 2017

Posted on Friday 10 March 2017 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is creative and is due Thursday 16 March:

I can show what I’ve learned during our houses and homes topic.

Our Big Topic of House and Homes is coming to an end. We’ve learned loads about houses from the past, how to be great historians and look for clues that may help us to understand the past and to look carefully at pictures from the past.

Your child is required to put everything they’ve learned into one homework – creatively! Some ideas you might encourage your child to do could be:

  • a quiz full of facts about houses from the past
  • a model of a house from the past
  • a timeline showing how houses have changed over time
  • a labelled picture of a house from the past
  • a spot the difference between your child’s house and a house from the past

Next week, parents are invited to our topic review so it’d be great to have some of these to use in our reflection of our topic.

Anything goes when it’s a creative homework so grab the glue, search out the scissors and get creative – I can’t wait to see what the children come into school with!


03 March 2017

Posted on Friday 03 March 2017 by Mrs Valentine

This week the homework is talk time and is due Thursday 09 March:

I know how to be calm. 

This homework links to our SEAL statement: I keep calm or help others to calm down.

Being calm is a really important part of being a learner. If children can be calm then it means they are open to new learning and ready for a challenge.

It’s tricky sometimes being calm, especially for excitable children who are five and six years old, but it’s a good skill to master so why not give some of these things a go at home:


24 February 2017

Posted on Friday 24 February 2017 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due Thursday 03 March:

I can add equal groups. 

Our maths learning this week has focussed on repeated addition – just like this:

Please ensure that you allow your child to have a go at this independently before you offer support. Mistakes are totally fine – they’re proof your child is learning! Once they’ve completed it, look through it together!

03 February 2017

Posted on Saturday 04 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 – Year 6, the homework this week is talk time and is due in on Wednesday 08 February. There are two options:

  • I can prepare a speech (School Council elections).
  • I know the importance of voting.

It’s time for children to consider if they would like to stand for election for our new School Council.  With two representatives from each class, chosen democratically by their peers, all children at Moortown Primary are encouraged to take an active part in pupil voice.

Elections for our new school council will take place on Thursday 09 February with our polling station and ballot boxes at the ready.  Candidates will have the opportunity to give their election speech to their class on Wednesday 08 February.

What makes a good school councillor has been considered by our current school council.

‘Communicating with others – pupils and adults.’
‘Having good listening skills to know what to contribute in meetings.’
‘Thinking of realistic ideas to suggest in meetings.’
‘Considering other people’s views even if you don’t agree with them.’

Hints for your speech include:

  • What skills and abilities would a good school councillor have?
  • What are you particularly good at that would help you to be a great school councillor?
  • What do you think would make the school better?
  • What could you do that people would really like?
  • Think of things that are realistic, maybe that you could do yourself, rather than having to ask other people to do

Thank you to our current school councillors for all their ideas and contributions over the last year.  We hope you have enjoyed this role and responsibility.  You’re welcome to stand again for election.

Good luck to all children who decide to stand in the elections.

If you choose not to stand in the election then you should consider the importance of voting.

27 January 2017

Posted on Friday 27 January 2017 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due Thursday 02 February:

I can answer reading questions. 

Read through the comprehension in your child’s homework book. Spend time discussing what you’ve read together then work through the questions.

Try not to ‘tell’ your child the answer by giving them hints. Instead, if they’re unsure, explore ways that you could find the answer using the text.

20 January 2017

Posted on Friday 20 January 2017 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is talk time and is due Thursday 26 January:

I can recognise my talents.

This week, we’ve hosted Moortown’s Got Talent 2017 so it’s appropriate to have our homework linked to how talented we all are.

It’s important to recognise and acknowledge what we’re ‘good at’ so spend time chatting with your child about what they believe their talents to be. Encourage your child to include photographs, trophies, certificates or anything else that shows and recognises their talent!

13 January 2017

Posted on Friday 13 January 2017 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is creative and is due Thursday 19 January:

I know where I live. 

This homework is the first homework linked to our upcoming history driven big topic: Time Travel. Throughout this topic, the children will focus on houses and homes through the ages.

To kick off our topic, your child is required to think creatively about where they live. Ideas could range from:

  • learning their address by heart;
  • sketching their house;
  • delving into the history of their house;
  • a floor plan of their house;
  • taking photographs and labelling their house.

It’d be great to see the children be as creative as possible so that we can learn lots about where each of us lives.

06 January 2017

Posted on Saturday 07 January 2017 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due Thursday 12 January:

I can practise using time. 

Your child has been given months of the year to cut and order in their homework books.

We’ve spent time this week learning about time: days of the week, months of the year and o’clock times. Support your child to order their homework correctly. Be sure to quiz them about time too:

  • does your child know which month their birthday is?
  • does your child know which months are which seasons?
  • does your child know which month it is now?
  • does your child know which days are the weekend?
  • does your child know the minute hand points to the 12 when it is o’clock?

In class, we’ve used songs to help remember days of the week and months of the year – give them a go at home!

02 December 2016

Posted on Sunday 04 December 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week, the homework is talk time and is due Thursday 08 December:

I can reflect on my learning so far this year. 

This links to our current SEAL theme: The 8 Rs for learning. It’s an opportunity for children to think about their own learning and their attitude towards it.

Questions you might ask include:

  • Which learning are you most proud of? 
  • What do you enjoy about Year 1? 
  • What could you be even better at? 
  • How will you continue in Year 1? 

We’ll be discussing this homework as a class so to best equip your child for this discussion, please make notes in their book or encourage them to draw pictures etc.

25 November 2016

Posted on Thursday 24 November 2016 by Mr Wilks

The homework this week is a whole school creative homework. Because of the open afternoon next week, the homework is due in on Wednesday not Thursday.

I can show what I have learned in STEM week. 

This week, all our learning has been STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths) focussed.

For this homework, we’d like children to reflect on their learning across the week and show off what they have learned. Your child could:

  • give an overview of the STEM subjects
  • do their own mini STEM project
  • be a scientist and conduct a science investigation
  • continue some of their favourite STEM week learning at home