Year 3 Homework

13 September 2019

Posted on Sunday 15 September 2019 by Miss Clifford

This week’s homework is creative: I know what a good learner looks like.

This homework links to our Living and Learning 8 Rs, listed below, and it asks your child to consider what a good learner looks like within the classroom.

  • I can show I am ready to learn.
  • I take responsibility for my own learning.
  • I take a safe risk.
  • I am resilient.
  • I respond to feedback.
  • I am resourceful.
  • I remember.
  • I reflect about my learning.

We discussed a number of creative options for your child to show what this looks like. Here are a few suggestions:

  • an annotated sketch
  • a poster or guide to being a great learner
  • a poem
  • a short video

This homework is due in on Thursday 19 September.

12 July 2019

Posted on Thursday 11 July 2019 by Miss Clifford

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

Talk Time: I can discuss what we were learning in these images.

Please make notes and be ready to share what you talked about at home on Tuesday 16 July 2019.

Friday 05 July 2019

Posted on Sunday 07 July 2019 by Mr Catherall

This week, the whole school has the same Creative homework: I can illustrate happy and healthy choices.

This homework links to our weekly living and learning statement and is something we talk about a lot in our school. Can you encourage your child to make a new healthy choice every day this week? Or think about one new healthy change your child can make? Try to help them make sure the choice is a realistic, achievable one, such as avoiding being on an electronic device after a certain time to help sleep, or adding one extra daily portion of vegetables to their diet each day.

As this is a Creative homework, children could respond in a variety of ways:
• Create a blog, video blog or diary to show the changes we’ve made.
• Create a poster convincing others to make a happy and healthy change.
• Make a cartoon strip in which a character makes a happy and healthy change.
• Write a song, poem or rap that will encourage others to make changes.
• Reflect on change they’ve made and how it made them feel.
There are of course lots of other ways to respond, too.

Children should be ready share, and celebrate, their homework in their class by Thursday 11 July 2019.

29 June 2019

Posted on Friday 28 June 2019 by Miss Clifford

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

Talk Time: I know ways to manage my emotions.

The children will be completing some progress tests next week and so this week’s homework is for the children to familiarise themselves with the range of mindfulness techniques they have learnt in school. These techniques can support the children to deal with their emotions and remind themselves that it is ok to feel different emotions. How many techniques can they try? Which is their favourite technique? Can they teach a technique to a family member?

This is due in on Thursday 04 June 2019.

21 June 2019

Posted on Friday 21 June 2019 by Miss Clifford

Homework this week is Creative: I can show what I am curious about.

In class, we have been reading ‘Curiosity: The story of a Mars Rover’ by Markus Motum. The book follows the Mars rover, Curiosity, as she travels across the red planet in search of proof of life on Mars. This lead us to discuss what we are curious about. We have discussed things that we may be curious about:

  • Has every species of animal been discovered?
  • The solar system.
  • Are there any famous artists that create their art on computers?
  • The digestive system.
  • The question: ‘What came first the chicken or the egg?’
  • Our family heritage.
  • Insects.
  • Is there life on Mars?
  • A YOUtuber.

Children are invited to research what they are curious about. We talked about using books, asking adults questions, reading newspapers or researching online. We discussion that we need an adult’s permission to go online.

Your child should show what they want to find out or learn omre about and show this in a creative way. Ideas in class included:

  • Making a poster or leaflet.
  • Creating a presentation as an ‘expert’ on the subject of their choice
  • Writing a song.
  • Create an animation.
  • Draw a picture and label it.
  • Make a video.

This is due in on Thursday 27 June 2019.

14 June 2019

Posted on Friday 14 June 2019 by Miss Clifford

This week’s homework is Talk Time and is due in on Friday 21 June 2019.

Talk Time : I can tell the time to the minute on an analogue clock.

For the past 2 weeks Year 3 have been learning to tell and show the time to the minute on an analogue clock. This homework has been chosen as it is a vital life skill that Year 3 must be able to do by the end of the year.

The R2s that Year 3 use to tell the time are:

  1. To or past?
  2. Count in jumps of 5 minutes.
  3. Count on in jumps of 1 minute.
  4. Decide which hour we are talking about.

As a challenge, we have just started to tell the time with a 12 hour analogue clock using the language of AM and PM and then explaining what we may be doing at this time of the day.

14 June 2019

Posted on Thursday 13 June 2019 by Mrs Taylor

This week’s whole school homework involves completing the pupil health questionnaire sent home with your child/children.

 I can share my views about health.

Pupil voice is an important part of our school and this annual questionnaire provides pupil views on some of our key health issues.  These views can help us to become happier and healthier.

Please support your child to complete the health questionnaire by discussing these issues and add your own comment at the end.

The completed questionnaire should be returned to your class teacher by Thursday 20 June.

Friday 07 June 2019

Posted on Saturday 08 June 2019 by Mr Catherall

Friday 07 June 2019

This week, the whole school has the same Creative homework: I can illustrate a moral choice.  

A moral choice is committing to act for what you believe is right and good. As responsible citizens, we have a duty to ensure that we, and others, act on what we think is correct. This homework, which links to our on-going living and learning work, will help children to further understand this.

As this is a creative homework we look forward to receiving a range of responses. Children should think about something they feel passionate about and illustrate this however they see fit.

They could…

  • create a piece of art that shows the choice
  • write a news report about someone making a moral choice
  • find a key person from history and explain how, and why, they made a moral choice
  • create a short piece of drama to show the choice being made.

This homework should be completed by Thursday 13 June 2019.

13 June 2019

Posted on Friday 07 June 2019 by Miss Clifford

This week’s homework is Creative and is due in on Thursday 13 June 2019.

I can show my understanding of addition and subtraction.

Over the year, children have added and subtracted 3 digit and 3 digit numbers. They have used number lines, base ten, bar models and place value grids to help them. We have also used column addition or subtraction as a formal written method. Now, we would like children to demonstrate what they have learnt.

Here are some ideas we had in class:

  • teach someone else how to add or subtract and record how you did so
  • make a board game about adding or subtracting
  • write a poem, rap or story about the calculations
  • make a quiz to test others (maybe on Kahoot like we’ve used in class)
  • show the skills you need in order to solve maths problems


Friday 17 May 2019

Posted on Friday 17 May 2019 by Mr Catherall

This week, the whole school has the same Creative homework: I can show what I know about a particular job.  

This homework is in preparation for our themed week which is next week. Throughout the week, we’ll focus on money. One aspect of this is how money is earned. Obviously, our children are a little young to be earning money but it is really important that they have aspirations.

For their homework this week, children should decide on a job (maybe one they want to do or one that a family member has) and find out some useful information about the profession: what a ‘normal’ day looks like, how much you can earn, what qualifications/experience you need, etc.

Children could respond to this creative homework in a range of ways:

  • Create a poster
  • Make a ‘project board’
  • Re-create a ‘day in the life of…’ and document this in pictures
  • Make a presentation
  • Compare a few different jobs
  • Devise a short play to show their peers what the job involves
  • Research the salary and decide how they might spend their money
  • Write a job application

Of course, there are many other ways in which children could respond. Children should be ready to celebrate their learning as part of their homework review by Friday 24 May 2019.