Year 4 Homework

Week 13: 07 July 2020 Home learning virtual sports day

Posted on Monday 06 July 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Sadly, one of our favourite events of the year – sports day – cannot take place in its normal format this year. However, today is our virtual sports day and we’re excited to be joining the West Yorkshire Virtual School Games Sports Day. This will be part of your home learning for today for all classes.
1.At 10am (or anytime after this) watch the opening ceremony video for details about the day.
2.Choose which activities (as many as you want) you will have a go at. They can be done at any point on Tuesday 07 July. Click here for details of each activity. Instructions will also be available on the introductory video.
3. You can record your scores on this record sheet.
4.Submit your results using this link (live from 10am on 07 July until 12pm on 08 July). We will be competing against other schools across the county so all the results will count.
We would love to see the virtual sports day in action so please share any photos of your children taking part and good luck to everyone!

Week 13: 07 June 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Monday 06 July 2020 by Mr Owen


Hurray! You’ve found some treasure! To help him, Captain One Eye asks you to read these two pages (treasure1 and treasure2) answer these three questions:

Retrieval: One Spanish doubloon is worth how many weeks of pay, on average?

Inference: What is the danger if you don’t divide the loot equally between you and the other pirates?

Choice: What does the author do on the last page to show you that the other pirates aren’t happy with the one that’s keeping all the gold for himself?


Y3s – You’ve learnt about 2D shapes. Now it’s time to learn about three dimensional shapes.  For an extra pirate challenge, list items that you’d find on a pirate ship that would have each 3D shape: cylinder, sphere, cuboid, cone and cube. Some are easier than others.

Mr Wilks has set this for the Y4 class. The answers to yesterday’s questions are here.


Mrs Taylor is posting a message about a virtual sports day for you to take part in. Look at her post and get involved!

Week 13: 06 July 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Sunday 05 July 2020 by Mr Owen

Ahoy there me hearties! Captain One Eye is still here and welcomes you aboard his ship as one of the crew.

He has decided he needs learn more about pirating in order to become even more fearsome and so has begun to read this book that he came across in a ship he plundered…

It’s full of interesting information and appears to be a journal of sorts.


This is one of the pages inside the book.

Captain One Eye isn’t so good with words. He needs you to help him understand some of the vocabulary in the pages.

Your task: List at least five words that you think Captain One Eye or someone else in the crew might not know, find out their meanings and how to use them in sentences.

Use the second, blank page of this document for at least one of the words. The first page is just an example of how to use it.


These are your spellings this week. ,4

These are the answers.


Y3: Learn about 2D shapes using BBC Bitesize, then label this diagram of the pirate ship with the names of shapes that you’ve learnt.

Mr Wilks has set Day 1 – Y4 – Monday – decimals for Y4. You could have a go at the pirate shape ship above, if you’d like to as well.


Captain One Eye has sailed our ship to a distant shore and we’ve anchored down near some strange bones in the cliffs. The Cap’n needs you to tell him all about them and sets this task.

Week 12: 03 June 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Thursday 02 July 2020 by Mr Owen

Captain One Eye is very impressed with your hard work and invites you to join the crew!

Do you accept? Write him a short note to let him know your answer, with reasons why.

He now asks you to read some pirate poetry and tell him…

Which one did you like best? Why?

Which one did you like least? Why?

Here are lots of places to find them:


It’s Friday and so it’s time for our Family-Challenge-Friday-3rd-July. The answers arrrrr Family-Challenge-Friday-3rd-July-Answers!

Mr Wilks has set this decimals work for Y4.


Week 12: 02 July 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Wednesday 01 July 2020 by Mr Owen

You’ve worked hard and it’s being noticed. Perhaps with one final effort, you can join the crew?


For a change, we have no reading today! Instead, write a description of a pirate. Make him/her sound horrible and scary, or really friendly – it’s up to you!

Here are some pictures to inspire you…

Cartoon Pirates Vector Clipart - FriendlyStock

You could draw and label your pirate first to help you think of ideas.

Here’s John Duddle showing you how to draw a pirate. Here’s another one.



Similar to yesterday, we’re going to crack some codes and remember some multiplication and division in Year 3.

Mr Wilks has set this decimals learning for Y4. You might need this place value grid.

Y4s, if you want more pirate maths like Y3, your code breaking multiplication and division is here.



Learn a pirate song or two to really feel part of the crew.


Optional extra tasks:

Week 12: 01 July 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Tuesday 30 June 2020 by Mr Owen

One Eye is impressed with your hard work so far. He is considering letting you join the crew, but you must still prove your worthiness.


Impress him by summarising this information about his rival, Captain Blackbeard (hear it read to you here). Summarise it in 50 words, then try 20, 10, 5 and 3. Finally, tell the captain which summary you think is the best.


Practise your timetables by playing Pirate Products.

Yesterday’s answers are here.

Mr Wilks has set this timetables table learning and  some calculations too.

If you’re looking for more maths, this time with a pirate theme, break the codes by using your addition and subtraction skills on these sheets.


Captain One Eye is scared of one day being marooned on a desert island. In case his fears one day come true, he asks you to build a model raft to show him how it’s done.

You will need:

  • Lollypop sticks, pencils or twigs
  • Some way to fasten these together (string? elastic bands? glue?)

You must:

  • Make it big enough to float a toy on (any size – could be very small like a Lego person)
  • Make it strong enough to hold the weight of the toy
  • Make it flat, at least 10cm x 10cm
  • Draw your design, labelling it with the materials used.
  • Take a photo, if possible, to prove it works, and email me on

Optional extra tasks:

  • Draw a pirate map. With an adult’s help, you could tea stain it and burn the edges to make it look really authentic!
  • Make your own pirate treasure chest. You could even have a go at drawing/copying a net and then constructing a treasure box

Week 12: 30 June 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Monday 29 June 2020 by Mr Owen


The Captain has left you this message.

Today, you must prove your knowledge of the pirate ship by putting labels on a diagram and matching the names of ship parts to the correct definition. The sheets are here.


Y4: Yesterday’s answers are here. Mr Wilks has set this.

Y3 (and Y4 if you want to!)

Help One Eye find the treasure on this island using your knowledge of coordinates.

If you need a reminder of how to use coordinates, watch this video from the Captain.


One Eye Owen demands that you design a new pirate flag for him. He wants three designs, not one! Use this sheet to help you.

Optional extra tasks:

  • Create a model of the pirate ship – you could use egg boxes, cereal boxes, empty bottles, kitchen roll tubes, Lego, or papier mache, or whatever else you want to!
  • Draw a pirate. There are some good examples online, including on the BBC.

Email the Captain some of your work on

Week 12: 29 June 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Sunday 28 June 2020 by Mr Owen

This week, it’s me, Mr Owen, that’s posting your home learning because Mr Wilks is going on paternity leave! If you have any questions, or want to share some of the tasks that you’re feeling most proud of or want some feedback on, please email me on

We’re doing something a bit different this week, so please get involved in our pirate theme as much as you like. There are ‘optional extras’ each day, if you want more to do!

Here we go…

You have been captured by the vicious pirate known as Captain One Eye Owen, the scourge of the seven seas!

He is keeping you captive until he decides what he’ll do with you. In the meantime he will make you work for the gruel he feeds you.


Captain One Eye passes you a beautifully drawn map and asks you to create fact finding questions for the other crew about the facts on it. He says you’ve done this before, so you should know what you’re doing. He says to send your questions to davidowen@spherefederation or he’ll make you walk the plank!

Read and learn more about pirates here, if you want to.


Mr Wilks has set Day 1 – Y4 – Monday – Decimals

If you’re looking for an extra, pirate-themed challenge, have a go at this one…

One of Captain One Eye’s rival captains is giving up his captaincy! Using your maths skills, he makes you solve the problems in The Mystery of the Pirate Captain. Each problem gives you a clue that you can use to help you figure out the new captain’s identity.

If you get stuck and need some help, the answers are here– some of the maths in this puzzle are things you might not have covered yet, so don’t worry if some of it’s tricky. You can always email me for help if you want!


This week’s spelling tasks are here. Yar!


The captain insists you label the map using the information provided to show where each pirate sailed. He wants to understand his competition!

Don’t forget to also label the oceans and continents too – they’re all proper nouns so will all need capital letters!

Optional extra tasks:

New date for Zoom catch-up: Tuesday at 10am

Posted on Sunday 28 June 2020 by Mr Wilks

Hello everyone,

Sorry for another change in date for the meeting. It’s going to be at 10am on Tuesday now.

NEW: If you attended the previous meeting, you can also join this one. Just email to let me know.


Mr W



26 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 25 June 2020 by Mr Wilks

Hello everyone!

It’s the end of another week. Thanks very much for all your hard work. Hope you have a super weekend and I’ll see you on Monday (kind of)!

Click here for yesterday’s maths calculations answers.

Today’s learning:

It’s our regular Love of Reading session. Do what you usually do! Or you can mix it up if you like and draw a character from your book or write an interview with a character or sketch a setting or scene from the book or list some facts you’ve learnt if reading a non-fiction text. Or, do something else related to reading!

Click here for the link to the Friday challenges. Remember to try the Year 5 ones for an extra challenge.

The weather should be fine (just a few thunderstorms) for the final Andy Goldsworthy challenges:  Andy Goldsworthy Challenges – Week 4.