Year 4 Homework

09 June 2017

Posted on Friday 09 June 2017 by Mrs Freeman

This week’s homework is creative:

I can show what I’ve learnt during our Extreme Earth topic.

In class, we have had a discussion about some ideas for this homework. We came up with a few ideas.

  • a working model
  • a quiz
  • a piece of art using different materials
  • design your own Top Trumps
  • a story
  • slideshow or presentation
  • get creative!


19 May 2017

Posted on Thursday 18 May 2017 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 – Year 6, the homework this week is creative and is due in on Thursday 25 May. In preparation for our whole school themed week next week, Staying Safe, children should consider the following question by showing what they already know.

How can I keep safe?

Children should think about the situations where they need to keep safe and who might help them to stay safe. This could be done in any creative way.

  • A story
  • A poem
  • Instructions
  • A comic strip
  • An advert
  • An interview
  • A game
  • Scenarios

…or any other creative ideas!

The homework will be reviewed as part of the themed week learning.

11 May 2017

Posted on Thursday 11 May 2017 by Mrs Freeman

This week’s homework is a Talk Time.

I tell the truth and say sorry if I need to.

We have discussed this statement in class and looked at different scenarios.

05 May 2017

Posted on Saturday 06 May 2017 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due in on Wednesday 10 May.

I can use coordinates and describe translation.

Children have been given worksheets to practise skills that they’ve been learning in class.

24 March 2017

Posted on Friday 24 March 2017 by Mrs Freeman

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

I see things from other people’s point of view.

Children should talk about how it is important to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel in order to help them resolve their issues. We will have a class discussion on Thursday 30 March.

We are still concentrating on our 11 times table.

Also, we will be revisiting previous tables regularly.

17 March 2017

Posted on Friday 17 March 2017 by Mrs Freeman

This week’s homework is creative and is due in on Thursday 23 March.

To design a quiz to show what I’ve learnt about our topic.

To celebrate bringing our current topic to an end, I have asked the children to design a quiz. They will need to think about a period of time throughout history and create questions about it. It is important that some of these questions are transport related as this has been our focus throughout.  We discussed in class how to present a quiz and how to vary the answers. For example, multiple choice, use pictures, lift the flap and so on.

During our homework review session, the children will be able to try out their quizzes on their friends.

10 March 2017

Posted on Sunday 12 March 2017 by Mr Owen

This week, our homework is Practice Makes Perfect.

I can remember what I’ve learnt about arithmetic.

We’d like children to revise what they’ve learnt in arithmetic lessons and have been given 15 questions to do on a sheet, all using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, sometimes of fractions. We have answered questions like these in class.

As always, children should ask for help if they need help.

03 March 2017

Posted on Friday 03 March 2017 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect:

I can learn my part for the school production.

We all have parts to learn for our upcoming performance of Cinderella, Rockerfella! Children should practise their lines and songs this week to help us prepare.

24 February 2017

Posted on Sunday 26 February 2017 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

I can discuss how to be cooperative.

Children should talk about the importance of cooperation as well as think of the skills involved. We will have a class discussion on Thursday 02 March.

We are concentrating on our eight times tables.

03 February 2017

Posted on Saturday 04 February 2017 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 – Year 6, the homework this week is talk time and is due in on Wednesday 08 February. There are two options:

  • I can prepare a speech (School Council elections).
  • I know the importance of voting.

It’s time for children to consider if they would like to stand for election for our new School Council.  With two representatives from each class, chosen democratically by their peers, all children at Moortown Primary are encouraged to take an active part in pupil voice.

Elections for our new school council will take place on Thursday 09 February with our polling station and ballot boxes at the ready.  Candidates will have the opportunity to give their election speech to their class on Wednesday 08 February.

What makes a good school councillor has been considered by our current school council.

‘Communicating with others – pupils and adults.’
‘Having good listening skills to know what to contribute in meetings.’
‘Thinking of realistic ideas to suggest in meetings.’
‘Considering other people’s views even if you don’t agree with them.’

Hints for your speech include:

  • What skills and abilities would a good school councillor have?
  • What are you particularly good at that would help you to be a great school councillor?
  • What do you think would make the school better?
  • What could you do that people would really like?
  • Think of things that are realistic, maybe that you could do yourself, rather than having to ask other people to do

Thank you to our current school councillors for all their ideas and contributions over the last year.  We hope you have enjoyed this role and responsibility.  You’re welcome to stand again for election.

Good luck to all children who decide to stand in the elections.

If you choose not to stand in the election then you should consider the importance of voting.