Year 4 Homework

05 January 2017

Posted on Thursday 05 January 2017 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Talk Time:

I can discuss how to respond to difficult situations. 

Our SEAL theme this half term is ‘Good to be me’ and part of this learning is how to deal with challenges. Children have spent time in class thinking about this already and should now have a conversation at home with adults about mature ways of coping with difficult situations.

As always, notes made by children in their homework books will aid a class-based discussion.

Children have also been assigned two Mathletics activities to do. They both focus on area, which children have been learning about this week.

02 December 2016

Posted on Monday 05 December 2016 by Mr Owen

The homework this week is talk time and is due in on Thursday 08 December.

I know how the 8 Rs help me to learn.

Children should consider which Rs they do and how they use them. Conversely, they should think about the Rs they could use more an when they might use them. Adults, this may be useful for you too!
A quick reminder of our 8 Rs for learning:

Responsibility, Risk-taking, Resilience, Responsive, Resourcefulness, Readiness, Reflecting, Remembering.

25 November 2016

Posted on Thursday 24 November 2016 by Mr Wilks

The homework this week is a whole school creative homework. Because of the open afternoon next week, the homework is due in on Wednesday not Thursday.

I can show what I have learned in STEM week. 

This week, all our learning has been STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths) focussed.

For this homework, we’d like children to reflect on their learning across the week and show off what they have learned. Your child could:

  • give an overview of the STEM subjects
  • do their own mini STEM project
  • be a scientist and conduct a science investigation
  • continue some of their favourite STEM week learning at home

18 November 2016

Posted on Friday 18 November 2016 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

I know what bullying is and how to stop it.

We’d like children to discuss what they think the definition of bullying is (and what it’s not!) as well as different types of bullying that they might be aware of and what to do to stop it.

In class, we’ve talked about this already but we’d like children to go into more depth for this homework.

Children have also been set tasks on Mathletics.

11 November 2016

Posted on Sunday 13 November 2016 by Mr Owen

This week, we’ve come to the end of George’s Marvellous Medicine. We’ve really enjoyed reading it so we’re celebrating books. We love reading and this creative homework should get our class talking.

Books are cool! Here’s why…

Children should show our class why books are cool. Here are some ideas…

  • Write an interview with your favourite author
  • Make a short film showing an exciting bit from your favourite book
  • Write a book review, recommending a book series to others – tell us what makes it so fun to read!
  • Make a comic strip of a section of your favourite story
  • Create a model of something in your favourite poem

The best ones will go up in our Reading area.

04 November 2016

Posted on Friday 04 November 2016 by Mr Owen

Our homework this week is Practice Makes Perfect:

I can use expanded noun phrases.

Children have spent several lessons learning about how to include expanded noun phrases in their writing and this homework will help make sure that they can use them confidently and independently.

An expanded noun phrase is basically several words which give detail about one noun (a ‘thing’).

For example: instead of saying, ‘My cat is on our sofa,’ we could add detail and say, ‘My lazy cat is on our brand new sofa in the lounge.’

We’ve discussed three easy ways to expand a noun phrase:

  • with adjectives
  • prepositions (words that say where or when something is).
  • using the word ‘that’

Children could write a story, diary entry, letter to a friend, newspaper article… whatever they like, so long as it has expanded noun phrases in! Please make sure that children are being careful with spellings, capital letters, full stops and handwriting – these are ‘basics’ now they’re in Y4.

21 October 2016

Posted on Thursday 20 October 2016 by Mr Roundtree

It’s half-term, so there’s no homework. Enjoy the holiday instead: hunt down a collection of chestnuts on a walk at Roundhay Park, enjoy a cinema trip on a damp day, go further afield and visit somewhere new…

Whatever you do, have a good break.

14 October 2016

Posted on Sunday 16 October 2016 by Mr Owen

We’ve been having a few friendship difficulties in Y4, so our homework this week is designed to help things. It’s a Talk Time homework, so we’d really like children talking to their parents and families about it.

I can help our class to get on well together.

In class we’ve talked about a range of things that are important to help our class get on well:

  • Good manners – please, thank you, pardon me etc
  • Good table manners – using cutlery, wait until we’ve finished our mouthful before talking
  • Covering our mouths when we yawn, cough, burp or sneeze
  • Following our school rules, including keeping our hands, feet and objects to ourselves
  • Sharing
  • Including others
  • Forgiving
  • Not letting little things become big ones

… and lots of other things!

07 October 2016

Posted on Saturday 08 October 2016 by Mrs Freeman

This week’s homework is Creative.

I can show what I’ve learnt about our topic.

We are thoroughly enjoying our class topic ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and it’s time to get creative.We discussed ideas in class related to what we have learnt about this topic so far. Ideas included:

  • a character description
  • a model
  • a newspaper report
  • a quiz
  • design a poster

The children had lots of good ideas and I’m really looking forward to seeing their creativity.

30 September 2016

Posted on Friday 30 September 2016 by Mr Owen

This week, children have been given Practice Makes Perfect homework.

I can revise what I’ve learnt.

Y4 have been given a sheet with questions on to complete, testing their understanding of place value, rounding, number sequences and representing numbers in different ways. It’s due in on Thursday 06 October.

We also have Mathletics homework set.