Year 4 Homework

11 March 2016

Posted on Friday 11 March 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week the homework is talk time and is due Wednesday 16 March:

I know how to use peaceful problem-solving

The homework links closely to our SEAL statement for next week and provides an opportunity for your child to discuss ways in which they can:

  • spot when peaceful problem-solving is necessary
  • know ways to be peaceful
  • work closely with others to resolve something

We’ll be using this homework during our circle time next week so it would be useful if your child made some notes on their discussions at home in order to fully participate in our SEAL session.

04 March 2016

Posted on Thursday 03 March 2016 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Creative.

I can recommend a book.

As part of our World Book Day learning, we’re setting this homework across the whole school. Children have each been given a leaf to fill with their homework – front and back.

These leaves need to be wonderfully well presented because they will be decorating trees in our library.

On the leaf, children could:

  • recommend a favourite book (fiction or non-fiction) with reasons why
  • recommend a book that is important to their family or culture
  • create illustrations
  • provide information on the author
  • say why reading is important to them

26 February 2016

Posted on Sunday 28 February 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is creative and is due Wednesday 02 March:

I can measure using mm, cm and m.

We’ve been learning about measuring length during our maths lessons. To put our learning to the test, your child needs to show that they can measure using millimetres, centimetres and metres. Creative ideas could range from:

  • measuring the height of family members
  • measuring different body parts like hand span and feet
  • creating a quiz to test knowledge of measuring facts (like how many millimetres in half a metre)

It’s great when Year 4 gets creative! I’ve been impressed by past creative maths homeworks and I’m sure this one will not disappoint.

It’s half-term…

Posted on Friday 12 February 2016 by Mr Roundtree

…so there’s no homework this week. Enjoy the break – walks to spot the first signs of Spring, restful reading huddled up at home, or whatever else you get up to!

05 February 2016

Posted on Friday 05 February 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week, our spellings continue to focus on homophones. Your child has been given a worksheet to complete as part of their practice makes perfect homework and they’ve also been set a challenge… What’s the longest homophone they can find?

We’re continuing to spot homophones and the children have been surprised at how many they come across frequently. This is a really tricky concept to learn and recognise so the time we’re spending on it is beneficial.

05 February 2016

Posted on Friday 05 February 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week, our homework is practice makes perfect and is due Wednesday 10 February:

I know how to use homophones.

Your child has been given a worksheet to help them to know when and how to use a homophone.

We’ll be looking through this together next week.

22 January 2016

Posted on Friday 22 January 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is creative and is due Wednesday 27 January:

I can show what I know about fractions.

Who says that maths can’t be creative? This homework gives your child the opportunity to showcase their learning of fractions creatively. There are loads of ways of showing off a knowledge of fractions, such as:

  • a Little Miss or Mr Man fraction story in the style of Roger Hargreaves
  • a picture where all the elements are a fraction
  • a poem about fractions
  • designing a classroom with all the parts indicated by a fraction

Enjoy getting creative with maths!

15 January 2016

Posted on Friday 15 January 2016 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s homework is creative and is due Wednesday 20 January:

What is Life?

Our whole school Big Topic, Life, starts next week and it’s sure to be packed! The children are keen to get to grips with this science-driven topic. In preparation for next week, your child is required to creatively consider what life is. Possible ideas could be:

  • an observational drawing of a plant
  • a diary entry from an animal
  • a plethora of facts about the human body (How many times do our hearts beat per day?)
  • a song about their daily life
  • a link to their religious or cultural beliefs, if they choose to have any

This homework is open to lots of creativity and is a great way to begin our Big Topic.

Please see below for guidance on creative homework requirements:


This is where your child’s creative juices can flow!  Creative homework is an opportunity for your child to choose whatever they want to demonstrate some learning.  For example, I can show what I know about food chains.  Your child could present all their learning in so many different ways, from a diagram with notes to a story or comic strip.  Parents’ and carers’ role is to support, encourage, help but (obviously) never to take over and do the homework!  Teachers always look forward to seeing how creative children can be.  If you notice the work has not been marked, please don’t worry.  Teachers will have looked at and celebrated the homework in another way – the work might have been viewed by the whole class using a visualiser which allows the work to be projected to the whole class and a discussion of ‘stars and steps’ will happen.  Peer assessment is also effective – children are very able to share what’s good and what needs improving!  These sorts of verbal feedback strategies are often more effective than a written comment because it’s more instant and it makes sure the child understands – and their work is praised publicly! (If you’d like to add a comment about the homework and how your child went about it, please do: teachers would welcome this.)

08 January 2016

Posted on Thursday 07 January 2016 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 to Year 6, the homework this week is Talk Time and is due Wednesday 13 January.

Which two charities should we support at school and why?

It’s time for children to think about our next two school charities. In 2014 and 2015, we have supported St Gemma’s Hospice and Cancer Research UK raising a total of £4370.02.  We’ve helped these charities for two years now, so it’s time for a change.

We need you to have a discussion at home about which charities would be best for us to support. Following a class discussion next week, each class will nominate two charities to be considered by the School Council, who will make the final decision.

Once your child has decided on two charities, make sure they have clear, powerful reasons to support their views.

You might want to discuss whether we support…

  • local charity
  • national charity
  • an international charity
  • children’s charity
  • an animal charity
  • a charity which helps a vulnerable group in our community
  • a charity that has helped our learning, like Heart Research UK, NSPCC, RNLI

Our new school charities will be announced on Friday 15 January.

It’s Christmas…

Posted on Thursday 17 December 2015 by Mr Roundtree

There are no homework tasks or spellings during the holiday period.

Instead, support your child in other ways. Make sure they take part in family events, encourage them to relax and catch up on some reading at home, encourage them to send thank you notes (emails are fine, too!) – all these things will help their English skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Plenty of maths skills can be practised, too – planning some top telly and considering times and durations of programmes, working out what half price is when the sales start… could your child even help with some cooking to use various measures?

Whatever they do, make sure your child, and you, have a happy and healthy Christmas break.