20 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 19 May 2020 by Mr Roundtree

Happy Wednesday Year 1!

We’ve made it to the middle of the week again.

Here are your tasks for today…


Read the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘ again.

Use your inference skills to create a character profile of the giant.


Measuring objects video.

Measuring objects sheet 1.

Measuring objects sheet 2.


Learn how to spell the tricky words below using some of our spelling strategies.







Try and get creative!

20 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 19 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Morning, team! Your tasks today are maths, art and science!

First, though, a quick word from Miss Wilson…

Happy Wednesday! As you know, we should have been going on our Y6 residential today until Friday. I’m absolutely gutted we can’t go. It would have been a fab celebration after a tough week and you guys deserve the best celebrations for how hard you work. For the rest of this week, I’ve decided to scrap maths for a Virtual Residential where you could win the title of Camp Champion or Camp Hero. Off we go!

Y6 Residential – Day One

Click here for a video explaining today’s activities.

Click here for a summary of the Virtual Residential Day One Tasks.

Y5&6 Reading Tuesday answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths Tuesday answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: add mixed numbers
Today’s task is to watch the following video: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/  ‘Week 5, Lesson 3, Mixed Numbers’ and answer the following questions.
Click  here to start the questions!
Y5&6 Art – LO: drawing and colour
Today we are steering away from an explicit reading task and doing an art task instead!
Your task is to pick any object in or around your house and draw it! However, you may only use two colours – no more, no less.
When drawing your object, these are some things we’d definitely like you to think about (R2s):
  • – Use two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel (a warm colour and a cool colour such as red and blue/orange and green/yellow and purple) as this will create more of a contrast. These are called complementary colours!
  • – Think about where your light is coming from and where your shadow is going to be
  • – What colour do you think the shadow will be? Will it be the warm colour or the cool colour?
  • – What colour do you think the lighter parts will be? Warmer or cooler colour?
  • – Fill the page as best you can
  • – Don’t forget to look at the detail on the object as well its outline
  • – Maybe sketch it out in pencil first before going into colour
  • – Think about form. The object is more than likely going to be three-dimensional
Below is a colour wheel to help you choose which two colours to use.
I hope you all spot the spelling mistake in the colour wheel, too!
When completing this task, you might like to have some classical music on in the background to help ensure a calm atmosphere – here are some composers:
– William Grant Still

– Johann Sebastian Bach

– Amy Beach
– Ludovico Einaudi
We want you to really consider the points above, therefore we would like you to spend 30-40 minutes completing your drawing.
Please send your drawings to your teacher! Who knows, they may feature on your class news page!

Y5&6 Science – LO: adaptation

Today’s task is to complete this lesson from BBC Bitesize. Your task today is to complete activities one and two.

Have a go at the experiment below, like we’ve done in class.


19 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 18 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Today’s tasks are maths, reading and geography.

Y6 Maths –  yesterday’s answers.

(Note that Q15-19 should read Q7-11.)

Y6 Maths – LO: multiplication

Today, we return to defend Mathematica using our multiplication skills. Here’s what the critics have been saying:

“The best maths game (where you have to defend Mathematica) on the internet” – Boris Johnson

“Probably shouldn’t have been made” – Xbox founder (probably jealous)

“Miss Wilson is on fire. She makes fewer than five mistakes – a rare must see” – Mrs Weekes

Make sure you have a pencil and paper / home learning book ready! Click here to access today’s video.

Email me a picture of your character, too!

Y5 Maths – Click here for yesterday’s answers.

Y5 Maths – LO: add fractions

Continuing our work from yesterday, we are focusing solely on adding fractions.

Watch the video here: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

‘Week 5 – Lesson 2 – add fractions’

Then answer the accompanying questions by clicking here.

Y5&6 Reading – click here for yesterday’s answers.

Y5&6 Reading – LO: RIC

Today’s task is a RIC like yesterday, however you will be given the answers and have to work out the questions!

Click here to start!

Y5&6 Geography – LO: regions of the UK

As you may remember, the Lake District was one of our regions (along with the Peak District and Scottish Highlands and Islands) that we learnt about in our Geography topic.

Today’s lesson is to watch the videos, read the text and complete the quiz at the bottom on this BBC Bitesize website.

19 May: Home learning

Posted on Monday 18 May 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Hope you completed the activities from yesterday’s home learning ok and you are ready for what we have in store for today. Let’s make a start.

Task 1 Reading

LO: I can respond to a text.

Today, we are going to finish our How to NOT go to school text from last week.

1.Listen to Chapter 4. Click here and complete the questions about the text.

2.Listen to Chapter 5/6 to finish the story.

Here are the characters of the story which you could cut out to retell the story or simply colour them.

Great work – time for an active break from imoves.

Task 2 Maths 

LO: I can follow a route around a map.

We are going to complete our position and direction learning with a lesson taken from Oak National Academy. When completing this lesson, click on next activity in the bottom right hand corner to move through the learning.

Task 3 Geography

LO: What are physical and human features?

Today we are thinking about different geographical features. These features are split into physical and human features.

Physical features are natural.

Human features are things that have been created by humans and would not have existed in nature without humans.

1.Firstly have a look at this document to show what physical and human features might be.

2.Using these examples, sort them into physical and human features.

3.Can you think of any other physical and human features you could add?

Hope you have stayed motivated to complete your learning for today. We’ll be back tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the day.


Posted on Sunday 17 May 2020 by Mr Wilks

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re doing well. I’ve attached a few photos of my lockdown which has involved lots of den building, walking in Gledhow Valley Woods (spot the ducklings), taking my cat for a walk (long story), buying crocs (a clear sign of my middle age),  and my greatest accomplishment: learning to do plaits!

Home learning

Posted on Saturday 16 May 2020 by Mrs Taylor

What great expressive reading of the recent fluency text!

Using Oxford Owl online is a great way to read a variety of texts.

Another creative design of the Eiffel Tower and a visit to see the real thing!

Wow – this model must taken some time and patience.

I also managed to find a photo from visiting Paris 15 years ago!

We loved this junk modelling – combining design technology, science and money education!

More creative junk modelling

Great money education and homophone spelling learning.

Science – experiments and trees

Keeping calm with some yoga

Possible Junior Bake Off contestant here having made their sisters’ birthday cake. Yummy!

14 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 14 May 2020 by Mr Roundtree

Hello Year 1!


It’s Thursday and on a Thursday morning, we do PE! I’m missing teaching PE and I’m sure you’re all missing it too So, this morning, I want you to put on a PE kits and do some PE.

Click on this link to find out your task.


Today’s maths lesson is a fluency lesson.

Apply what you’ve learnt about doubles, half and quarters  to answer the questions.

fluency sheet


Click on this link.

Read the story of The Enormous Turnip again and answer the questions underneath the story.

This will be the third time you’ve read the story so hopefully you will be becoming more fluent.

Good luck!

07 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 06 May 2020 by Mr Roundtree

Hello everyone!

How have we all been enjoying the sunshine? I’ve been trying to explore a few different places to walk! Eccup Reservoir has been my favourite so far.

Onto today’s tasks…


Learn how to spell the tricky words below using some of our spelling strategies.







Try and get creative!


Today’s we’re going to be learning how to find a half.

Click on this link and find ‘Summer term – Week 1’.

Then,  click on lesson 4. There will be a short video to watch and an activity you can print.

Any problems finding it, please let me know.


Click on this link to find today’s task.


05 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Morning, everyone! Let’s start today off with a joke…
Today’s tasks are maths, science and reading.
BUT FIRST! Have you checked out the CHALLENGE from Mr Wain and Miss Wilson? Scroll down to the post underneath or check it out on the Class News pages!
Y5 Maths Monday Answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: draw line graphs
Today’s learning involves drawing your own line graphs.
To help you, look at the line graphs from the work on Monday.
What do those line graphs include?
– X and Y axis labels
– Title
– Numbers on X and Y axis are on the line
– Unit of measurement on axis (eg mm) 
There are two questions followed by a challenge – please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
Y6 Maths
yesterday’s answers
Y6 Maths – LO: comparing and classifying triangles
Today, I’d like to try a different resource that’s new after it was recommended by parents. It’s with Oak National Academy and has a couple of quizzes, video lesson and independent task. Click here to start your task for today.
As always, I’d very much appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you love this, hate this or just prefer something else!
Y5&6 Science – LO: I know my science vocabulary
Crossword time!
Today’s science learning is a recap of our vocabulary from our evolution and inheritance topic.
Click here for the crossword!
Y5&6 Reading – LO: retrieval
Today’s task is to come up with your own retrieval questions. First, watch Newsround once to enjoy it and catch up with some news. Next, rewatch it and write down five retrieval questions. You can challenge someone in your house or challenge someone from our class via video call. You could even challenge me by sending me a video of your questions for me to have a go at answering.
Remember, retrieval questions are only about what you definitely know and can prove from watching the clip. You shouldn’t need any prior knowledge or use your own opinion to answer the question. Here are some ideas for questions:
    • Where was…?
    • When was…?
    • What was…?
    • For, ___, who was involved…?
    • True or false…?
    • Order these facts chronologically.
    • Fill in the missing word.
    • Match up the city (or something else) with the story (or something else).


Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Last week, part of our home learning was about Ramadan. One of our class mates sent us this learning to tell us more about it.