Year 3 Class News

Living and Learning: Money Matters themed week 20 May

Posted on Tuesday 30 April 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Our next whole school themed week Money Matters, based around money and financial education, will be taking place from Monday 20 May 2019.  A variety of events and visitors are planned to help us deliver this key aspect of our Living and Learning curriculum.

During the week we will include looking at questions including:

  • What is money?
  • Where does money come from?
  • How do we spend money?
  • How do we manage money?

To launch the themed week, on 20 May, we will be holding a Hotshots fundraising event, led by PE Partner, to raise money for our school charity, WWF.  During the day, each class will be able to take part in the Hotshots event, with each child having three chances to score a goal and their fastest time recorded. All children will receive a certificate with their fastest shot and medals will be awarded for the fastest boy and girl in each class. Sponsor forms have been sent home and children are encouraged to raise money for this event. These should be returned, with any money raised, by the end of the themed week (Friday 24th May).

Another way we will be raising money for our school charity is by having a penny trail at the end of the week. Children are encouraged to bring in any 1ps and 2ps to their class and a trail will be created using all the money brought in at the end of the week.

Did you know we offer a School Savings Club account, in association with Leeds Credit Union, available to all pupils?  Jordan Francis, from Leeds Credit Union, will be available from 3:00pm – 3:45pm on Wednesday 22 May to give more information about the account. This will also be the regular half termly paying in session for pupils who already have an account.

Finally, if your job involves an aspect of finance and/or money and you can support our themed week by coming into school, please pass on your details to the office.


Living and Learning: Money Matters themed week – School Savings Club

Posted on Tuesday 30 April 2019 by Mrs Taylor

During our Money Matters themed week (20 May), we will be holding an information and paying in session for the School Savings Club account.

The account, run in association with Leeds Credit Union, is open to all pupils. Jordan Francis, from Leeds Credit Union, will be available to give out more information and application forms should you want to open an account for your child.  As there is not minimum deposit requirement, it is a great way for your child/children to learn the importance of money.  We hold paying in sessions every half term.

This session will also be for children who want to pay in to their existing accounts. If you are unable to attend in person, please hand in any money to be paid in, to the office in a sealed envelope addressed to Mrs Tiffany.

Active Schools Dance Festival

Posted on Tuesday 30 April 2019 by Mrs Taylor

As part of our involvement with Active Schools, two teams of dancers have taken part in the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 dance festival today at Ralph Thoresby.  With a total of eighteen routines performed, it was a great showcase of dance.

Congratulations to all the children who performed their routines with confidence on the ‘big stage’. A special well done to our Key Stage 1 team who won the award for ‘Best Choreography’.  A great achievement!

Thank you for Miss Marsden and Mrs Charlesworth for running the after-school clubs in preparation for the event.

Thank you as well to parents who helped with transport.


Password Protected

Posted on Tuesday 30 April 2019 by Miss Clifford

We’ve been building on our e-safety in Year 3. We recapped what a bad password includes:

  • best friend’s name
  • pet’s name
  • parent/guardian’s name
  • own name
  • favorite holiday
  • something related to the sport team that you support

We then discussed what a good password include:

  • random words
  • random numbers
  • numbers in a random order (not 12345678)

We talked about the need for safe passwords as we don’t want anyone to be able to use our app profiles or, when we’re older, to protect our private emails and our money when we use online banking.

Year 3 then had to answer a series of questions including:

What should you do if someone you know keeps asking for your password but you’ve already said no?

“Tell a parent about it! No means no and they should respect that!” explained Christina.

“Ignore them and tell a parent!” added Billy.

The class then had a task to come up with a safe password for a fictional character. They were provided some details about this person first. See some suggestions, below:

Can your child suggest a safe password for you to use?

Brilliant Bowlers

Posted on Monday 29 April 2019 by Miss Clifford

Today Year 3 learnt how to be brilliant bowlers. We learnt about the different typea of balls: slow ball, fast ball and spin ball. We practised these terms by running slowly, quickly or spinning. 

We then got into groups of six, each with a bowler. We started bowling underarm and scored points based on how far and how accurately we could throw the beanbag. 

Lots of points were scored so the challenge was increased. We progressed to using one hand to throw and another to aim with one foot facing forward.

Great bowling skills Year 3!

Pupil voice: School Council investing their library budget

Posted on Wednesday 24 April 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Our school councillors have recently had the exciting task of ordering some new books for our school library using their library budget.  Each of the school councillors encouraged their classmates to suggest new books that they would like to see in our library and we had some fabulous suggestions.  Our final selection included books suggested by every class.
New titles include:
  • The Usborne Book of Fariytales and You Choose in Space by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart (suggested by Reception)
  • Meg & Mog Collection by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski and Geronimo by David Walliams (Y1)
  • Lego Star Wars Movie Collection (Y2)
  • Dr Who Collection and Six Animal Adventures by Michael Morpurgo (Y3)
  • Tracey Beaker Trilogy by Jacqueline Wilson and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown by Jeff Kinney (Y4)
  • The Parent Agency by David Baddiel and The Bolds Series by Julian Clary (Y5)
  • Tin Tin by Herge and Secret Nightingale Series by Lucy Strange (Y6)
…plus: Jolly Good Food Recipe Collection by Enid Blyton, Gardening for Beginners, RSPB Guide to Wildlife in Your Garden,  A Kid’s Guide to Feelings….and many more.
Look out for them appearing in the library very soon.

Living and Learning

Posted on Tuesday 16 April 2019 by Miss Clifford

This week’s Living and Learning statement is – I use good table manners.

On Monday Year Three discussed what makes good table manners.

Amrit stated, “You shouldn’t use electronics at the table because  if you’re holding something else you may not be holding your knife and fork properly.”

Lewis reported, “You should always use your knife and fork properly unless it is finger food like a sandwich.”

Christina replied: “Never burp at the table because it is very rude. If you really need to burp then say excuse me and cover your mouth.”

“You could also say pardon me.” Added Ashton.

Sam explained, “If you want to get something that’s on the table you should ask for it to be passed to you rather than reaching across the table.”


Reading and Writing 

Posted on Tuesday 16 April 2019 by Miss Clifford

Following on from our recent production, Year Three are looking at Jack and the Beanstalk in Reading and Writing for the next few days.

We have started by retelling the story and summarising it.

“A summary is when you tell someone else what happened in the story but only the main parts as you leave out the bits that aren’t that important.” Billy explained.

We summarised the story by using story maps.

Great work Year 3!

Living and Learning: Healthy Minds

Posted on Sunday 14 April 2019 by Mrs Taylor

This half term, our Living and learning theme is Healthy minds. Each week, we have a Living and Learning statement and we start off the summer term with another manners-related statement.
  • 15 April I use good table manners. Think about good table manners at home – not pointing our cutlery at someone or speaking with food in our mouths, for example.
  • 22 April I recognise emotions in myself and others.  Recognising emotions is an important first step in helping us manage our emotions. For example, it’s ok to feel angry, as long as we try to manage it in a way that doesn’t negatively affect other people. It’s great to feel proud as long as it doesn’t lead to showing off. Being aware of different emotions – both positive and negative – is an important basis for good mental health. 
  • 29 April I recognise mental health is important. Increasingly, we hear about the importance of mental health. Talk at home about different ways to help mental health. This might include restricting screen time, getting enough sleep, and taking time – even just five minutes – as a family to relax and recuperate after a busy day.
  • 07 May I can describe and use ways to calm down. We all get worked up from time to time – how do different people calm down? We’ll explore different strategies to calm down, and encourage our children to adopt one or two of these.  These may be some of the mindfulness techniques children have been taught or counting to ten, going for a walk, getting a glass of water – discuss what works for you and your child?
  • 13 May I recognise the importance of money.  In the final week of the half term, we have the second themed week of the year: a money-related week. This Living and Learning statement helps to introduce the week.
  • 20 May I make choices about my money. Linked to the Money Matters themed week, we’ll explore different choices: to spend or to save, for example.

The topic of mental health can be introduced to children through this text.

We’ll end the half term with a Money Matters themed week with a focus on money management.  Children will learn about their choices with money – saving, spending and the wider world of work.
Moneysense provides further resources to support your child to develop good money habits.
A savings account is a good way for children to recognise the importance and value of money.   In association with Leeds Credit Union, we offer the chance for children to open a Schools Savings Club account.  Over 10% of pupils hold an account and we have regular half termly paying in sessions.  If you’d like your child to open an account or you would like more information, please contact the office.

Well done to all!

Posted on Friday 29 March 2019 by Mrs Freeman

A huge well done to all the children for their recent production ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum.’

We have had many compliments regarding the performance.

The children’s production last night was fantastic, I laughed so hard. I cannot believe how they knew all those songs by heart, just goes to show they are like sponges at that age!

This was possibly the best show I have seen at Moortown.

We loved the jokes.

All the cast looked like their were having such a great time!

Songs were fantastic.

Many thanks for helping us out with the costumes and well done to the staff for sorting all the props.