Year 6 Homework

18 October 2013

Posted on Friday 18 October 2013 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and is due in on Wednesday 23rd October.

I can use a variety of sentence openers.

We’ve done loads of writing recently and children still need to start sentences in a greater variety of ways. For this homework, children need to show all of the ways that they know of starting sentences.

In class, we’ve discussed lots of ways to start sentences:

  • adverbs (Carefully, …)
  • prepositions (High up on the cliff, between two large black rocks, …)
  • “With…” or “Without…”
  • ing (Taking a huge bite of my fresh pizza, ….)
  • conjunctions (Because it was raining, …  Despite the rush, …)
  • time connectives (Next, Just then, While I was waiting,)

04 October 2013

Posted on Friday 04 October 2013 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is creative and is due in on Friday 11 October.

I can show what I’ve learn about ancient Greece.

This is an oportunity for children to do a little research about an aspect of ancient Greek that they find interesting and present it in a novel way. While lots of learning will happen in our topic in the next few week, it’s fun to be able to go into more detail than time allows in class sometimes.

They could find out about:

  • Greek theatre
  • Greek gods/godesses/heroes/monsters
  • Greek soldiers and warfare
  • Greek music
  • Greek food

27 September 2013

Posted on Friday 27 September 2013 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Talk Time.

I can discuss what makes the best leader.

This homework relates to our Meet the Greeks topic, as they were famous for their debates and the founding of democracy.  Children should discuss this subject with adults and make notes about what they’ve talked about. Within this discussion, you could think about whether it’s best to have one leader or a group of leaders, when a strongly opinionated leader might be useful and when it would hinder progress, if it’s best to always lead by example or should people be given roles by leaders to make the most of their skills.

Top tips for Talk Time homework:

  • Switch the TV and radio off
  • Get a few adults involved
  • Adults start the discussion, showing children how to express their opinions
  • Practise disagreeing politely
  • Record something in their books

20 September 2013

Posted on Friday 20 September 2013 by Mrs O'Malley

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and is due in on Wednesday 25 September.

I can calculate accurately.

We have been learning about calculations in Maths this week. The children have been practising their skills of addition and subtraction, concentrating mainly on column methods. This homework is a chance for your child to practise these skills.

There are various levels of difficulty. Encourage your child to challenge themselves as much as they can.

13 September 2013

Posted on Friday 13 September 2013 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Creative.

I can learn five new words to use in my writing.

This homework is designed to help them widen their vocabulary. I’ve asked children not only to know five new words, but to use them in some writing in their homework books, as well as being able to use them reliably in the rest of their writing.

Children could write a:

  • Report
  • Paragraph of a story
  • Poem
  • Diary entry

06 September 2013

Posted on Friday 06 September 2013 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is creative and is due in on Wednesday 11 September.

I can show who I am.

This homework is an opportunity for children to reflect on ‘who they are’. This is not just their name, it’s also their heritage, religion, family, culture, beliefs, hobbies, interests and anything else that makes up their personality and identity. It’s certainly not just one thing!

Children could:

  • draw pictures or find photos that represent different parts of themselves
  • write an autobiography (recount of their lives)
  • write ‘A Day In The Life Of….’ diary entry or comic strip
  • design a promotional leaflet advertising who they are

05 July 2013

Posted on Thursday 04 July 2013 by Mrs Burke

This week, your child has been taking part in a variety of activities as part of our Community Themed Week. One of these activities involved learning facts about different countries.

This week’s homework is creative. It is due in on Wednesday 10 July 2013.

I can show what I know about a country I have a connection with.

They could:

  • produce a spider diagram of information
  • draw pictures with labels
  • write a fact file
  • create a promotional leaflet for a tourism brochure
  • design a homepage for a website about the country

…or think of another creative way of presenting their information.

This homework can be about any country of their choice, but it would be ideal if there is some sort of connection. This could be where your child was born, or where their family originate from; it could be where they have visited on holiday or even where they plan to visit in the future – any sort of connection would be good!

28 June 2013

Posted on Thursday 27 June 2013 by Mrs Taylor

This week’s whole school homework is a Talk Time one, and it also involves completing the pupil health questionnaire sent home with your child today.

I can give my opinions on health issues.

Emotional health and obesity are the two main health targets we are focussing on to further our healthy schools status and the questions are linked to these areas.  They include:

  • Are you happy at school?
  • What do you enjoy most about playtimes and lunchtimes?

Please support your child to complete the health questionnaire in order to find out their views on some of our key health issues at school.

Completed questionnaires to be returned by Wednesday 03 July.

14 June 2013

Posted on Friday 14 June 2013 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect.

I can learn my lines and song words.

We’ve begun learning our parts for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, our end of year production. Children need to learn all of their lines and song words by next week. We’ve recommended that they ask an adult to look for karaoke versions of the songs for them on You Tube. If you don’t have access to the internet, children should still learn song words – they already know the tunes and they’re starting to sound good. With more practice, we’ll be rocking in no time!


07 June 2013

Posted on Friday 07 June 2013 by Mr Wilks

Homework this week is creative. It’s the third of three homework tasks this school year when we invite children to respond to something from a cultural or spiritual perspective (we’ve timed these so they fall close to religious festivals, from Eid to Easter).

I can respond to a piece of art.

This week, we’d like children to present their responses about a piece of art. Your child might think about the colours used in the artwork or the line or shapes. They may discuss the mood of the piece and decide if they like or dislike it.

However, your child might prefer to do the following:

I can show how I celebrate an occasion.

We invite children to respond to the sentence above – they might include a recount (like a diary entry), a report, draw pictures or use photographs to show how they celebrate an occasion.