Year 6 Homework

29 September 2017

Posted on Thursday 28 September 2017 by Mr Roundtree

For Creative homework this week, we’re all entering a competition.

Young Imagineers has just been launched by the Science Museum and Statoil, the Norwegian energy company, who this year are opening the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Scotland.

Aimed at encouraging children’s involvement in the STEM subjects, the Young Imagineers competition asks children, aged 7-14, What invention would you create to make tomorrow’s world a better place? The winner will have their idea designed and displayed in the Science Museum!

Entries will uploaded online after they have been returned and looked at by the rest of the class on Thursday 05 October.

22 September 2017

Posted on Thursday 21 September 2017 by Mr Roundtree

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and is due on Thursday 28 September.

I can solve addition and subtraction calculations and problems.

This follows on from the learning we have done in class this week. Children have been given practice which will reinforce their learning and provide some challenge.

If there are any questions children need help with, they need to ask for it before it is due in on the Thursday.

15 September 2017

Posted on Friday 15 September 2017 by Mr Catherall

This week, children have been given a Talk Time homework:

I can prepare for a debate (Should something that is harmful be considered entertainment?)

Children should discuss this topic with someone at home and be ready to take part in a debate as part of our homework review next week.

08 September 2017

Posted on Thursday 07 September 2017 by Mr Roundtree

The first homework of Year 6 will be Creative and is due back on Thursday 14 September.

I can show how to use the 8Rs for learning in school or at home.

The 8Rs link to Living and Learning for this half term (formerly known as SEAL) and are a fantastic tool for encouraging the children to think about their learning behaviour effectively.

We’ve recapped all 8 this week but here’s a reminder for you at home: resilience, responsibility, reflectiveness, responsiveness, readiness, risk-taking, remembering, resourcefulness.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Take photos which show you demonstrating the 8Rs at home.
  • Create an 8Rs wheel with an example of how to show each one in class.
  • Write a short story of a class who demonstrate all 8Rs well.
  • Create scenarios for us to decide which R needs to be engaged.

07 July 2017

Posted on Thursday 06 July 2017 by Mrs Taylor

This week’s whole school homework involves completing the pupil health questionnaire sent home with your child/children.

 I can share my views about health.

Pupil voice is an important part of our school and this annual questionnaire provides pupil views on some of our key health issues.

Please support your child to complete the health questionnaire by discussing these issues.

The questionnaire should be returned to your class teacher by Thursday 13 July.

30 June 2017

Posted on Thursday 29 June 2017 by Mr Catherall

This week, as always, children have been given two pieces of homework.

The first is Practice Makes Perfect: I can learn my lines or know my role in the performance. 

Children should ensure they know all their lines for the performance (and the lines before and after their own). If a child doesn’t have many lines to learn, they should make sure they are fully aware of their role within the production. Similarly, if children are still unsure of the songs, they should practise these at home, too.

The second piece is a little different this week: I am aware of my own health. 

Children have been given a ‘My Health, My School’ diary to complete. They should do this for seven days – starting on Saturday 01 July and finishing on Friday 07 July. The completed diary should be returned to school on Monday  10 July. The diary will be used by the children to help them complete the ‘My Health, My School’ survey during school time. Therefore, it’s important that children complete the diary as honestly and accurately as they can.

09 June 2017

Posted on Thursday 08 June 2017 by Mr Roundtree

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and is due on Thursday 15 June.

To be able to create a classification key.

In Science this week, we’ve been exploring classification keys as a way of sorting information. We created our own in class to sort six Liquorice Allsorts and started to discuss how we could create one to sort our whole class.

Have a go at home at creating your own classification key. Don’t forget some end up with a category: you must be a mammal, and some end on a specific item: the blue Liquorice Allsort with jelly in the middle.

Here are some suggestions for what you could sort:

  • A different type of sweet
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Illnesses (according to their symptoms)
  • Cities
  • Continents
  • Oceans
  • People

19 May 2017

Posted on Thursday 18 May 2017 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 – Year 6, the homework this week is creative and is due in on Thursday 25 May. In preparation for our whole school themed week next week, Staying Safe, children should consider the following question by showing what they already know.

How can I keep safe?

Children should think about the situations where they need to keep safe and who might help them to stay safe. This could be done in any creative way.

  • A story
  • A poem
  • Instructions
  • A comic strip
  • An advert
  • An interview
  • A game
  • Scenarios

…or any other creative ideas!

The homework will be reviewed as part of the themed week learning.

28 April 2017

Posted on Friday 28 April 2017 by Mr Roundtree

Practice Makes Perfect

In the run-up to SATs, Year 6 have more personalised homework which allows them to practise specific skills they feel they need to improve on. Each child has a Maths and a Punctuation and Grammar homework which they have requested.

We’ll go through these in groups on Thursday 04 May and, if there are any things they’re finding particularly difficult, they need to bring it in before this date so we can look at it together.

24 March 2017

Posted on Thursday 23 March 2017 by Mr Roundtree

This week’s Practice Makes Perfect is due on Thursday 30 March.

Choose a chapter of your guided reading novel and write five reading comprehension questions for a friend to try and answer. See whether you can write different types of question:

  • fact finding
  • inference (How do you know…)
  • word meaning (Find and copy…)
  • ordering (Number the events, 1 -5)
  • yes, no, maybe – three mark answer
  • prediction