Year 6 Homework

04 March 2016

Posted on Thursday 03 March 2016 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Creative.

I can recommend a book.

As part of our World Book Day learning, we’re setting this homework across the whole school. Children have each been given a leaf to fill with their homework – front and back.

These leaves need to be wonderfully well presented because they will be decorating trees in our library.

On the leaf, children could:

  • recommend a favourite book (fiction or non-fiction) with reasons why
  • recommend a book that is important to their family or culture
  • create illustrations
  • provide information on the author
  • say why reading is important to them

26 February 2016

Posted on Friday 26 February 2016 by Mr Owen

This week’s homeworks are:

Practice Makes Perfect: I can use a  wide range of homophones correctly.

Children must write something including a wide range of homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings). It could be anything: a newspaper report, a recipe, a poem, a story, comic strip… anything!

Creative: I can show what I know about evolution or life cycles.

We’ve been learning about these topics in science lessons – now is the time for pupils to prove what they know. As always, we expect homework to be well presented and include all the great writing / skills that Y6 children have.

It’s half-term…

Posted on Friday 12 February 2016 by Mr Roundtree

…so there’s no homework this week. Enjoy the break – walks to spot the first signs of Spring, restful reading huddled up at home, or whatever else you get up to!

05 February 2016

Posted on Thursday 04 February 2016 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 – Year 6, the homework this week is talk time and is due in on Wednesday 10 February.

I can prepare a speech (School Council elections).


I know the importance of voting.

It’s time for children to consider if they would like to stand for election for our new School Council.  With two representatives from each class, chosen democratically by their peers, all children at Moortown Primary are encouraged to take an active part in pupil voice.

Elections for our new school council will take place next Thursday 11 February with our polling station and ballot boxes at the ready.  Candidates will have the opportunity to give their election speech to their class on Wednesday 10 February.

What makes a good school councillor has been considered by our current school council.

  • ‘Communicating with others – pupils and adults.’
  • ‘Having good listening skills to know what to contribute in meetings.’
  • ‘Thinking of realistic ideas to suggest in meetings.’
  • ‘Considering other people’s views even if you don’t agree with them.’

Hints for your speech include:

  • What skills and abilities would a good school councillor have?
  • What are you particularly good at that would help you to be a great school councillor?
  • What do you think would make the school better? What could you do that people would really like?
  • Think of things that are realistic, maybe that you could do yourself, rather than having to ask other people to do?

Thank you to our current school councillors for all their ideas and contributions over the last year.  We hope you have enjoyed this role and responsibility and you are welcome to stand again for election.

Good luck to all children who decide to stand in the elections.

If you choose not to stand in the election then you should consider the importance of voting.

29 January 2016

Posted on Friday 29 January 2016 by Mr Owen

This week we have two homeworks. The first is Talk Time:

What is the best animal? – Be ready to defend your choice!

You’ll need to think about the positive points about that animal and have evidence to back it up. Don’t forget to consider what negatives it might have so that you can counter-argue any negative points brought up by any other debater.

We also have Practice Makes Perfect homework:

I can solve fraction problems.

Children have learnt about fractions in class and have been given a sheet with problems in to solve. The questions get gradually harder, but should all should be attempted. As usual, if children need any extra help with homework, they should ask for it before Wednesday, when it is due in.

22 January 2016

Posted on Thursday 21 January 2016 by Mr Owen

This week, we have a Creative homework:

I can show what I learnt on our trip to Leeds City Museum.

Children can choose how they present their learning, but it should be interesting, creative and informative. We have discussed ideas in class.

We also have Practice Makes Perfect:

I can practise Mathletics lots!

Children have been given a challenge… Can we get on the national, or even international leader board this week for Mathletics? Children need to go online and do MAthletics games and activities as much as possible to help us. We’ll post about our success (or lack of!) on our class news next week.

15 January 2016

Posted on Friday 15 January 2016 by Mr Catherall

This week, we have creative homework:

I can show what I know about shape.

We have spent the last two weeks learning all about shape. Children should reflect on this learning to show what they about this area of maths. Children might wish to:

  • Identify shapes around them
  • Demonstrate a particular skill (e.g symmetry) creatively
  • Identify angles around them
  • Explain/show the area of ‘shape’ maths they have found most interesting or feel most confident with

We also have Practice Makes Perfect homework:

I can use abstract nouns in sentences.

Children have a worksheet which helps them to practise using abstract nouns in sentences.

This homework is due on 20 January 2016.

08 January 2016

Posted on Friday 08 January 2016 by Mr Catherall

This week, we also have Practice Makes Perfect homework:

I can find missing angles around a point.

This continues on from maths lessons recently. Children have learnt how to calculate missing angles in a straight line and should should apply this knowledge to the worksheet.

This homework is due on 13 January 2016.


08 January 2016

Posted on Thursday 07 January 2016 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 to Year 6, the homework this week is Talk Time and is due Wednesday 13 January.

Which two charities should we support at school and why?

It’s time for children to think about our next two school charities. In 2014 and 2015, we have supported St Gemma’s Hospice and Cancer Research UK raising a total of £4370.02.  We’ve helped these charities for two years now, so it’s time for a change.

We need you to have a discussion at home about which charities would be best for us to support. Following a class discussion next week, each class will nominate two charities to be considered by the School Council, who will make the final decision.

Once your child has decided on two charities, make sure they have clear, powerful reasons to support their views.

You might want to discuss whether we support…

  • local charity
  • national charity
  • an international charity
  • children’s charity
  • an animal charity
  • a charity which helps a vulnerable group in our community
  • a charity that has helped our learning, like Heart Research UK, NSPCC, RNLI

Our new school charities will be announced on Friday 15 January.

It’s Christmas…

Posted on Thursday 17 December 2015 by Mr Roundtree

There are no homework tasks or spellings during the holiday period.

Instead, support your child in other ways. Make sure they take part in family events, encourage them to relax and catch up on some reading at home, encourage them to send thank you notes (emails are fine, too!) – all these things will help their English skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Plenty of maths skills can be practised, too – planning some top telly and considering times and durations of programmes, working out what half price is when the sales start… could your child even help with some cooking to use various measures?

Whatever they do, make sure your child, and you, have a happy and healthy Christmas break.