Year 6 Homework

26 January 2018

Posted on Thursday 25 January 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and is due on Thursday 01 February.

I can calculate with fractions.

We learnt everything there is to know about fractions before Christmas and were able to calculate confidently. Sometimes, it can be hard to remember all of that information over a long period of time so, this week, we’re reminding ourselves of that fraction learning.

Your child should be able to solve all of the calculations they’ve been given independently. They could answer a few each day or they could challenge themselves to complete it in as many minutes as there are questions.

We’ll go through the answers when homework is returned on Thursday as well as discussing whether there are any of these calculations we need to go over again as a class.

19 January 2018

Posted on Thursday 18 January 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week’s homework is Creative and is due on Thursday 25 January.

Create your own creature which is adapted to a certain environment.

We’ve explored how different animals have adapted to survive in different environments, thinking about whether they are a predator, prey or both.

  • Octopus have chromatophores all over their body which means they can camouflage against their surroundings.
  • Polar bears have large feet so that their weight is spread out over the ice, reducing the risk of it cracking.
  • Small fish swim in big shoals to make themselves appear larger to predators.

Decide where your creature lives, draw it and label your drawing to show us how it is adapted to its environment and other creatures that might live there.

12 January 2018

Posted on Thursday 11 January 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and links to the learning we’ve being doing in our grammar lessons this week.

  • Can I identify determiners?
  • Do I know what an active and passive sentence is?

The children have got some practice questions to have a go at independently which we’ll then go through together in our homework review next week on Thursday 18 January.

05 January 2018

Posted on Thursday 04 January 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and is due on Thursday 11 January.

Each child has either a number of decimal calculations to solve independently or a problem sheet in the context of length and swimming.

08 December 2017

Posted on Thursday 07 December 2017 by Mrs Taylor

The homework this week is creative and should be returned to class by Thursday 14 December.

The children are invited to respond to something from either a cultural or spiritual perspective.

I can show what I know and think about something cultural.

We’d like children to present their responses about a recent book they’ve read, film they’ve watched, piece of art they’ve looked at, piece of music they’ve listened to – anything cultural in fact.

We’re interested to read some sort of description (a summary, for example) and then your child’s opinions. This review might include pictures, an interview (your child could write a fictional script between himself/herself and the artist, for example), a letter (eg to or from a character, or perhaps even the author) – anything which might include your child’s responses!

However, your child might prefer to do the following:

I can show what I know about a festival.

Over the course of this term, some children in school will have celebrated a religious festival of some sort.  This might have been

  • the Muslim festival of Eid ul Adha
  • the Sikh and Hindu festival Diwali
  • the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, coming up in December
  • the Christian festival (of course, celebrated by many non-Christians) of Christmas
  • and the Chinese New Year festival which next year will be in February

There are lots of other festivals and celebrations which you and your child together might want to reflect on.  You can research more festivals.

We invite children to respond to the sentence above – they might include a recount (like a diary entry), pictures, an interview (perhaps in a script).  Your child might also choose to research a completely unknown festival, or they might even think about creating a brand new festival, one that everyone will celebrate.

01 December 2017

Posted on Friday 01 December 2017 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week’s homework is Creative and is due on 07 December.

I can show when I might need to convert measures.

We’ve been recapping converting measures (m to cm, kg to g, hours to minutes) and there are a lot of children who are not confident enough with this life skill.

There are so many situations where we need to be able to convert measures in real life and this homework is all about exploring what these situations are and, ideally, practising some converting at the same time.

You could:

  • take photos of you in situations which require measure conversions
  • create a quiz of real life conversion scenarios
  • create a resource we could have in the classroom to remind us of how to convert measures

24 November 2017

Posted on Friday 24 November 2017 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 – Year 6, the homework this week is creative and is due in on Thursday 30 November.

Following our whole school themed week this week, Who do you think you are?, children should consider the following statement by showing what they have learnt.

I know what community is.

As a guide, children could think about these aspects.

  • What is community?
  • Where is their community? Children could consider their school community to local community to wider community.  Moortown Community Group has lots of information about our local community.
  • Who is in their community?  Children could consider visits/visitors during our themed week.
  • Why is community important? Children could consider the terms ‘identity’ and ‘diversity’ discussed during our themed week.
  • How can we be a good citizen in our community?

This could be done in any creative way.

  • A story
  • A poem
  • A map
  • A comic strip
  • An advert
  • An interview
  • A game
  • A model

…or any other creative ideas!

17 November 2017

Posted on Thursday 16 November 2017 by Mrs Taylor

For all children in Year 1 to Year 6, the homework this week is Talk Time and will be discussed in class on Thursday 23 November:

Which charity should our school support?

Next week, we will focus on identity, diversity and community in our Who do you think you are? themed week.  As part of this week, children will think about our school charity.  Currently, we support Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Leeds Mind.  A previous School Council selected these because they wanted to help people, support a mental health charity and wanted to help local and regional charities.  They were chosen because pupils passed on to School Councillors very clear and strong arguments.

We’ve helped these charities for two years now, so it’s time for a change. We need you to have a discussion at home about which charity would be best for us to support. We will now support one charity for one year.  Each class will discuss this and then the councillors will bring the views and ideas together to decide on the charities.

Once your child has decided on a charity, make sure they have clear, powerful reasons to support their views.

You might want to discuss whether we support…

  • local charity
  • children’s charity
  • a charity which helps a vulnerable group in our community
Other things to talk about could include…
  • should we ensure the new charities are very different to the current ones or previous ones?
  • should we need to have charities at all?
  • if your child was to set up a new charity, what would (s)he choose, and (as always) why?

10 November 2017

Posted on Thursday 09 November 2017 by Mr Catherall

Homework this week  is Creative: I can reflect on our Explorers topic.

Sadly, we’re coming to the end of our big topic: Explorers. For their homework, I would like children to reflect on all the great learning we’ve done in this topic.

We discussed this as a class and came up with lots of ideas:

  • create a poster about the learning you enjoyed the most
  • make a PowerPoint summarising our learning
  • create a diamond 9 of the skills we used
  • film yourself exploring your local area and commenting on the physical and human geographical features
  • create a Scratch project that could be used as a revision tool
  • make your own wildlife documentary

03 November 2017

Posted on Thursday 02 November 2017 by Mr Catherall

This week, homework is talk time: I can prepare for a debate. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? ‘Tourism is a good thing.’

Children should discuss this statement with an adult and be prepared to debate with their peers during our homework review.

In class, we’ve talked lots about what makes someone a successful debater. One of the main skills we’ve identified is the ability to see both points of view. Children should bear this in mind while discussing this statement with an adult.

As normal, homework is due on Thursday 09 November 2017.