Year 6 Homework

11 December 2015

Posted on Friday 11 December 2015 by Mr Owen

This week, we have Creative homework:

I can reflect on my learning this term.

Children need to show that they have thought about what they’ve learnt since September. They should think about things they have learnt, what they’ve found difficult and what they’ve found easy, what they know they still need to learn and the things that they’ve enjoyed learning about.

We also have Practice Makes Perfect homework:

I know fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents.

This continues on from maths lessons recently. Children have learnt how to convert between these very related versions of numbers and have been given a worksheet to practise this skill.

04 December 2015

Posted on Friday 04 December 2015 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is creative:

I can see Maths all around me.

Maths is all around us, but do children know it? This homework is designed to remind children of lots of different sorts of Maths that we’re exposed to every day.

Here are a few examples, but children should find some of their own!

  • travel timetables
  • ingredients measuring
  • shapes in buildings
  • calculations when shopping
  • %s in sales

We also have Practice Makes Perfect homework.

I can use apostrophes.

Children have a worksheet which helps them practise their use of apostrophes.

This piece of punctuation is only used for a couple of main reasons:

  • omission (missing a letter out – can’t, they’re, wouldn’t)
  • possession (showing something belongs to something else – Sara’s shirt, school’s gate, this week’s plan)

It is not used simply to show more than one of something. This is a common error – please help your child avoid this!

27 November 2015

Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015 by Mrs Taylor

Following our Health themed week, this week, our whole school homework is creative and is due on Wednesday 02 December.

I make healthy choices.

Each class has taken part in a variety of learning this week including a range of visitors to support our teaching of keeping healthy (please see our Class News pages).

Your child could present this creative homework in a variety of different ways:

  • a quiz which tests the knowledge of other children
  • art work
  • poetry
  • a poster
  • writing: diary, story, letter, instructions, report
  • a rap
  • a mindmap
  • your own creative idea

We look forward to seeing your creative ideas to demonstrate how to keep healthy and this homework will be the focus of our open afternoon, next week.

Homework open afternoon, 2.40pm on Wednesday 02 December – parents/carers of children in Years 1 – 6 are invited into the classroom to help you to be aware of the standards of homework in your child’s class; it will also give you an insight into how we give feedback to your child even if the homework does not appear to be marked.


20 November 2015

Posted on Friday 20 November 2015 by Mr Owen

This week, we have two Practice Makes Perfect homeworks:

I can use expanded noun phrases.

This is basically using several words to describe one thing. It can be done with adjectives (words which give more information about a noun) – for example, changing ‘the chair’ to ‘the large chair’ or ‘the large wooden chair. Nouns phrases can also be expanded further by using words like that or with : ‘the large wooden chair that had been placed carefully in the middle of the room’.

I can solve division problems.

Children have been given worksheets to complete to practise using these skills.

13 November 2015

Posted on Friday 13 November 2015 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is Creative.

I can show what I know about space.

Children have started their topic on space and have learnt about the sun, moon and Earth, and their journeys around each other.

They have also begun research on planets and the International Space Station. Now is their chance to show what they’ve learnt. There have been some fantastic models hanging from the ceiling and posters on the wall in Y5 this week (they had this homework last Friday!) so let’s hope we can do even better.

Children also have Mathletics Practice Makes Perfect homework.

06 November 2015

Posted on Friday 06 November 2015 by Mr Owen

This week we have a creative homework:

I can measure.

This is a really open-ended homework. Children can be really creative as long as they show lots of measuring! They could measure anything, including:

  • lengths
  • mass (a mathematical word for weight)
  • capacity (often of liquid, measured in ml)
  • time
  • area

We also have practice makes perfect homework. Children have been given specific writing targets this week and have spent time learning how to achieve them. This homework matches their target and will be one of the following four:

  • I can use openers.
  • I can use expanded noun phrases.
  • I can us embedded clauses.
  • I can write XXXX paragraphs. / I remember capital letters and full stops.

Your child can write about any topic they wish and for any purpose (a story? instructions? a report?), so long as they are showing that they’re meeting their writing target.

It’s half-term…

Posted on Saturday 24 October 2015 by Mr Roundtree

…so there is no homework this week.

Please make sure your child spends some time most days reading – books, comics, newspapers… Why not visit the library or a book shop this week?

To support writing, your child should review their spellings from the last few weeks. You could test them on words from all the lists, and ask them to use the words in sentences or a story, or create a comic strip with a word used in each speech bubble.Perhaps you could set a challenge (for you as well as your child!) of using spelling words in everyday conversations! Practising handwriting by joining up is a useful activity, too.

In Maths, children in Key Stage 2 should definitely practise times tables – including the related division facts. Can your child respond within five seconds (not counting up to work it out) to questions like ‘What’s 7 times 8?’ and ‘What’s 42 divided by 6?’

Of course, make sure your child is happy and healthy over half-term, too! A walk and play at Roundhay Park, a bike ride, a conker challenge, a trip to the art gallery… Enjoy!

16 October 2015

Posted on Friday 16 October 2015 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is creative.

I know how to make my class a good place to learn.

This links into our SEAL statement this week. Children have discussed ways to achieve this homework, including:

  • comic strips
  • models
  • spider diagrams
  • board games
  • videos

We also have Mathletics homework.

09 October 2015

Posted on Friday 09 October 2015 by Mr Owen

This week’s homework is creative and is due on Wednesday 14 October.

I can show what I know about deforestation.

Children have started learning about Brazil as part of our Holidays topic. We’ve started finding out about the negative impact of deforestation (the cutting down of large parts of forests for various reasons) and the reasons why it happens. For this homework, I’d like children to show what they know about the issue – we have discussed various points against deforestation, such as:

  • With no trees to anchor it down, soil is eroded by heavy rain.  Silt from the soil is washed into rivers, polluting them.
  • Deforestation is destroying the habitats of animals, many of which are becoming extinct. It is also destroying land belonging to the native human population.
  • About a quarter of our medicines come from plants. However, there are many undiscovered species in the rainforest that might one day provide a cure for deadly diseases.

… and reasons why it might happen:

  • Many people rely on rainforest wood for building, as well as meat and crops from farmed rainforest land.
  • Rainforests are destroyed by nature – flooding, hurricanes, and so on – so we’re better off making use of their products than seeing them wasted.
  • The logging industry provides work for millions of people and governments in poor countries depending on the money it creates.

Children can use this learning to be creative and show what they know.

For more information, why not search for ‘deforestation KS2’. Here are a couple of things I found:

02 October 2015

Posted on Friday 02 October 2015 by Mr Owen

In addition to the Talk Time homework below, we also have a Practice Makes Perfect one, too.

I can show my understanding of a text.

Children have a worksheet and need to  answer questions about a text that they have read.

Answering questions is a vital way of showing understanding. Children should be encouraged to find the answer and not remember things.