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Cycling opportunities

Posted on 17 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Here are details of local cycling events due to be held in the Easter holiday.

Beginners Learn to Ride Sessions (FREE)
For non-riders aged 5 years and above
Tuesday 2nd April, Thursday 4th April and Tuesday 9th April – limited availability
At Carr Manor Community School (Secondary Phase)
Times: 9:30am, 10:45am, 12:30pm  and 13:45pm (Tues 2nd only)

Improvers Cycling Session (FREE)
For ‘new’ riders aged 5 years and above
Thursday 4th April
At Carr Manor Community School (Secondary Phase)
Time: 13:45pm

The Brownlee Centre will also be hosting a pop up school holiday ride.




Supporting your child when the news is bad

Posted on 16 March 2019 by Mr Roundtree

News of a terrorist attack is horrible, but for parents/carers, there is the added dilemma of what to say to their children:

  • Should I shield them from the news?
  • Is it best just to turn off the television?
  • Will the images they see traumatise them?
  • Should I tell my children exactly what’s happened?

Following the terrible attacks on two mosques in New Zealand, these questions may well be going though your mind.

The Childline website is a good place to start – you might want to check it out first, then look at it alongside your child. They have a really useful page with advice on ‘worries about the world’.

The BBC’s Newsround website tells the news in a helpful, simple, child-friendly way. (We’d encourage children to read this regularly, in fact.) Their news about the New Zealand attacks presents the facts and provides extra information and advice.

Lots of other sites are available, too, but it’s probably helpful to stick to one or two and not dwell any more on the subject.

Finally, the NSPCC has this advice for parents and carers who may be worried about a child showing signs of radicalisation.

Positive pupils

Posted on 14 March 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Our governors play an active role in our school – find out more about the governing body and what they do. One of our governors is responsible for collecting the views of pupils – an important role because we value the views of pupils so much. As well as staff in school, it’s useful for a governor to do this because children sometimes prefer to talk to an ‘outsider’.

Here’s what our governor found following a recent visit where she spoke with a group of pupils:

All of the children were keen to talk about how much they enjoyed school.

  • Y1: ‘It’s fun to learn new things.’
  • Y4: ‘I enjoy school because I get to make new friends.’

All children strongly believed all of the teachers helped them to do their best.

  • Y6: ‘If you get stuck, teachers don’t just give you the answer but they help you to find the answer.’

All children said that their learning is challenging.

  • Y2: ‘I know my learning is challenging when I can’t do it and then when I think a bit more, I can do it.’
  • Y3: ‘My learning is challenging when I get a step in my book.’
  • Y6: ‘My teacher gives me tricky learning when I’m confident. When I’m confident with my learning there is always another harder challenge waiting!’

Children enjoy learning.

  • Y1: ‘I like learning phonics.’
  • Y4: ‘My learning is fun in my book like when we crack codes in our lessons.’
  • Y6: ‘I really enjoy learning about science’

All of the children were adamant that their teacher listens carefully to what they have to say, particularly in reading lessons.

  • Y6: ‘Mostly in reading because people all have different answers.’
  • Y3: ‘My teacher listens to everyone’s opinion.’

All children knew to speak to an adult if something was worrying them, or share their worry in other ways.

  • Y2: ‘I would tell adults in school.’
  • Y4: ‘I’d tell someone I trust.’
  • Y6: ‘We can use the Living and Learning box in our classrooms to share a worry.’

Regarding behaviour, all children were aware of the school’s definition of bullying and knew that bullying at school is zero tolerance. Regarding staying safe, all the children said they felt very safe at school. The children were able to talk about lots of ways we promote health, whether physical activity or emotional health.

Finally, all of the children were certain they would recommend the school to someone else.

  • Y6: ‘Moortown Primary always thinks about your feelings and helps you to get involved with loads of things. Moortown Primary would always be there for you.’

School Savings Club paying in dates

Posted on 13 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Please note a change of day for the remaining School Savings Club paying in dates.

If your child has a School Savings Club account, we hold paying in sessions on the penultimate week of every half term.

Thursday 18 October 2018 3.15-3.45pm

Thursday 13 December 2018 3.15-3.45pm

Thursday 07 February 2019 3.15-3.45pm

Wednesday 20 March 2019 3.15-3.45pm

Wednesday 15 May 2019 3.15-3.45pm

Wednesday 10 July 2019 3.15-3.45pm

If you are unable to attend in person, please hand in any money to be paid in, to the office in a sealed envelope addressed to Mrs Tiffany.

If you would like your child to open an account, please enquire at the office.  Pupils in Year 3 can still take advantage of the £10 incentive offer.

Attendance matters

Posted on 12 March 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Well done to the Year 2 children: they have the highest attendance in school so far this year! Year 6, Year 1 and Year 5 are also doing really well.

Up to the beginning of March, the average attendance for each class is:

  • Reception – 96.4%
  • Y1 – 96.9%
  • Y2 – 97.9%
  • Y3 – 95.9%
  • Y4 – 94.6%
  • Y5 – 96.8%
  • Y6 – 97.1%

The whole school attendance figure is 96.5%.

Living and Learning

Posted on 11 March 2019 by Mrs Weekes

As part of Living and Learning,  some older children were involved in some learning around discrimination and that respect should be shown to everyone.  They worked in groups to plan how they would present their thoughts and views to the rest of the class.  One group decided to write a poem which they then performed.  It encompasses how we want children at Moortown to think:

People that are gay should not delay;

We all have feelings no matter what the meaning;

Girl or boy,

Emotions are not a toy;

Some people have a mum and a mum,

Or a dad and a dad;

That’s no reason to be sad;

Nothing matters as long as you’re happy;

No need for people to be snappy;

We’re all the same,

It’s not a game.

Living and Learning - body image guide for parents and carers

Posted on 10 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Our focus in Living and Learning, for the rest of this half term, is body image.

What is body image?

Body image describes our idea of how our body looks and how we think it is perceived by others. This can include our thoughts and feelings about our height, weight, shape, skin colour, and our appearance and attractiveness more broadly.

This parent and carer guide has been designed to give practical ideas to support your child in building their emotional resilience in this area.

Great competitors

Posted on 10 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Well done to pupils who have represented school recently in sporting competitions.

Congratulations to our Year 3 qualifier in the West Yorkshire cross country final.  She ran a fantastic race at the event at Temple Newsam.

In wet conditions last Friday, our Year 5/6 hockey team competed in the Leeds Quick Sticks competition.  Well done to all the children involved.

Thank you to parents and carers who supported these events by transporting the children.

Why is travelling actively to school important?

Posted on 10 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Sustrans have recently published this article about the importance of travelling actively to school.

With just two weeks to go, Sustrans Big Pedal, is one way we will be encouraging active journeys this term alongside our year round Living Streets WOW sustainable travel initiative where the children record how they travel to school on our daily travel tracker.

Sustrans Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge, that inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two (or three) wheels for their journey to school.  We would love everyone to be involved.  For the first time, walking (and park and stride) will be counted alongside cycling and scooting.  

This year’s Big Pedal will run for five days, from 25th March to 29th March.

You might also be interested in a current bike promotion from our local Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative branch.


PE and Sport Premium - how this is invested at Moortown Primary

Posted on 06 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

We are required to publish details of  how we invest our PE and Sport Premium funding.

What is the Primary PE and Sport Premium?
The government provides funding to improve provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school.

For 2018/19, our grant allocation is £17,800.

How will we invest this at Moortown Primary School?
At Moortown we have developed a provision plan to ensure this funding is invested (rather than ‘spent’) to maximise the long term impact of our PE provision for pupils and staff. The funding is invested in various ways and the impact of these initiatives is closely monitored through assessment of children’s skills, staff and pupil feedback, uptake of clubs etc. At Moortown Primary, we pride ourselves on being a happy and healthy place to learn.

Our 2017/18 PE provision plan is now fully evaluated with impact from last year’s investment.

Our 2018/19 PE provision plan detailing proposed investment is also published.