Latest news from around the school

Lost property

Posted on 17 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

School Council are involved in a project to try and reduce the amount of lost property we have at school.

Starting this Friday, lost property will be available to look through in the playground to hopefully reduce the pile we have already this term!

Naming your child’s items helps to get things back to their owners so we will also be offering a clothing name labelling service for 20p per item.  Profits will go to our school charity, Make-a-Wish.

New additions to the library - thank you, school councillors

Posted on 17 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

At their final meeting, our current school councillors spent time, using part of their budget, choosing new books for our library.

From sport books to science books, there’s a great selection.  The books will soon be available to borrow from the library.


School Council elections

Posted on 16 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

In our whole school assembly today, we launched this year’s School Council election process.  Our School Council is one of the ways that children are encouraged to take an active part in pupil voice.

The election process allows children to develop an understanding of one of the British Values, democracy, with two representatives from each class, chosen democratically by their peers.

Our current school councillors spoke about their role over the last year and the qualities needed to be an effective school councillor.

These included:

  • use the 8 Rs for learning
  • be respectful and polite
  • help others
  • be a good speaker and listener (to members of your class and in the meetings)
  • share and be confident with your ideas
  • let others speak
  • accept the views of others even if you don’t agree
  • be friendly and approachable
  • follow our school rules and make good choices in class and around school

Watch out for the whole school homework this week all about the election and democracy, ready for the elections next Thursday 25 October.

Bike and run at the Brownlee Centre

Posted on 14 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

The Brownlee Centre is a great facility on our doorstep.

These bike and run sessions, run by the Brownlee Foundation, are open to all children, any ability, aged 8-14.  Why not give it a tri?

A happy and healthy and safe place to learn

Posted on 09 October 2018 by Mr Roundtree

At Moortown Primary, we place keeping our children safe – both physically and emotionally – as our top priority. We recently invited someone from Leeds LA to come in to school to audit all our safeguarding procedures. The purpose of the audit was to ‘assist schools in evaluating their procedures for Safeguarding and Child Protection’ – it’s something that many schools request in order to make sure their procedures are as robust as they can be.

We’re happy to tell you the audit went really well – some aspects of our procedures were even identified as exemplary!

Final comments in the report are:

I was shown around the school where I observed that the Living and Learning theme is embedded and visible to all pupils and staff and that notice boards and displays were of a high standard.

I spoke to 4 pupils who were confident in telling me about who they could go to in school for support and how they are taught to keep themselves safe on line.  They all stated clearly that they felt safe in school because of the teachers they have around them.

It is clear to see that the safety and welfare of the children at Moortown Primary School is of high importance and the staff and SLT [Senior Leadership Team] have worked hard to meet the needs of its children and families.

The evidence presented for the audit was good and very thorough and the preventative approach through the curriculum was shown to be excellent and is embedded throughout the school.

Well done, Mrs Weekes, who’s the lead person in school for safeguarding.

Moortown Primary is a happy and healthy and safe place to learn.

Active travel winner

Posted on 09 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

To mark International Walk to School month and our recent promotion of the Park and Stride site at Marks and Spencer, we are running a prize draw every week in October.

All children who make an active journey (bike, scoot, walk or park and stride) every day for each week  are entered into a prize draw.

Each Friday in October, we will select a winner at random to win a £10 Love2Shop gift voucher.

Here’s our first winner.  Keep up those active journeys to be in with a chance to win the next prize.


Thank you...

Posted on 08 October 2018 by Mr Roundtree

…for the voluntary donations you made recently so we could go ahead with the wonderful Hobgoblin theatre shows last week.

By now, you’re child will have told you all about the great show – and hopefully gained a better understanding of the history of Britain. The show was all about…

History of Britain Logo for website

…and it fits perfectly with the Key Stage 1 and 2 Big Topic, Time Travel.

A show like this is a great way to enrich your child’s learning experience. Without your donations to subsidise the cost, we wouldn’t have been able to go ahead with this. Thank you for your support.

Parents' evening coming up

Posted on 08 October 2018 by Mr Roundtree

The first of two parent-teacher meetings are coming up soon: 22 October and 23 October. At these meetings, you’ll notice two changes.

In the annual survey of parents and carers, a small number mentioned that they would prefer more frequent updates about their child’s progress. We’ve acted on this by changing when we provide you with the Learning Updates. These were previously given to you at parents’ evening. However, this year, we’ll send these home at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms. This means you’ll have an update at the end of Autumn 1 (the parents’ evening), Autumn 2 (the Learning Update), Spring 1 (the second parents’ evening), Spring 2 (the second Learning Update), and then the end of year report in the Summer.

The second change is that under new data protection legislation, pupils’ books will be given to you during the parent-teacher meeting – meaning you can only see your own child’s books – and you’ll return those on the way out of school. (We’re sure parents didn’t peek into other books, but we’re doing this as a precaution.) To make things easier, the meetings will take place in the front building – some in classrooms and some in the hall.

As always, Mrs Weekes will be around to hear your questions, compliments and concerns with these arrangements.

Keep calm and read on

Posted on 08 October 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Do you read for pleasure? Does your child read for pleasure? There are lots of benefits gained from reading for pleasure:

  • it increases sense of achievement, confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness
  • it widens horizons
  • it develops relationships and promotes inclusion and empathy through sharing opinions and ideas
  • it prevents boredom and promotes relaxation

All these points contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

There are also a wide range of books that can directly address specific aspects of mental health – these might be worth a look if someone in the family might be prone to a particular mental health problem.

The National Literacy Trust has a list of books to help children feel happier and more confident. This list is for children up to the age of 11 or thereabouts.

The Reading Agency brings together partners from the public, private, and voluntary sectors to tackle life’s big challenges through the proven power of reading. The agency’s ‘Reading Well Books on Prescription‘ helps people understand and manage their health and wellbeing using self-help reading. The books are chosen by health experts and people living with the conditions covered. There’s a specific page on young people’s mental health.

Bounce into basketball

Posted on 03 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

City of Leeds basketball are launching new girls sessions.
First session commences starts Sunday 30th September.
Whether you have just fancied a go or played a little at school, you will be welcome.
£5 per session pay to play and all newcomers to the club/foundation will receive the first two sessions free.
So why not give it a try and … “Bounce” into basketball or reach “New Heights”  with City of Leeds Basketball.