Year 1 Class News


Born In A Barn

Posted on Monday 13 December 2010 by Mrs Weekes

Who was born in the barn one cold and wintry evening?  If you come and see our Christmas performance on Tuesday 14 or Wednesday 15 December then you’ll find out.  It’s not too late to get your tickets!  Come and listen to the singing donkey, various sheep and cows, a wise owl and a very noisy cockerel.  Looking forward to seeing you.

december 2010 032december 2010 034 Join in our celebrations!

Key Stage One and Foundation Stage Christmas Performance


Who will help me make the bread?

Posted on Sunday 28 November 2010 by Mrs Weekes

In the story of “The Little Red Hen”, nobody would help her make the bread.  She did it all by herself.  When we made some bread in Year 1, we worked together as a team and look at the fabulous bread we made.

Who will help me knead the bread?
Who will help me knead the bread?
Who will help me eat the bread?
Who will help me eat the bread?

Moortown Puppeteers

Posted on Monday 22 November 2010 by Mrs Weekes

As well as being fantastic playground designers, Year 1 have proved that they are also very creative when it comes to puppets.  All they were given was a wooden spoon and some material and they came up with some really different ideas.  We were joined by wizards, a werewolf, Harry Potter and many more characters.  As you may have noticed, these additions have been brought home as the children were so proud of them.  We hope that you continue to enjoy many puppet shows!!

magical wooden spoons
Magical Wooden Spoons

how creative have we been?
How creative have we been?

New Literacy Unit

Posted on Saturday 13 November 2010 by Mrs Maver

We start a new unit in Literacy this week. In this unit we will be looking at labels. What are they? Can children identify them and then write one of their own?  Next, we will explain that lists are used for remembering, for planning or for presenting information clearly. Lastly, we will discuss captions and write our own simple caption.

By the end of the week, the children will have used lists to organise and present information about toys.

You can support your child to use captions next to pictures at home. Here is an example.

Lego is a construction toy.

It can be put together to build a model.

Researching our Design Project

Posted on Tuesday 02 November 2010 by Mrs Weekes

The budding designers in Year 1 are wanting to make their own playground.  As part of our research, we went into our own playground to see what designers before us have achieved!! While we were there, we had a bit of fun investigating how to use the equipment!! Watch this space to see our own designs. 915E3D87


Practical Maths

Posted on Sunday 31 October 2010 by Mrs Maver


One of our Year 1 pupils estimated that there were 30 Smarties in his box. He then counted them and wasn’t far off. There were 27!

Next, he sorted them into colours and wrote down the correlating number and number name.

The whole class enjoyed learning how to estimate and write number names.

NSPCC – Buddy’s Big Workout

Posted on Saturday 16 October 2010 by Mrs Maver

To raise money for one of our nominated charities, the NSPCC, the children in Year 1 have completed their fun physical activity. We hopped, jumped, bounced and even did some step-ups! By doing our activity, we earned 94 points!

Well done children.

This number (94) needs to be entered onto the NSPCC sponsor form. Forms should be returned to school by Thursday 21 October 2010. Thank you for your support.

A few reminders…

Posted on Tuesday 12 October 2010 by Mrs Weekes

PE Clothes

Please make sure that your child has their PE clothes in school.  PE lessons are on Tuesday and Wednesday; if they do not have the correct clothes they miss out on this vital part of the curriculum.  The children are getting much quicker at getting changed but please make sure that their clothes have their names in – it makes life much easier before and after PE lessons.

Reading Books

We’re really pleased with the children’s progress in reading and would like to thank you for your support at home.  When you hear your child read at home, please write a comment in the book – this shows your child a good partnership between home and school as well as indicating to us who has read at home.

We now have a ‘New Reading Books’ basket in the classroom; if your child has read the book really well at home they can put their book and reading record in the basket. We can then talk to them about the book and change it if we feel they are ready for a new book.  Please remember that reading other things apart from the reading book is very valuable. This could include library books, comics and of course a favourite story book from home.

Thank you for your time and support.

Mrs Weekes & Mrs Maver

Hunting for Mildred

Posted on Thursday 30 September 2010 by Mrs Maver

Looking for Mildred
Looking for Mildred

In Literacy we have been looking at the story of Dogger. It is the endearing story of how Dave’s beloved Dogger was lost and found. We experienced the same emotional journey as Dave by hunting for our Year 1 crocodile, Mildred, who was eventually found in Mr Roundtree’s office!

Here are some pictures of us hunting for Mildred.

Can you spot Mildred ?
Can you spot Mildred ?

Visit to Abbey House Museum

Posted on Wednesday 29 September 2010 by Mrs Weekes

To launch our new topic, ‘TOYBOX, we visited Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall.  It was an excellent day and there was a lot of exploring to be done looking at old and new toys.  Thank you to all of the children for their fantastic behaviour while out of school.  We received great compliments from museum staff.

health week-abbey house 039health week-abbey house 067