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Posted on 17 May 2016 by Mrs Weekes

Mr Wilks and Mrs Valentine have been involved in some professional development for Science.  As a result of this, an action plan from Moortown has been selected as a special merit award winner by the STEM centre (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).  A cash prize will be used to improve Science teaching and learning.

As one of 60 winners, the action plan will be submitted into a shortlist to select the finalists.  We’ll find out in July whether we have been chosen to win another £5000!

In the meantime, well done to Mr Wilks and Mrs Valentine.

School Saving Club

Posted on 16 May 2016 by Mrs Taylor

As part of our upcoming themed week, Money Matters, we’ll be setting up a School Saving Club, in partnership with Leeds City Credit Union.

There will be a parent information session on Wednesday 18 May, from 3pm-4pm, to find out more information and pick up an application form from Leasey Newton, Leeds City Credit Union.


As an extra incentive, children in Year 3 will receive £10 from Leeds City Council for opening an account.

During our Money Matters week, we’ll hold the first paying in session on Thursday 26 May from 3pm-4pm.

The Savings Club will then run on a monthly basis.  The dates for this term are Wednesday 22 June from 3.15pm-4pm and Wednesday 20 July from 3.15pm-4pm.

Leeds City Credit Union First Savers account

Opening your child/children a First Savers Account is a fantastic way to help them to learn how to save and will teach them a skill they can use in the future. It has been proven that children who utilise a savings scheme within a school, watching their savings grow, continue to save throughout their adult lives.

There are no minimum requirements to this account and with each deposit, however small; your child will earn rewards to collect.

Leeds City Credit Union has introduced a new fun way for children to save and would like you to say hello to “The Potts Family”.

All children joining the savings club will be given an individual membership number and savings card. After every sixth deposit a sticker will be given. Each sticker represents a member of “The Potts Family”. When all the five stickers have been collected your child will receive a special badge of “Dolla” the dog.

Once the account is open, and your child reaches the signatory control age, the account will stay theirs to do as they wish, setting them up to continue saving throughout their adult life.

If you would like your child to join the Savings Club, please ask at the office for a First Savers application form, or come along to the parent information session on Wednesday 18 May from 3pm-4pm.


Do you have any old or foreign coins and bank notes?

Posted on 16 May 2016 by Mrs Taylor

If so, we will be launching a cash4coins PTA fundraiser during our Money Matters themed week.


Many people have some old foreign currency, either notes or coins and perhaps some old UK or Irish decimal coins.

We are collecting all worldwide current currency in notes or coins and any of the older currency such as the German Marks, Spanish Pesetas, old UK shillings, old UK decimal coins including Ireland, Channel Islands, Scotland, Isle of Man and £5/£2 coins.

We can turn your old money into a valuable donation.

Please donate at the school office.

Would you like to 'tri something new'?

Posted on 13 May 2016 by Mrs Taylor

As part of the forthcoming World Triathlon Series weekend in Leeds, here are some details of how you can have a go too.

Tri Something New is a programme launched by Leeds City Council and British Triathlon and supported by Sport England, which gives you a fantastic opportunity to give triathlon a go.

On Saturday 11 June, newcomers to the sport can have a go in a fun and relaxed environment at the GO TRI event in Roundhay Park. The distances for the event are much shorter than a usual triathlon, so everyone can give it a tri! The swim is 200m (that’s just 8 lengths of a normal swimming pool), the bike 10km and the run, jog or walk just 2.5km. Costing £10, anyone can take part and to make the event even more fun and friendly, you can sign up to one of our special start waves, so you can take part with like-minded people:

  • Platinum 50+ – Because age doesn’t matter in GO TRI, this wave is for those that would like to take part with fellow evergreen participants.
  • Made in Leeds – Aimed at Leeds residents; those that are born and bred in the city and want to take part with other Leeds locals.
  • This Girl Can – Year on year female participation in triathlon is increasing and we’re proud to offer a women’s only wave at the event.
  • Relay – Don’t fancy taking on all three elements? Team up with one or two friends or family members and take on the course together.
  • Splash and Dash – Not got a bicycle? Fear not, you can still take part on the same course in our swim-run event.
  • Pedal and Plod – Swimming not your thing? Our peddle & plod wave is the perfect way to take part, whilst sticking to dry land.

Discounted entry is available for large groups; please contact for more information.

The Tri Something New programme provides free tailor made GO TRI training and GO TRI taster events at each of the four hub sites; Fearnville Leisure Centre, Middleton Park/John Charles Leisure Centre, Armley Leisure Centre and the Universities. There is also the chance try out open water swimming at one of our training days at Roundhay Park, to give you a chance to have a go before 11 June.

go tri

Stay hydrated!

Posted on 13 May 2016 by Mrs Weekes

With the hope that we will be getting warmer weather soon, please make sure that your child has a named water bottle in school.  It’s important to drink enough water all the time but essential when it is warm weather.  Water bottles must be taken home on a regular basis to be cleaned.  Here are eight reasons to drink water:

  • relieves tiredness
  • improves mood
  • can stop you getting headaches
  • helps digestion
  • flushes out toxins from the body
  • regulates body temperature
  • helps to keep your skin healthy
  • can help with weight loss

Let’s make sure that all children have a water bottle in school next week.

Domestic Violence

Posted on 07 May 2016 by Mrs Weekes

Moortown Primary School has been given the opportunity to take part in a new project that will run jointly between schools and West Yorkshire Police. It has been established to support children who are resident in households where there are incidents of domestic violence and abuse. The initiative has been designed to provide confidential notification to schools on any incidents of domestic violence and abuse which occur within a child’s household that might have an impact on a child whilst he or she is in school.

We know that children can be significantly physically or emotionally hurt, either by being present in the house or directly witnessing an incident of domestic violence. The project will ensure that a member of the school staff is trained to use the information that has been shared, in confidence, so that the school is able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children or their families. We are keen to offer the best possible support to our pupils and we believe this is going to be beneficial for all those involved. If you would like further support or information about domestic violence and abuse please go to The member of staff who is specifically trained is Mrs Weekes.

Rocket seeds

Posted on 06 May 2016 by Mr Roundtree

A quick update on our rocket seeds…

They’re growing! We’ve been watering them and turning them each day so that they all receive the same amount of sunlight.

We can’t see any difference between the red and the blue yet but there is a noticeable difference according to which windowsill they’re on. We’ve concluded that one of the windowsills doesn’t receive as much sunlight as the others because those seeds are growing at a much slower rate.

Today, we’ll be calculating the percentage of seeds that have grown in each seed tray and noting it on our record sheet.


Posted on 05 May 2016 by Mrs Taylor

To launch our Money Matters themed week, on 23 May, we will hold a Hotshots fundraising event, led by TSC sports and dance coaching limited, to raise money for our two school charities: Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Mind.  During the day, each class will be able to take part in the Hotshots event, with every child having three chances to score a goal and their fastest time recorded.  All children will receive a certificate with their fastest shot and medals will be awarded for the fastest boy and girl in each class.  Sponsor forms will be sent home and children are encouraged to raise money for this event.  These should be returned, with any money raised, on the day.

hotshotshotshots sponsor form

Money Matters

Posted on 05 May 2016 by Mrs Taylor

Our next whole school themed week Money Matters, based around money and financial education, will be taking place from Monday 23 May 2016.  A variety of events and visitors are planned to help us deliver this key aspect of education.

During the week, we will look at questions including:

  • What is money?
  • Where does money come from?
  • How do we spend money?
  • How do we manage money?

If your job involves an aspect of finance and/or money and you can support our themed week by coming into school, please contact the office.

pound sign

Do we have an author in the making?

Posted on 04 May 2016 by Mrs Weekes

A big well done to Emre who entered a writing competition and made it all the way to the final six writers! Tom Palmer, from Leeds, released a chapter a day of his own adventure story all set in Leeds. Year 5 followed the story and then had the opportunity over the Easter holidays to write their own Leeds-based story for the competition. Emre’s story was great and, as a finalist, his story was sent to Tom to be judged for the winner. Unfortunately, he didn’t win but fantastic to get so far out of thousands of budding authors. Emre will receive a book of Tom Palmer’s and a letter from the man himself. Check out Emre’s story on Year 5’s class news.