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Change4Life healthier snacking

Posted on 15 February 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Have you see the recent Change4Life campaign encouraging children to have no more than two packaged snacks per day to reduce their sugar intake?  Remember fruit and veg are always the best snack and count towards your child’s 5 A Day.

The campaign is launched as Public Health England reveals half the sugar children consume comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. Children in England are eating nearly three times the recommended amount of sugar.  Too much sugar can lead to harmful fat building up inside and serious health problems, and also painful tooth decay.

Recently children brought home the Family Snack Challenge.  Can your family complete the 7-day healthier snack challenge?  Change4Life provides lots of hints and tips for healthier snacking.


Posted on 03 February 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Funded through our PE and Sport Premium, Year 2 and Year 4 have recently taken part in a skipping workshop led by ‘Skipping School’; both classes will then be part of a Leeds wide skipping competition.

  • ‘I learnt a lot!  It was fun and I learnt new skills.’
  • ‘I think it is a good idea to skip because we are a happy and healthy school.’
  • ‘I liked the skipping because I got to learn new things.’
  • ‘I loved the skipping and the new skills because skipping makes you fit.’
  • ‘First, I was really bad at skipping but when Jodi came I got better.  Now I like skipping.’

We are offering all children the opportunity to learn these new skills, from their peers, by introducing skipping as a physical activity at lunchtimes.  This is one way we are promoting physical activity during the school day for children to get their active 30 minutes.

The Government’s Childhood Obesity: A Plan for Action, shares the expectation for all primary schools to provide a minimum of 30 active minutes every day for all pupils.  The Chief Medical Officers recommend a minimum of 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous activity for children aged 5-18.  Schools are expected to provide 30 of these minutes and families to achieve the other 30.

‘Skipping School’ also sell their ropes and we would like to offer all children the chance to buy a rope at a heavily subsided price (funded by our PE Premium) to continue learning these fundamental movement skills at home.

Ropes will be on sale at a price of £2 (normal price £5) before and after school during the week of 05 February.  Starting with a stall at the PTA cake sale, Year 6 children will be selling the ropes in the playground subject to the weather.  Please bring exact change wherever possible.

After-school clubs

Posted on 30 January 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Our after-school clubs have begun this week with Code Club, Wake Up Shake Up and art club taking place last night.
We do have some spaces available on the following clubs if your child would like to sign up.
WUSU Y4, Y5, Y6 *Now open to Y3*
Code Club Y4, Y5, Y6
Gymnastics Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4
PE Partner Multi-sports Y4, Y5, Y6 *Now open to Y3*
Hockey Y4, Y5, Y6 *Now open to Y3*
Sing-a-long Y1, Y2, Y3
Please contact the office to request a place.

Safer Internet Day 06 February

Posted on 28 January 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Splats Team Robot v Meanies e-Safety Show

As part of Safer Internet Day, on February 06, the pupils from Years 3 to 6 are learning and performing a show-in-a-day with Splats Entertainment e-Safety show.

The day is all about how we act online and in life. Each group of pupils work with the ‘Splats’ director where they learn their scene and then they make props in the classroom. The show is then being performed at the end of school at 2:30pm which we would like to invite you to attend. The day and performance is led by the ‘Splats’ director and the pupils join in and act out the parts.

It is a fun and light-hearted look at what is, of course, a very important issue of safety. The day is designed to get the pupils thinking, talking and developing their awareness of their online behaviour. We hope it will help facilitate discussion at school and at home and help the pupils be responsible and careful in their online activity.

Topics covered during the day include: keeping personal information safe; how we never know who we are talking to online; how to deal with any mean messages; how we never know how other people feel with what we say online; and if we are unsure of anything, we should always seek help from a trusted adult.

If you would like to come and watch the e-safety show, please complete the reply slip, on your child’s letter, and return to school as soon as possible as we have a limited number of spaces.

New school dinner menu

Posted on 24 January 2018 by Mrs Taylor

After half term, our school dinner menu will be changing.  This menu, provided by our school meals provider Catering Leeds, will be served until the end of the summer term.

Our School Council have recently repeated a vegetable survey to find out children’s favourite choices.  These preferences have now been incorporated into the new menu.

As well as on our website, the three week cyclical menu is also displayed on our dining room window for you to discuss with your child.   If you would like a printed copy, please ask at the office.

Have a look for the days ahead to make your child aware of what the daily meals are.  Following pupil and parent feedback, children now make their main meal choice at the start of the day.  This ensures they get their first choice of meal.

School meals continue to be free for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. If your child is in Key Stage 2, please check for eligibility for free school meals. (It’s important to check for eligibility for younger children, too, because school receives additional funding for each child who is eligible for a free meal, even when they’re free in Reception and Year 1 and Year 2!)

If your child would like to start having school dinners, please inform the office. A combination of packed lunches and school dinners is also available.

Children are consulted on school meals through our regular School Council meetings.  Feedback may also be given by speaking to an adult in school or completing a suggestions/comments slip and posting it in their class I want to say box.  We have a few new dishes on the menu which we encourage the children to try.

Thank you to parents who also raise questions and give feedback.  We can then ensure this is passed on to the kitchen staff.

Safer Internet Day 2018

Posted on 24 January 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Pupils will be taking part in different activities to support their learning of this important subject. As well as in class learning, children will have the opportunity to work with the following external visitors.

We welcome ‘Splats Entertainment’ who will be delivering e-safety drama workshops for pupils from Year 3 to 6. Children will be learning and performing a show in a day. Please see your child’s letter to request tickets to watch this show at 2:30pm on 06 February.

D:side, an online safety charity, will be visiting classes Y1-Y6 on 01 and 02 February to deliver internet safety sessions with the following focus:

  • What we use the Internet for (KS1)
  • What is / is not safe to share online (KS1)
  • What to do if we are not sure about the internet (KS1)
  • Using emails safely (KS2)
  • Social networking and safe profiling – including use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Oovoo, etc. (KS2)
  • ‘Chatting’ with care (KS2)
  • Responsible and safe use of the internet (logins, email, photography, password protection, personal information and self-protection). (KS2)
  • Using text and picture messaging (KS2)
  • Behaving responsibly (KS2)

Dave Hill, from d:side, will also be delivering an online safety workshop for parents/carers on Thursday 01 February at 2:30pm-3:15pm.  There will be chance to find out what your child has been learning in this area, to give you some skills and knowledge to keep your child safe online and to ask questions on this subject. There will be limited places for this workshop so please complete and return the response slip, on your child’s letter, if you would like to attend.

If you are unable to attend the workshop, please refer to the guidance that will be sent home with your child published by the NSPCC/O2. Further guidance can be found on our website.  There will also be a workshop for parents of older children later in the term, specifically looking at the use of social media.


Posted on 22 January 2018 by Mrs Taylor

This year, we’re supporting Make-a-wish as our school charity, chosen by the School Council.

Today, we welcomed John Russo, a volunteer from Make-a-wish, who told us about the charity, the kind of wishes they make happen and how the money we raise might be spent.

Children were asked to consider how we can support the charity over this year.  They could either write a suggestion for their ‘I want to say’ box or pass on their ideas to their class school councillors.

Fab feedback

Posted on 16 January 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Moortown Primary frequently welcomes visitors from other schools. Recently, two senior leaders visited from another successful school in Leeds. This is what they had to say:

We really liked the joined up thinking in terms of a whole school approach to the curriculum and in particular how there is a joint focus for all of the classes – this is something that we are going to give a lot of consideration to in the next academic year.

It was also clear how the teaching staff challenge their pupils to refine / explain their answers in greater detail – we were struck with how confident and articulate the children were.

Attitudes to Learning – in every class, the pupils were engaged and visibly enjoyed their learning.

Some spelling support

Posted on 15 January 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Have you checked out out Learn More pages? They contain lots of tips and ideas to support your child at home.

In particular, look at the Help Your Child page. On here, we’ve just published a new guide to support your child with their spellings – it’s full of ideas to learn spellings in an active way. Encourage your child to try out the ideas. They won’t all suit, but some may end up being their favourite – and most effective – strategy!

Attendance matters

Posted on 03 January 2018 by Mr Roundtree

Our attendance figures for Autumn are really encouraging – thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped to ensure children are in school as much as possible.

The whole school attendance figure is 96.8%. This is a little higher than for the same period last year (96.3%), which we’re really pleased about. Let’s aim to get higher than 97.0% by the end of the Spring term.

The year group totals are:

  • Reception: 94.9%
  • Year 1: 97.2%
  • Year 2: 96.7%
  • Year 3: 96.3%
  • Year 4: 97.5%
  • Year 5: 97.5%
  • Year 6: 97.2%

Well done especially to Years 4 and 5, both of which have attendance quite a lot higher than the school average!