Year 2 Class News

Living and Learning: respect

Posted on Friday 13 October 2023 by Mrs Taylor

For the last two weeks in our Living and Learning lessons, we have been learning about respecting others and respecting ourselves. This is part of our relationships education.

What is respect?

Respect is where you consider the feelings of others and treat them as you would like to be treated.

Who should we respect?

Everyone! Even if someone is very different to you or has different thoughts, likes or beliefs to you, we should still respect them.

We recognised in the class that we have some similarities but also lots of differences. This makes us all special!

I am the same as Hannah because we both have blond hair.

I am different to Hadeed as we like to play different sports.

I am different to Kitty as I can speak a different language.

I am the same as Raffi as we both have a brother.

Next week, in our circle time, we will carry on this learning and think about what is special about each of us.

Help at home: read this story with your child to think about all ways we can be different.

Assembly stars!

Posted on Wednesday 11 October 2023 by Mrs Taylor

We are very proud of all the children after performing their first Year 2 class assembly so well this afternoon.

It’s a lot different performing to a full hall than in our rehearsals and there were a lot of nerves.

All the children have learnt their lines, actions, song words and they have used their oracy skills today to help to share our learning.

Thanks to all the adults who were able to come and watch. We hope you enjoyed it.

Well done, Year 2!

Leeds Diving opportunities

Posted on Wednesday 11 October 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Recently, Year 2 and 3 welcomed Leeds Diving as part of their talent in diving programme.

If your child is interested in learning to dive, please see the information and requirements below.

Leeds Diving

Posted on Friday 06 October 2023 by Mrs Taylor

This week, we welcomed James and Oli from Leeds Diving. They came to visit Year 2 and 3 as part of their talent in diving program to unearth the next generation of world class Olympic divers in Leeds.

The children took part in lots of different exercises, including jumping, agility, flexibility, strength and speed, while James and Oli looked to see who may
have the right characteristics to be world class performers.

Well done to Sophie, Isla and Ailie who have been invited to take part in the second phase.

Watch us while we work

Posted on Wednesday 04 October 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Thank you to those parents who were able to join us for our watch us while we work session this week. It was lovely to see so many.

Here’s a summary of what we covered and how we are encouraging the children to become more responsible for their learning at home.

Spellings – use the spelling guide for ideas to help with learning weekly spellings.

Daily reading – we thought about some of the reading skills the children are learning in Year 2 (fluency, prosody (using expression in their voices), retrieval, interpret and learning new vocabulary). Reading needs to happen daily to build up these skills. A brief note in their reading record books is needed after reading at home. We will continue to monitor the use of e-books at home. Please alert us to any access issues.

Maths – our number tennis games included counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and number bonds to 10 and 20. Play these when you’re in the car, walking to school or making breakfast. Hit the Button is a great online game to build up the recall of these facts.

Numbots certificates are awarded every Tuesday and it’s great to see children already achieving their next levels in Year 2.

Finally, here’s the help at home section of the website.

Please get in touch if you need any further support with your child’s learning at home.

Leeds Diving Training Scheme

Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2023 by Mrs Taylor

We will be taking part in an exciting talent testing program in association with Leeds Diving Training Scheme for Year 2 and Year 3 classes. This will take place in school on Tuesday 3rd October. Please ensure your child wears PE kit on this day.
The tests include jumping ability, flexibility, strength and speed and they will be administered by elite level diving coaches. Following analysis of the results, a small number will be invited to participate in a second phase, more sports specific testing, independent of school. Children who are selected for Phase 2 will get an invitation after the school testing.

Living and Learning: Manners

Posted on Sunday 24 September 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Manners are words and actions that we can do to help us be kind and respectful to others. Good manners help us to get on well with others.

We thought about examples of good manners and we did some role play to model these good manners.

We linked manners to our reading lesson using these two poems.

Help at home: reinforce this message about using good manners at home as well as at school. Encourage your child to greet the adults on the gate as they arrive at school.

Also, have a go at this manners quiz to check your child’s understanding.


We are Geographers!

Posted on Thursday 21 September 2023 by Mrs Lake

This half term we are learning about geography in topic lessons. Our unit is called Where in the World am I? It is all about where we live, including our locality as well as the countries, capitals and seas of the UK. Our vocabulary for this topic is listed below.

atlas a collection of maps, usually in a book
city a large town
compass a tool for finding direction
locality an area or neighbourhood
landmark an object or feature of a locality that has importance and can be used to help you find your way
physical geography physical geography looks at the natural things in our environment
human geography human geography looks at the changes in the environment by humans
to survey to find the opinions of a group of people by asking them questions
issue an important topic or problem that needs discussion

This week we have been learning about the names of all the countries that make up the United Kingdom as well as their capital cities. We worked with our partner to look in the atlas to find the UK.

Help at home by discussing the four countries of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). The BBC bitesize website here and this song are great for helping the children remember too.

Bethan Woolvin virtual author event

Posted on Wednesday 20 September 2023 by Mrs Lake

Today, Year 2 joined Bethan Woolvin on a live event where Bethan introduced her new book Luna and the Sky Dragon. 

We enjoyed listening to Bethan read her new book, talk about what inspires her and also learned how to draw a character from her new book.


Autumn term after-school clubs

Posted on Wednesday 20 September 2023 by Mrs Taylor

*Availability update*

Thank you for the great take up so far of our after-school clubs. Some clubs are now open to other year groups. Please see below for spaces that are still available to book.
Fun and Games – limited spaces available 
Reading Club – limited spaces available
Multi-sports – spaces available (now open to Y3)
Wake Up Shake Up – full
Sewing Club – full
Dodgeball – limited spaces available 
Yoga – spaces available (now open to Reception)
Netball – spaces available (now open to Y3)
Hama bead Club – full
Drama – limited spaces available 
Street Dance (Flex Dance) – full
Girls Football – spaces available (now open to Y2 and Y3)
Basketball KS1 – limited spaces available
Basketball KS2 –  spaces available
Lego Club – full

Our after-school clubs are available for booking on schoolcomms. Please contact the office if you need any further information or help with booking places. Clubs will begin next week.