Year 2 Class News

Let’s stay positive!

Posted on Monday 20 April 2020 by Mrs Freeman

First thing this morning, we received a letter from one of the children. It simply made us smile and we hope it makes you smile too!

Keep sending your photos please.

Quick hello to everyone

Posted on Thursday 09 April 2020 by Mrs Freeman

We hope you are all still managing to fit in some learning as well as having some fun. Thank you to everyone who has sent photos through to us – we have really enjoyed looking at them and feel very proud of you all.

In this photo, Penelope and her sister have been very resourceful. They have collected random objects from around the house to create this lovely rainbow. We are sure you will be as impressed as we are! Well done, girls!

Keep up with all the hard work and please keep sending the photos.

Remember though, have fun, be kind and stay active!

Highlights from the week!

Posted on Friday 03 April 2020 by Mr Owen

Hi everyone!

Some children are still coming to school as their parents are key workers. We’ve been doing all the learning that teachers have been setting on homework pages, but have had plenty of time for other activities too.


We’ve painted some beautiful rainbows…

…and we’ve made creations out of clay. Aren’t they good?


We’ve been coding on Scratch and Kodu: both free-to-download programming software, which children enjoy using to build games.


Joe Wickes PE sessions have proved very hard work…

Sometimes we’re just going outside to play games instead. Anything to keep fit and healthy!


We were even lucky enough to have a visit from a teacher in our federation who is also a musician. Mrs Richardson performed for the children by singing, playing keyboard and even using a singing bowl. We kept our 2m away but we could hear it just fine! It was a lovely experience and we were all very impressed. Thanks very much Mrs Richardson for  coming in.

I love music! Are you learning an instrument at home? I’m practising my drums as often as I can. It’s a good opportunity to get better. I’ve got a guitar that I haven’t played in a while too… I might have to pick it up again! Why not take a short video of you playing something on your piano, guitar, drums or whatever other instrument you’re learning and send it to me? My email address is If you’re happy for me to share them on our website’s news pages, please let me know. I’m sure others would love to see them too!

Construction Challenges!

One of our favourite activities has proven to be marble runs. We’ve spent quite a while planning and constructing these, with the courses our marbles are running gradually getting more and more complex. We’ve now got some working with tubes and foam tracks and it’s very satisfying.  When I can work out how to get a video on here, I’ll post one for you to see ours in action!

Do you want to try? They’re fun to make and don’t take any special equipment or materials – just a marble. You can then use anything to make the run:

  • pencils
  • books
  • boxes
  • toys
  • Lego bricks

Don’t forget to start somewhere high so gravity can help.

A penguin writing reports?

Posted on Wednesday 01 April 2020 by Mrs Freeman

Look who turned up to help me write some of your school reports! Smartie gave me some help to make sure I stay safe when I am using my computer. Can you think of three things he might have said?

Also,Smartie would like to know if you are all using your manners. He has delivered some stickers for you so keep a look out on your work!  The stickers are at the bottom of this page and he has left extra on my kitchen table. Who will be the first to get a sticker on their manners work?                Good Manners Behaviour StickersGood Manners Behaviour StickersGood Manners Behaviour StickersGood Manners Behaviour StickersGood Manners Behaviour StickersGood Manners Behaviour StickersGood Manners Behaviour StickersGood Manners Behaviour Stickers








Busy People

Posted on Tuesday 31 March 2020 by Mrs Freeman

Well, here we are in the second week of home learning. There are so many photos being sent to us and we are simply amazed by the variety of activities happening in everyone’s homes.

Not only is the home learning taking place, we have also seen baking, gardening and cleaning.

We planted some potatoes and garlic which has sprouted. We followed the concept ‘Best from Waste’. Instead of throwing them away we thought we’d plant them.

Cosmic Yoga
Hard at work with their new teacher!

Penny Mordaunt on Twitter: "Fed up of the lack of options to ...

The Goops poem | Teaching homeschool, Lessons for kids, Poems
Our manners in Year 2 are MUCH better that the Goops!      This week’s fluency text.


Fluency reading and definitions of unfamiliar words.

None of that where is mine Jessiah | Funny emoji, Funny text ...

The learning just keeps on coming!

Posted on Friday 27 March 2020 by Mrs Freeman

Here are some more home learning activities for us all to share. Have a look at what your friends (and us) have been up to.

3D shape hunt
Mrs Freeman has been busy trimming some tress ready for new fencing, decking and a summerhouse!
super presentation
times tables weekly test
such concentration
descriptive writing
Keep this level of presentation up!
loads of learning
super spelling
Proud of her learning!
another great score

Keep up the good work!

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020 by Mrs Freeman

We are incredibly proud of the children for having a go at some home learning. The feedback we’ve received has been very supportive and just shows how determined the children are to keep up with their education.

Using our class news page is a great way to stay in contact with each other and share the activities we have all been doing. As well as your activities,  we will also keep you posted with some of the things we have doing whilst away from school.

writing reports

Keep sending your pictures!

super writing
properties of 2D shapes
superb presentation
great description
busy busy
food preparation
Super writing! Keep a look out!
Mia in the sunshine.
Mrs Freeman and Mia getting plenty of fresh air.
rest and relaxation
interesting tally chart




professional at work
A clever poem using this week’s spellings!

Toys Now and Then

My toy is a cute snowman. He was knitted by my aunty.  He wears a blue hat and scarf and has 3 buttons on his tummy.  On his face is a really big smile and a red nose like a cherry.      Super descriptive writing –  well done!

The Taylor household has also been hard at it. Here are a few photos from Mrs Taylor.

outdoor learning
Mrs Taylor taught her daughter this move!
Joe Wicks PE







Home Learning

Posted on Friday 20 March 2020 by Mrs Freeman

Daily home learning tasks will be published on the homework section of the school website. Please support and encourage your child to complete these. Mrs Taylor and Mrs Freeman will be contactable via email.

Thank you and stay safe.

Allerton Grange Sports Leaders

Posted on Tuesday 10 March 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Today, Year 2 enjoyed an energetic athletic themed PE session at Allerton Grange led by their sports leaders.

There was lots of encouragement and praise from the leaders to support the class in the different relay races.

Living and Learning: body image parent and carer guide

Posted on Sunday 08 March 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Our focus in Living and Learning, for the rest of this half term, is body image.

What is body image?

Body image describes our idea of how our body looks and how we think it is perceived by others. This can include our thoughts and feelings about our height, weight, shape, skin colour, and our appearance and attractiveness more broadly.

This parent and carer guide has been designed to give practical ideas to support your child in building their emotional resilience in this area.