Year 2 Class News

Living and Learning: Children’s Mental Health Week

Posted on Wednesday 05 February 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Set up by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, Children’s Mental Health Week shines a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. 

Young Minds is also a great source of information and support about young people’s mental health.

Mental health forms part of our Living and Learning long term plan and we encourage pupils to look after their mental health as well as their physical health. This maybe through the use of mindfulness and calming down techniques, recognising their own and others’ emotions and knowing how to seek help if needed. This guide shares some of the techniques we use.

In addition to Children’s Mental Health Week, Every Mind Matters is a national mental health campaign from Public Health England.

It’s snowing!

Posted on Tuesday 28 January 2020 by Mrs Taylor

We couldn’t resist the chance to get out in the brief snow shower this morning. A great opportunity to talk about weather in the different seasons (part of our current science topic).

School Savings Club

Posted on Monday 27 January 2020 by Mrs Taylor

The next School Savings Club paying in date is 03 February 2020 at 3.15-3.45pm.

The account is open to all children and it is free to set up. As there is not minimum deposit requirement, it is a great way for your child/children to begin to manage their own money and understand the importance of saving. We offer paying in sessions every half term where you can bring along any savings to be paid into your child’s account.

As an extra incentive, Year 3 pupils who open an account, or who currently have an account, will be credited with £10.

If you’re unable to attend in person, please hand in any money to be deposited to the office in a sealed envelope addressed to Mrs Tiffany.

Here are the remaining paying in dates for this year (the penultimate Monday of each half term).

  • 23 March
  • 11 May
  • 06 July

To find out more about the accounts or if your child would like to open account, please enquire at the office.

Algorithms in PE

Posted on Saturday 25 January 2020 by Mrs Freeman

As part of their PE lesson, Year 2 created games.  How to play the game was written as an algorithm. The children then tested their instructions. Some of the class realised that the easiest way to test their algorithm was to walk it through.

Forward 3, turn right, forward 2 – Oh no that’s wrong! It is supposed to say turn left. We need to debug!

We need to draw straight lines.

We gave our friend the instructions and pretended he was a robot.

Slice, cut, segment…

Posted on Thursday 23 January 2020 by Mrs Taylor

As we come to the end of our instruction writing in english, and to prepare the children to write their own instructions, we followed instructions to make fruit kebabs.

As we were making the fruit kebabs, we talked about the adverbs (safely, carefully, slowly), time connectives (first of all, next, finally) and imperative verbs (peel, slice, thread) needed for the instructions.

We also developed our food technology skills including peeling, cutting (using claw hold and bridge hold) and naming and using different equipment. Hopefully the children will want to try out these skills at home too!

We even thought about our maths learning by creating an array!



Posted on Thursday 23 January 2020 by Mrs Freeman

Last week, for their homework, the children were asked to show ways in which things can be made better. During our homework review, we saw a variety of creations. The children had thought carefully about the situations where a change could be made for the better.

Living and Learning: d:side visit drug education

Posted on Wednesday 22 January 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Dave from d:side visited us, as part of our drug education aspect of Living and Learning, to talk about keep ourselves healthy and what goes in our body.

Here’s what was covered in the session.

  • How we are different to our friends / classmates
  • What keeps our bodies clean and healthy
  • Identifying internal parts of the body and their position and function
  • Identifying ways in which we can value ourselves and value others

Finally, there was chance to share some compliments and recognise how we can value others.

Spring term after-school clubs

Posted on Wednesday 22 January 2020 by Mrs Taylor

Our spring term after-school clubs will be starting next week and while many of the clubs are full, we do have some spaces available for the following clubs.

Gymnastics (run by Leeds Gymnastics) Y1-5
Board games Y3-6
Multi-sports (run by PE Partner) Y3-6 Please note this club is now open to Year 3
It is not too late to sign up so please contact the office if your child would like to take part.

Maths: Arrays

Posted on Monday 20 January 2020 by Mrs Taylor

In maths, we are learning about multiplication and today, we focussed on arrays.

An array in maths is an arrangement of objects, numbers or pictures in columns or rows.

This morning, we noticed an array in real life when the milk was delivered.

We looked at the rows and columns to work out the corresponding multiplication number sentences. This helps us to recognise that multiplication can be done in any order.

5 lots of 3 = 3 lots of 5

5×3 = 3×5

Then, we used practical resources to make our own arrays and to work out the matching number sentences.

Can you spot any more arrays around us?

Have a look at our multiplication video in the calculations section of the website to see the sequence of learning.

What is an adverb?

Posted on Monday 20 January 2020 by Mrs Taylor

As part of our current english learning about instruction texts, today our focus was what are adverbs?

Adverbs are words that add more information to the verb.

In instruction texts, adverbs can be useful to give more information about how someone should do something.

Carefully, fill the cup with water.

Stir it gently.

This morning, the class worked in pairs to act out different adverbs. Their partner had to guess which adverb it might be.

We noticed, throughout the day, just how many adverbs are used in classroom instructions.

Calmly, line up.

Quickly, collect your resources.