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Living and Learning: STOP bullying

Posted on Saturday 16 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

This week, all classes have been learning about different aspects of bullying during national Anti-Bullying Week.

Thank you to those families who supported our Odd Socks Day on Tuesday, celebrating that we are all unique.

Classes have been considering the following during this week.

  • Our school definition of bullying.

‘Bullying is when you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, several times on purpose.’

  • Types of bullying – cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and belief, special educational need and disability
  • What to do if children experience  or witness bullying. The key message is to tell someone (start telling other people)

STOP can stand for two key messages: the definition (Several Times On Purpose) and the solution (Start Telling Other People).

Our new child friendly anti-bullying policy has been launched this week and this was shared, by the four Year 6 authors, in assembly.

All classes have access to their class Living and Learning box or the whole school worry box where they can tell an adult any concerns about bullying or any other issues.

Please discuss this important learning at home (our whole school homework this week).

For further support, here are some resources and advice that can be found at…

Living and Learning: STOP bullying

Posted on Wednesday 13 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

This week is anti-bullying week and Year 2 have been considering this across different areas of our learning.

In our reading lesson, we read through our school definition of bullying and considered words we weren’t sure of. We spotted the important message of STOP – several times on purpose.

We also used our inference skills, and our school definition, when looking at this photo to consider what might be happening and whether this is bullying?

‘We can see the children are hurting the feelings of the boy on the ground.’

‘We know the boy who is sitting down is unhappy and upset because of his face and his head is down.’

‘We don’t know if this is bullying as this is one time and bullying is when it happens several times on purpose.’

Thank you to all the families who supported Odd Socks Day. There were all different sizes, patterns and colours of socks on show and it was great that the children could express themselves and celebrate their individuality while raising awareness of bullying.

Andy Day, CBeebies star and his band, Andy and the Odd Socks, has again written a song for Odd Socks Day. This time it is called “Change”, based on this year’s theme Change Starts With Us.

Finally, we considered what to do if any children were bullied, again based on the STOP message – start telling other people.

All the children considered who they would tell if this was happening to them.

As noted in our new child friendly anti-bullying policy, the message is clear.

STOP bullying – bullying is wrong!

We’re a happy and healthy school.

It’s Anti-Bullying Week

Posted on Sunday 10 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

This week, it’s anti-bullying week and the theme for this year is ‘Change starts with us’.

Don’t forget – we are also taking part in Odd Socks Day on Tuesday 12th November.

Recently, some of our Year 6 pupils have created a child friendly anti-bullying policy which will be shared with the rest of the school during this week.

Child friendly anti-bullying policy

Written by: Evie, Zidaan, Omar and Eve (Year 6)

What is bullying?

In our school, this is what bullying means:

Bullying is where you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, several times on purpose.

What might bullying look like?

If any of these things happen several (lots of) times, it is bullying.

  • Hurting peoples’ feelings, for example, name calling, teasing, threatening, ignoring or spreading rumours
  • Hurting peoples’ bodies, for example, hitting, punching or kicking

This could be in person or online (cyber bullying) and could be because of someone’s race, disability, gender or appearance.

What could you do if you are being bullied?





Who could you tell?

  • Mrs Weekes/Mrs Freeman/Mrs Russell/Mrs Small (they are child protection staff)
  • Mrs Taylor (Health Leader)
  • Any other members of staff
  • Friends
  • Someone in your family
  • Childline (0800 1111)
  • Write a worry slip and put it in your Living and Learning box or the whole school worry box
  • Email

Our views on bullying

STOP bullying – bullying is wrong!

We’re a happy and healthy school.


Posted on Thursday 07 November 2019 by Mrs Freeman

Yesterday, in Mrs Bharath’s lesson, the children discussed why people wear poppies. As Remembrance day approaches, it is important that children understand (in brief) the reason poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle.  Poppies are significant because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War One ended.

Ever since then, poppies have become a symbol of remembering not just those who gave their lives in World War One, but all those who have died on behalf of their country.Image result for poppy fields

Today, we took the opportunity to have a go at sketching poppies. I’m sure you will agree, these drawings are simply stunning.

Where in the world am I?

Posted on Wednesday 06 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Following our local walk this week, we used the map to see the route we had taken. The children were able to spot landmarks on the map and some even spotted their house!

Our new topic, Where in the world am I?, will include lots of map work so if you have an atlas at home it would be great to start looking at where we live in the world.

Where in the world am I?

Posted on Wednesday 06 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

As a hook to start our new geography based topic, Where in the world am I?, we took a walk around our local area observing and recording features we spotted along the way. Following from this, we will group the features into physical and human and then comment on our likes and dislikes about the local area. What do you like about Moortown?



Skylar’s missing note

Posted on Monday 04 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

What an exciting first day back Year 2 have had!

This morning, we welcomed Sam and Jen and we were engrossed by the performance of Skylar’s missing note. This musical story was all about Skylar’s prized piano and how one of the notes (middle C) became lost as the piano was transported to their new house. The note did appear in the mouth of a pigeon but unfortunately, despite Skylar’s best efforts, the note could not be reunited with the piano. Nevertheless, Skylar continued to enjoy her piano and she found other ways to use her piano to create music.

Following the performance, Sam led a workshop where we continued the story but this time based on the pigeon. Along the way, we learnt many musical terms.

  • Dynamics – loud or quiet
  • Pitch – high or low
  • Tempo – fast or slow
  • Rhythm – the pattern of the music

Anti-bullying week – Odd Socks Day

Posted on Monday 04 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Next week is Anti-bullying Week. This year’s theme is ‘Change starts with us’ and we will be taking part in Odd Socks Day on Tuesday 12 November.

This day is to raise awareness of our differences, individuality and personal choice. There is no need for any payment – your child should simply wear odd socks and join in the fun!

Thank you for your support.


Where is Skylar’s missing note?

Posted on Sunday 03 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

‘A young girl journeys in search of her piano’s missing middle ‘C’ lost in transit during a house move.’

We look forward to taking part in this theatre show at school tomorrow for Years 1 and 2.

Featuring a specially constructed piano, it encourages children to play, understand and respond to music, enhancing both language and listening skills through a playful and magical story.

Living and Learning: Identity

Posted on Saturday 02 November 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Our Living and Learning theme this half-term is Identity. Pupils will learn about what makes themselves and others special, valuing the similarities and differences between themselves and others and what is meant by community. This will be taught through our Living and Learning sessions and two focused weeks.

Anti-bullying week (11 November) ‘Change starts with us’

My Community themed week (25 November)

Our new school charity will be chosen as part of the My Community themed week.  Every year, we nominate a new charity to support. This year, we have been supporting WWF. We decide this on the basis of a Talk Time homework, and then school councillors make the final decision.

Our Living and Learning long term plan details the learning for each year group across the year and you can keep up to date with our weekly Living and Learning statements on the parent noticeboard in the playground and also on the school calendar.  We will begin and end this half term with a focus on manners.

I apologise when I need to.

I say please and thank you.