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Posted on Friday 08 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Welcome to another dazzling episode of #HoHLF! 

Click here to see if you get to feature in this week’s showcase of amazing home learning.

Take care, have fun and stay safe.

Miss Wilson

08 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 07 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Friday, everyone!

Keep your trick shot challenges coming in! Y5 are currently beating Y6 with the number of submissions. Keep it going, Y5! (Step it up, Y6!)

Y5 maths answers
Y6 maths answers
Y5&6 geography answers

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe. We call it Victory in Europe Day or VE Day for short. In 1945, there were three whole days of celebrations including parades, street parties, a service of thanksgiving and a concert in central London! As you can imagine, people were extremely relieved and thrilled that the war was over and, from then on, the 8th of May each year was a public holiday.

Your three today are optional; feel free to do none, one, two or all of them.

In order to find out all about VE Day, you need to read this PowerPoint or watch this clip about VE Day celebrations.

Task One

Your first task is to make your own radio or TV broadcast pretending to be Winston Churchill announcing the Victory in Europe.
Things to think about…
– What would you say?
– How would you say it?
– How would you feel?
– How would the British public feel?
– Can you include any information you’ve just read?
You could either write it down, perform it or even record your announcement.


Task Two

The Royal Mint has released a special £2 coin to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. This Newsround article explains more about this.

Once you’ve read the information, have a go at designing your own £2 coin to mark this occasion.

Task Three

Music was an important part of the celebrations. Today, you can make your own musical instruments using clean junk or bits and bobs from around your house. Check out this website for inspiration. Can you make a guitar, drum or even a xylophone?

As always, we’d love to see your learning and it’d be great to collect in our group efforts in celeberation of VE Day.


07 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 06 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Morning, everyone! Friday, as you may know, was supposed to be a bank holiday. For consistency for those parents that need it, we’re still going to set some optional tasks. These will be centred around Victory in Europe Day!
Today’s three tasks are maths, geography and reading but first, here are some answers.
Y5&Y6 Writing answers
Click here and go to page 3.
Y5 Maths answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: read and interpret tables
Following on from our learning about line graphs, today’s learning focuses on reading and interpreting tables.
Click here to begin!
Remember, I’m always just an email away if you have any questions.
Y6 Maths – LO: algebra
Today, we’re recapping algebra. First, watch this video and then this one.
Your task today is to complete these questions. Remember, algebra is quite tricky so take your time and ask for help if you need it. You can always email me if you need to!
Y5&6 Geography – LO: human and physical features
Today’s awesome activity was suggested by Ben in Y6. Thanks, Ben!
Your task today is to spot all the human and physical features in a video game of your choice (like lava from Minecraft). Alternatively, you could spot them being mentioned in your favourite book (like the Hogwart’s castle in Harry Potter). If the first two options don’t appeal to you, you could even take a walk around where you live and take pictures of the ones you spot! You could even do all three if you fancied!
You could record these in your home learning books by writing them down or drawing pictures, make a video commentary or take photos.
Take a look at this to jog your memory before you get going.
We’d love to see what you come up with and we’d love to hear your suggestions for things you’d like to learn. It could be your turn to set the next task for Y5 & Y6!
Y5&6 Reading – LO: love of reading
Today’s reading task is a nice and chilled one. All we want you to do is to spend at least thirty minutes reading something that you love. You could even get some comfy clothes on, get a hot chocolate and find somewhere cosy (like a pillow fort!) to read in peace. It could be something online, a magazine or it could be First News!
As always, send in your photos to or!

06 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 05 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Wednesday, team! Hope you’re all doing well and having fun.

Your tasks today are maths, writing and RE.

Y6 Maths – LO: factors, multiples and prime numbers

I’ve had some great feedback about the BBC Bitesize lessons. Keep sending your thoughts and ideas for what we can do next or improve on!

Click here for today’s lesson.

Your task today is to watch the videos and complete activity one and then activity two below.

Once you’re done, click on the answer pages to mark your own. Send me an email with how you got on!

Y5 Maths Tuesday Answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: problems with line graphs
Today’s maths learning is a video. Click here to begin!
The accompanying questions can be found here.
Y5&Y6 Writing – LO: bullet points
Today’s task is a writing task! You are going to be exploring the use of bullet points – give it your best shot and please send me an email if you have any questions!
The task is a BBC Bitesize task and can be found here.
In this lesson there are:
  • two videos
  • three activities
See what I did there? 👍
It’s your job to watch both videos and then complete task 1, 2 and 3!
Y5&6 RE
Today’s final task is all about Ramadan! Your task is to read this article, watch the videos and complete activity two. There are activities one and three on there for an optional extra!
As always, we’d love to see your learning. You might even be observing Ramadan yourself!

05 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Morning, everyone! Let’s start today off with a joke…
Today’s tasks are maths, science and reading.
BUT FIRST! Have you checked out the CHALLENGE from Mr Wain and Miss Wilson? Scroll down to the post underneath or check it out on the Class News pages!
Y5 Maths Monday Answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: draw line graphs
Today’s learning involves drawing your own line graphs.
To help you, look at the line graphs from the work on Monday.
What do those line graphs include?
– X and Y axis labels
– Title
– Numbers on X and Y axis are on the line
– Unit of measurement on axis (eg mm) 
There are two questions followed by a challenge – please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
Y6 Maths
yesterday’s answers
Y6 Maths – LO: comparing and classifying triangles
Today, I’d like to try a different resource that’s new after it was recommended by parents. It’s with Oak National Academy and has a couple of quizzes, video lesson and independent task. Click here to start your task for today.
As always, I’d very much appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you love this, hate this or just prefer something else!
Y5&6 Science – LO: I know my science vocabulary
Crossword time!
Today’s science learning is a recap of our vocabulary from our evolution and inheritance topic.
Click here for the crossword!
Y5&6 Reading – LO: retrieval
Today’s task is to come up with your own retrieval questions. First, watch Newsround once to enjoy it and catch up with some news. Next, rewatch it and write down five retrieval questions. You can challenge someone in your house or challenge someone from our class via video call. You could even challenge me by sending me a video of your questions for me to have a go at answering.
Remember, retrieval questions are only about what you definitely know and can prove from watching the clip. You shouldn’t need any prior knowledge or use your own opinion to answer the question. Here are some ideas for questions:
    • Where was…?
    • When was…?
    • What was…?
    • For, ___, who was involved…?
    • True or false…?
    • Order these facts chronologically.
    • Fill in the missing word.
    • Match up the city (or something else) with the story (or something else).

CHALLENGE INCOMING from Mr Wain and Miss Wilson…

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

… to a trick shot challenge!

Here’s Mr Wain’s and here’s Miss Wilson’s!

Who has got the best trick shot?
Who can play it cool the best?
Who can find the most ridiculous items?

We’re challenging you to find what you can from around your home or garden and complete a spectacular shot. Send in your videos and we can answer this important question:


04 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 03 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Morning, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend – thank you for the photos and videos! Stay tuned for another episode of the Hall of Home Learning Fame…

Y5 Maths Friday Answers

  • a) -3°C
  • b) 2°C
  • c) 6:15pm
  • d) 7°C
  • e) -1.3°C
  • f) 8:45pm
  • g) 3 hours 45 minutes
  • h) 4pm and 5pm

Y5 Maths – LO: read and interpret line graphs

Following on from Friday’s learning, today’s task is all about interpreting line graphs. However, this time, there will be some problem solving questions.

These types of questions require you to complete more than one step in order to find the answer – we looked at this on the screencast lesson last Wednesday.

Click here for today’s task.


Y6 Maths – Friday’s decimal answers.
Y6 Maths – LO: perimeter, area and volume
Your learning today is about measuring the perimeter, area and volume of shapes. First, watch these videos to remind yourself how:


Then, click here for today’s task!


Y5&Y6 Geography – LO: I know some world-wide countries and some of their major cities.

This learning is continuing from Friday, where you created a fact file for four European capitals.
Your job today is very similar, but instead of European capitals, you will be making a fact file for four or five world-wide countries and their major cities. Each of your five countries needs to be from a different continent.
For example, if you had China as one of your countries, you wouldn’t be able to pick India for another as they are both in the same continent: Asia.
In your fact file you need to include:
 – Name of country
 – 3 major cities within the country
For each major city, you need to provide the following information:
  1. Population
  2. Size (area)
  3. Location (within the country)
  4. Main River (if there is one)
  5. Distinguishable features (e.g. a mountain or national park nearby)
  6. Climate
  7. An interesting fact!
It’s up to you how you choose to present your fact file. You may wish to choose one of the following:
  • complete it in your home learning book
  • on a computer/tablet eg powerpoint or keynote
  • on a piece of paper to then stick in your home learning book
  • record yourself talking about the country and its major cities


Whichever way you decide to present your work, I would love to see it. So, please do send them over to or

Y5 & 6 Reading
We’d like you to complete this BBC Bitesize lesson. It’s the English lesson from 01 May – The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. (I know you’ve read it, Sam!) You can complete it in your home learning book.
Let us know what you thought to having Oti Mabuse teach you reading!

01 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 30 April 2020 by Mr Wain

Answers for Thursday’s home learning.

Y5 Maths answers

Click here.

Today’s learning:

Y5 Maths – LO: interpret line graphs

Following our Autumn term based recap of our learning, today’s work involves interpreting line graphs.

There are 7 questions followed by a challenge – give it your best shot. If you need a little bit of help, you know where to find me!

Click here to start.

Y6 Maths – LO: decimals

Hope you guys enjoyed the treasure hunt yesterday! The pictures/videos you’ve been sending are amazing and the items are very creative! We will definitely do one again soon.
Today’s learning is all about decimals. Last week, you were rounding them but this week, you’ll be using place value knowledge, timesing (Is that even a word?) or dividing and adding or subtracting. As always, if you need help, you can email me.
Write a story that goes with these calculations:
3.97 + 12.22
8 – 5.3
2.7 x 10
Y5&Y6 Reading – LO: fact and opinion
Your learning is all about facts and opinions.
First of all, use this ( Bitesize
 to remind you of the difference between facts and opinions.
Now, open up the FirstNews paper and go to page 4; it’s called 20 things to know and tell. Read the article and then answer these questions.
We would like you to tell us your opinion about any article from this week’s FirstNews. We want you to email us with your views. You should tell us the article you’ve read and what you think about it. However, in your explanation, we’d like you to include some facts, too. You can show us that you know these are facts by underlining or writing them in bold. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

Y5&Y6 Geography – LO: I know some European countries and their capital cities.

Today’s learning follows closely from yesterdays. Yesterday you were asked to pick six new countries in Europe and find out and remember their capital cities.

Here are six that I learnt!

  1. Latvia – Riga
  2. Moldova – Chisinau
  3. Slovenia – Ljubljana
  4. Estonia – Tallinn
  5. Montenegro – Podgorica
  6. Lichtenstein – Vaduz

Using four out of the six new capital cities you have learnt, you are to create a fact file for each one! In your fact file, I would like you to provide the following information:

  1. Population
  2. Size (area)
  3. Location (within the country)
  4. Flag
  5. Language
  6. Currency
  7. Main River (if there is one)
  8. Distinguishable features (e.g. a mountain or national park nearby)
  9. Climate
  10. An interesting fact!

Remember, when researching your capital cities, be safe online and think about how we kept safe online whilst in school!

If you have any questions about this learning or are stuck at all, please email me – I’m always willing to help!

Keep smiling!

30 April 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 29 April 2020 by Mr Wain

Answers to Wednesday’s home learning.

Y5 Maths answers

  1. 35,441
  2. £1,798 left over
  3. 663 x 80 = 53,040

Y6 Maths answers

Today’s learning:

Y5 Maths – LO: area and perimeter

I hope yesterday’s video was OK! Moving forward, there will be more videos and I’m sure they will become more streamline during this time!

Today’s learning is about area and perimeter. We did some work on this last week but please do let me know if you have any questions!

Click here for today’s learning.

Y6 Maths  – LO: arithmetic treasure hunt

Today’s task is a bit different! It’s a video lesson! I thought we’d spruce up our arithmetic practice by intertwining it with a treasure hunt. Take a photo of it all after or videos and action shots would be AMAZING. #HoHLF
Part 1  – 2 –

Y5&Y6 Reading – LO: poetry

Your learning today is poetry. Use this link ( to access the BBC Bitesize reading lesson (dated April 24). For your main learning, complete activities 1 and 2.

Challenge: complete activity 3 from the Bitesize lesson.

Y5&Y6 Geography –LO: I know some European countries and their capital cities.

Today’s task is a quiz! Click here to have a go. Have more than one go, can you beat your first score? How many can you get by the end of the day?

Your task is to learn 6 countries and their capital cities in Europe.

These countries must be outside of the UK – so you can’t have England (London), Scotland (Edinburgh), Wales (Cardiff) or Northern Ireland (Belfast).

If you come across a country that you don’t know the capital for, then have a look online, in an atlas or ask someone in your home!

Good luck!

29 April 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 28 April 2020 by Mr Wain

Answers to Tuesday’s home learning.

Y5 Maths – Answers

Click here.

Y6 Maths – yesterday’s answers
I also must apologise for a mistake in Monday’s answers so thank you Nayaab for your eagle eye yet again. You can have three golden tickets this time! The correct answers for Q1 were 32,053, 302,530 and 3,253,000! It’s just like being back in class where you guys are used to me making mistakes ha!

Y5&Y6 Science – Answers

Click here.

Y5&Y6 Reading – Answers

Click here.

Today’s learning:

Y5 Maths – LO: problem solving

Click here for today’s learning.

It’s a video using some new software – let me know your thoughts and if you have any comments, please email me!

Y6 Maths – LO: position and direction
Today we have another recap lesson all about position and direction. To refresh your memory, watch this video (/ from BBC Bitesize, then click here to complete today’s task.

Y5&Y6 Geography – LO: I know how some physical and human features in the UK have changed over time.

This term’s topic is a geography one – so expect to see more geography home learning! At the moment, we are recapping our previous geography topic ‘Where in the World Am I?’ before moving into our new topic ‘Explorers’.

Today’s task involves looking at how some physical and human features in Moortown have changed over time.

The questions within the task are to be answered in your home learning book. You may either think to yourself about the questions, talk to someone in your home about them or conduct some research of your own!

Find your task here.

Y5&6 Reading – LO: summarise

Continuing with our First News theme, this week, today’s task is to summarise certain articles in note form or a short sentence or two. Everyone must complete Part B (on page two) and Part A (on page one) is optional.
First, you’ve got to scan the paper for the article photo. Then, write in the information needed and write your summary. Remember to write notes where you can and only include the key information! Click here for the questions.
Go to BBC Sport or other similar website – it can be anything you’re interested in. Your challenge is to summarise a web article of your choice in 20, 10 and 5 words. Send them in and we’ll include the best in #HoHLF!

If you need any help, please, as always, drop me a line: