Year 3 Spelling

03 February 2017

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This week’s spellings all have the ‘less’ or ‘ly’ suffixes.

Children should practise spelling these words in preparation for a test on Friday 10 February.


27 January 2017

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This week’s spelling task is to see how many words, from the spellings given last week, you can make using the letters in your homework book.

Cut the letters out (but don’t stick them down) – How many words can you make? This is a great way to practise and learn spellings.

The spellings given last week will be tested on Friday 03 February.

20 January 2017

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We are learning the ‘sub’ and ‘tele’ prefixes. Learn the following spellings and their definitions. Can you child use them in a sentence? Learn the following spellings for a test in two weeks – Friday 03 February.


13 January 2017

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Spelling worksheet due in Thursday 19 January 2017.

This week, to help with spelling, children have been given a worksheet concentrating on the ‘ness’ and ‘ful’ suffixes. Your child will have a spelling test on Friday 20 January based on the spellings they learned last week for homework.

06 January 2017

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09 December 2016

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The spelling test will be on all the rules you have learnt so far.

  • Adding prefixes and suffixes, including ‘drop the e for ing/ed/er’
  • ‘y’ making an ‘i’ sound
  • homophones
  • double up for a short vowel sound

It’s the last spelling test of 2016 so make this one a brilliant one!

25 November 2016

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So far this year, we have learnt to spell words with the following prefixes:
un – negative meaning
mis – negative meaning
dis – negative meaning
re -meaning again or back

The spellings for this week contain the following prefixes:
auto – meaning self or own
anti – meaning against
sub – meaning under


18 November 2016

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Choose some words from previous spelling lists that you found hard and practise them using the strategies at the front of your homework book.

11 November 2016

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The spellings for this week have the prefix re- or mis-. Pay special attention to misspell. This is often spelt incorrectly as an s is accidentally omitted.

  • react
  • misplace

04 November 2016

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