Year 3 Spelling

11 December 2015

Posted on Friday 11 December 2015 by

This week’s spellings link to measurements which will be our maths focus next week. Your child will need to know the spellings and the appropriate abbreviations.

1. metre – m
2. centimetre – cm
3. millimetre – mm
4. litre – l
5. millilitre – ml
6. grams – g
7. kilograms – kg
8. weight
9. height
10. capacity

04 December 2015

Posted on Thursday 10 December 2015 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s spellings are linked to our learning of dialogue in English:

  • to mumble
  • to whisper
  • to speak
  • to exclaim
  • to question

These verbs are in their infinitive form and so have ‘to’ in front of them – we’ve been learning them like this in class.

‘To speak’ is highlighted to indicate that it is our root word study. A word study encourages us to think about how words are created using prefixes and suffixes. Check out the photo below to help your child’s learning.

Your child will be tested on the five spellings given and three others from the word study shown here.


27 November 2015

Posted on Friday 27 November 2015 by Mrs Valentine

This week, the children need to be preparing for next Friday’s sponsored Spellathon. Your child needs to revise a list of 40 spellings. These 40 spellings are not brand new; they’re from the spellings which they’ve learned throughout the year so far:

  1. smoking
  2. fourth
  3. accident
  4. fifth
  5. annoyed
  6. arrive
  7. appear
  8. different
  9. bitter
  10. arriving
  11. guiding
  12. pressuring
  13. supposing
  14. walked
  15. eighth
  16. busied
  17. tried
  18. historically
  19. ladies
  20. second
  21. twelfth
  22. beginning
  23. exercising
  24. suppose
  25. disappear
  26. difficult
  27. eleventh
  28. possible
  29. possession
  30. believing
  31. breathing
  32. ninth
  33. continuing
  34. enjoyed
  35. supplied
  36. buried
  37. dictionaries
  38. countries
  39. abilities
  40. laughing

Any child who scores 40 will take part in a spell-off to deem the ultimate speller!

20 November 2015

Posted on Thursday 19 November 2015 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s spellings not only link to an important spelling rule (drop the e for ing), but also link to our health themed week beginning on Monday 23 November:

  1. smoke – smoking
  2. take – taking
  3. feel – feeling
  4. clean –cleaning
  5. sleep – sleeping
  6. drink – drinking
  7. exercise – exercising
  8. dance – dancing
  9. laugh – laughing
  10. measure – measuring

We’ll use all of these words during our themed learning next week, so make sure your child is in the know about how to spell them correctly!

13 November 2015

Posted on Friday 13 November 2015 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s spellings follow on from the previous week and so follow the same rule: drop the y for an i.

  1. ability – abilities
  2. baby – babies
  3. century – centuries
  4. city – cities
  5. country – countries
  6. dictionary – dictionaries
  7. history – historically
  8. lady – ladies
  9. library – libraries
  10. party – parties

Which word is the odd one out in this week’s list?

06 November 2015

Posted on Thursday 05 November 2015 by Mrs Valentine

This week’s spellings follow one of our spelling rules: drop the y for an i.

  1. apply- applies
  2. bury- buried
  3. busy- busied
  4. carry- carries
  5. copy- copied
  6. deny- denied
  7. hurry- hurried
  8. study- studied
  9. supply- supplied
  10. try- tries

Can your child spot the odd words out in their spelling list this week?

Be on the look out for more words which follow this rule when reading with your child each evening. It’s a tricky rule to grasp so lots of practice is necessary.

Bored of how you practise spellings at home with your child? Call in for some new ways to help liven up your weekly practice or attend the writing workshop with Mr Owen and Miss Rushbrooke.

It’s half-term…

Posted on Saturday 24 October 2015 by Mr Roundtree

…so there is no homework this week.

Please make sure your child spends some time most days reading – books, comics, newspapers… Why not visit the library or a book shop this week?

To support writing, your child should review their spellings from the last few weeks. You could test them on words from all the lists, and ask them to use the words in sentences or a story, or create a comic strip with a word used in each speech bubble.Perhaps you could set a challenge (for you as well as your child!) of using spelling words in everyday conversations! Practising handwriting by joining up is a useful activity, too.

In Maths, children in Key Stage 2 should definitely practise times tables – including the related division facts. Can your child respond within five seconds (not counting up to work it out) to questions like ‘What’s 7 times 8?’ and ‘What’s 42 divided by 6?’

Of course, make sure your child is happy and healthy over half-term, too! A walk and play at Roundhay Park, a bike ride, a conker challenge, a trip to the art gallery… Enjoy!

16 October 2015

Posted on Friday 16 October 2015 by Mrs Valentine

This week, we’re moving away from a spelling rule and looking at verbs in the past tense. In our English lessons, we’re learning about recounts and writing about the past. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to practise how some verbs are spelt. Can your child spot any irregular verbs?

1. to walk – walked
2. to arrive – arrived
3. to eat – ate
4. to go – went
5. to enjoy – enjoyed
6. to see – saw
7. to observe – observed
8. to build – built
9. to sleep – slept
10. to notice – noticed

When reading with your child each evening, try challenging them to make some verbs you read into the past tense, or words already in the past tense into the infinitive – make sure they’re using ‘to…’ before the verb to say it in it’s infinitive form.

09 October 2015

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This week’s spellings follow the rule drop the e for ing.

arrive – arriving
believe – believing
breathe – breathing
cycle – cycling
complete – completing
decide – deciding
describe – describing
exercise – exercising
guide – guiding
imagine – imagining

02 October 2015

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This week’s spellings follow the “drop the e for an ing” rule. Your child will be tested on the words in bold.

  1. centre centring
  2. believe circling
  3. continue continuing
  4. increase increasing
  5. minute minuting
  6. pressure pressuring
  7. promise promising
  8. separate separating
  9. suppose supposing
  10. surprise surprising