Year 3 Spelling

Friday 03 May 2019

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Spellings this week looks at words with  the /k/ sound spelt ‘ch’.

Children have a series of words to learn. We have discussed their meaning in class but this may need to be checked at home. There is also a word search to complete for this homework. This is due in on Thursday 10 May 2019.

ache / choir / chemist / christmas / anchor / echo / chorus / chemistry

We are learning our 8 times tables. Please make sure your child is practising their division facts as well as the multiplication facts each week.

26 April 2019

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Spelling this week is to practise spelling words that either have/ck/ or /k in them.

Your child has been sent home with a username and password for spelling shed – an online spelling practise website. On this website they will be able to find a game to practise these spellings specifically. This can be done independently as long as they have access to a computer, smartphone or tablet.

There is a list to practise for the test on Friday 03 May 2019.


pack rock weak
chicken screech fetch
racket ditch arch

We are learning our 8 times tables.

18 April 2019

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There is no list for week’s spelling homework. Instead we focus on three of the spelling rules that Year 3 should be familiar with. We have found that children often do well in tests with these spelling rules in isolation but are then finding them more challenging when doing independent writing.

  1. Doubling up the consonant after the short vowel sound.
  2. Adding the suffix ‘ing’ to make a verb into its present tense form.
  3. Adding the suffix ‘ed’ to turn a verb into its past tense form.

Please note – there won’t be any new words tested. We will be testing these rules to words we have already learnt on Friday 26th April.

We are learning our 8 times tables.

22 March 2019

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This week’s spellings all have the ‘super’ or ‘auto’ prefixes.

Practise by using one of the spelling strategies stuck into the back of your homework book. Check you understand their meaning by asking a friend, an adult or looking it up in a dictionary or (with an adult’s permission) online.

Children should practise spelling these words in preparation for a test on Friday 29 March 2019.

We are learning our 3 times tables.

15 March 2019

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The Spelling homework this week is to begin to practise the Year 3 common exception word list.

Get your child to look at the list and pick out some of the words they struggle to spell and practise these. If your child isn’t sure where to start, the common exception words have been grouped and it would be best to pick one group to look at per fortnight. Learning how to spell the words listed will build your child’s confidence in spellings and improve their writing.

We are learning our 3 times tables.


08 March 2019

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This week, the spelling focus is to double up for a short vowel sound. The words are all verbs and require you to double up when adding the suffixes  ed (past tense) and -ing (present tense). Check you understand the meaning of the words!

hop hopped hopping
tug tugged tugging
skip skipped skipping
grab grabbed grabbing
beg begged begging

 This spelling rule (not list) will be tested on Friday 15 March 2019.


08 February 2019

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This week, spelling homework continues with the prefixes -sub and -tele. There is a word search to complete. For an extra challenge, draw a picture or write a sentence for each word. Check for sense!

submerge / subscribe / subheading / submarine / television / telephone / telescope

We are learning our 3 times tables.

01 February 2019

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This week’s spelling is on the prefixes ‘sub’ and ‘tele’. The list is formed of words Year 3 suggested on Friday. Please practise these spellings, and discuss their meanings, ready for a test on Friday 08 February 2019.

submerge / subheading / submarine / subscribe / television / telephone / telescope

We are learning our 3 times table.

25 January 2019

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Spellings 25.01.19

This week, spelling is on the –ful ­suffix.

Use the words, below, in a sentence. Copy the sentence into your Homework book. Check in a dictionary, with an adult, or online (with an adult’s permission) that you understand what they mean! There will be a test on these words on Friday 31st January 2019.

awful / careful / playful / hopeful / painful / grateful / dreadful / useful / wonderful / truthful / colourful

We are learning our 3 times tables.

18 January 2019

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This week’s spelling continues to look at the –gue and –que suffix.

Research and complete the bank of words for each suffix. Then, find out and write down the meaning of these words in the chart, below. You could find the meaning by asking a parent/carer, asking a friend, using a dictionary or researching online with a parent’s permission.

We are learning the 3 times table.