Year 6 Class News

Junior Warrior 2023!

Posted on Friday 30 June 2023 by Mr Wain

Today, Year 6 attended Junior Warrior 2023 at Bramham Park!

Junior Warrior is a 3KM course full of tricky obstacles and lots and lots of… MUD!

Everybody who attended in our class finished and was awarded a medal for their efforts! Well done, Y6!

Maths Murder Mystery

Posted on Thursday 22 June 2023 by Mr Wain

On Monday, some of Year 6 did something different in Maths: we solved a murder mystery!

The class were given some problem solving clues and had to figure out who the killer was. The clues involved different capacities such as litres and millilitres, grams and kilograms and centimetres.

The final question involved finding the area of biscuits, revealing that the murderer had been Daphne. Well done to the whole class as they figured it out!

Help at home by including your child in cooking and baking so that they are used to different measurements.

Allerton Grange: Inter-Primary School Sports Day

Posted on Thursday 22 June 2023 by Mr Wain

This week, 32 of our Y5s and Y6s took part in an inter-primary school sports day at Allerton Grange High School.

Events included; obstacle, relay, sprint, 1/2 lap, a full lap and more! Everybody tried their best and had lots of fun!

Well done to everyone for finishing fourth, too!

Here are some pictures of us in action!

Production – Porridge!

Posted on Wednesday 21 June 2023 by Mr Wain

Hi everybody!

Please make sure you bring your costumes and props outlined in last week’s letter to school no later than Monday 26th June. If you don’t have any of the items listed for your role, please let an adult in Y5 or 6 know before this Friday.

Keep practising your lines at home and get into the character you are portraying!

Thanks everyone!

Robinwood Residential 2023

Posted on Thursday 08 June 2023 by Mr Wain

This week has been Y6’s residential!

We arrived on Wednesday morning and were thrown straight into activities!

These have included; Zip-line, caving, dungeon, piranha pool, trapeze, canoeing, raft building and climbing wall! Here’s some pictures of us below!


Plenty more of fun activities await us tomorrow!

Living and Learning: Physical Health

Posted on Friday 26 May 2023 by Mr Wain

In L&L, we learned about how physical activity can help our physical health as well as our mental health.

It is recommended that a child gets at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to help reduce the chance of developing diseases and to help maintain healthy bones and muscles.

60 minutes  of physical activity could be walking, running, or anything that makes your heart beat faster.

We also talked about how physical activity releases chemicals into our brains to make us feel good. We also learnt that when we exercise, we have more energy which then means we can concentrate more and means we are more energised and alert!

Help at home: Try out a new sport or type of physical activity over the half term!

Living and Learning: Healthy Eating

Posted on Thursday 25 May 2023 by Mr Wain

In Living and Learning, we discussed the importance of a balanced diet and the advice of ‘five-a-day’.  We enjoyed this learning outside during a circle time!

Circle times are a great time in the week to have honest, open and mature discussions in a different seating arrangement!

In our circle time, we talked not only about a balanced diet and ‘five-a-day’ but about the different food groups and the benefits they provide our bodies!

Did you know:

  •  You should only have 150ml of fruit juice a day?
  • If you drink a fruit smoothie, it only counts as one portion no matter how many different fruits are in there?
  • Dried fruit should be eaten as a dessert rather than a snack to prevent tooth decay?
  • It is healthier to buy tinned fruit in juices rather than syrup?

Help at home: Visit the NHS website which gives more information about portion sizes and healthy choices.  Then, with this knowledge, why not try to plan, prepare and enjoy a healthy meal which contributes towards your five-a-day.

Women’s role after WW2

Posted on Tuesday 23 May 2023 by Mr Wain

After the end of WW2, women who had been working in munitions factories and doing agricultural work for the Women’s Land Army had to return to more traditional roles as men returned from war.

Having their horizons narrowed, women who worked during the war told stories to their daughters about the experiences of work they’d had during WW2.

As a result, the 60s and 70s saw the emergence of feminist groups who protested against the inequality between women and men.

In our history learning, we made freeze frames to illustrate how women felt after the end of WW2. Feelings of anger, solidarity and a longing to return to the jobs they had experienced during the war were prominent.

Help at home by asking your child if they can remember what the end of WW2 meant for women. This website is useful to recap our learning, too:

Well done, Y6!

Emma Carroll

Posted on Monday 22 May 2023 by Mr Fayers

This morning, Year 5 and 6 spoke to author Emma Carroll on Zoom. Author of Secrets of the Sun King and Letters from the Lighthouse, two of our class novels, we listened to Emma talk about her books and the writing process. We asked her questions including her normal writing day and her characters. It was great to have the opportunity to hear from a real author whose books we have enjoyed. 

This afternoon, we had a debating session. We argued about several topics and everyone was very engaged and wanted to have their say. Our final debate was on banning homework, and although close, the class agreed that we should not ban it. Well done Year 6, I was very impressed by your speaking and listening skills!

Help at home by asking your child what they learnt from listening to Emma Carroll and ask them to articulate their view on banning homework.


Posted on Sunday 21 May 2023 by Mrs Taylor

City of Leeds Basketball, who provide our after-school basketball clubs, have a range of sessions for children of all ages.

Visit their website to book.