Year 6 Class News


Living and learning – Identity

Posted on Sunday 04 November 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Our Living and Learning theme this half-term is Identity. Pupils will learn about what makes themselves and others special, valuing the similarities and differences between themselves and others and what is meant by community. This will be taught through our Living and Learning sessions and also a focused week – Anti-bullying week (12 November).

Also this half term, our new school charity will be chosen.  Every year, we nominate a new charity to support. This year, we have been supporting MakeAWish. We decide this on the basis of a Talk Time homework, and then school councillors make the final decision.

Our Living and Learning long term plan details the learning for each year group across the year and you can keep up to date with our weekly Living and Learning statements on the parent noticeboard in the playground and also on the school calendar.  We will begin and end this half term with a focus on manners.

I apologise when I need to.

I say please and thank you.

Bonfire night themed menu

Posted on Friday 26 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

When we return to school, on Monday 05 November, there will be a bonfire night themed menu.

Election ready

Posted on Wednesday 24 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

The polling station is all set up and ready for the annual School Council elections tomorrow.

Good luck to all candidates.

Living and Learning: Democracy

Posted on Wednesday 24 October 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

Thursday 25 October sees us voting for our new school councillors. We’ve been learning all about democracy in preparation for our own election and the children have had lots of questions.

At home, talk about how our country’s voting system works and what your opinions are. The children had some interesting views on what age people should be allowed to vote and when they should not be allowed to anymore. The candidates delivered their speeches today ready for us to make informed decisions in the morning.

Well done to all of those people who chose to stand for election and good luck!

All stand for the judge…

Posted on Wednesday 24 October 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

Having learnt all about the gunpowder plot during our topic lessons, we attended court to find out more with lots of us taking on the roles of the main characters.

Not only is this a fun way of extending our knowledge, but it also helps us with our writing. We thought about what questions we’d like to ask the different people involved in the story and what their answers would have been at the time.

The suspects: Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John WrightThe witnesses: Mary Arkwright, Arthur Coniston, Lorn Monteagle, King James I 

The prosecution and the defence

The jury

The media

At times, the prosecution really put pressure on our suspects!

Bradford Media Museum

Posted on Wednesday 24 October 2018 by Miss Rushbrooke

Yesterday, Year 6 went to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford. We were exploring what engineers do to bring inventions to life as this is our theme for our Time Travel big topic. It was a jam-packed day; we got to see and do all sorts!

Not only did the IMAX film we saw make us squeal and reach out for the things that seemed to be coming out of the screen at us, but it also inspired many of us to want to be engineers. We realised what amazing things engineers achieve to help people and solve problems.

The Wonderlab was a great room to explore, finding out what UV light is, how sound waves can move water, how infrared cameras show which part of our bodies are hot and cold and how light can manipulated to create moving images.

The Engineering Show demonstrated how light can carry sound and taught us how our 3D glasses worked.

The Games Lounge was a step back in time to the very first arcade games which turned out to be just as fun as the games we play today.

We also explored the TV and Animation galleries, seeing how technology has advanced over recent years due to the skills of scientists, engineers and computer programmers.

Active travel in October – week three winner

Posted on Wednesday 24 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Well done to our week three winner who made active journeys to school every day last week.

Our active travel section on the website has recently been updated.  Have a look at some of the initiatives we take part in to encourage a happy and healthy start to the school day.

Living and Learning: Confident Me self-esteem and body confidence workshop

Posted on Tuesday 23 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Recently, Year 5 and 6 took part in a Confident Me self-esteem and body confidence workshop led by representatives from Dove and Unilever.

Body image forms part of our Living and Learning later in the year and as children comment they enjoy visitors delivering Living and Learning, we were keen to run this workshop once again.

The Confident Me Workshop is one of the Dove Self-Esteem Project’s programmes.  It addresses issues of body confidence and low self-esteem. The workshop covers topics such as: appearance, beauty and body image and examines how images of models, actors and celebrities are fabricated or manipulated to portray a ‘perfection’ against which our kids often measure themselves.  Most of all, the workshops help young people develop the skills and behaviours that lead to positive self-esteem and body confidence.

Resources are available to parents to support and follow up this learning at home.

Active travel in October – week two winner

Posted on Sunday 21 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

Well done to our week two active travel winner (08 – 12 October)  who was randomly selected to receive the latest £10 voucher.

Our week three winner will be announced early next week.

We have a final weekly prize to award and also a prize for someone who has made an active journey to school every day in October.  These prizes will be awarded straight after half term once our Living Streets travel tracker data is available.

Remember an active journey can be walking, biking, scooting or parking away from the school gate and striding the last part of the journey.


Lost property

Posted on Wednesday 17 October 2018 by Mrs Taylor

School Council are involved in a project to try and reduce the amount of lost property we have at school.

Starting this Friday, lost property will be available to look through in the playground to hopefully reduce the pile we have already this term!

Naming your child’s items helps to get things back to their owners so we will also be offering a clothing name labelling service for 20p per item.  Profits will go to our school charity, Make-a-Wish.