Year 6 Class News


Residential… finally!

Posted on Sunday 07 July 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

After much editing, emailing and formating, I finally bring you a taste of what your children experienced on residential. Apologies for the delay! Year 6 had a great time and were a credit to the school, you and to themselves. Many members of staff at Robin Wood remarked upon their manners a number times.

We did all sorts over the three days and here’s an idea of what it was like.

Sports day 4th July

Posted on Wednesday 03 July 2019 by Mrs Taylor

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our annual sports day tomorrow. Here is some information about the day.


Our sports day will take place offsite at Roundhegians Rugby Club (LS8 2AT).  Access to the club is off Chelwood Drive and there is some parking available. Children will be walking to the field, escorted by adults. Thank you to those parents/carers who have offered to help with this. We will be leaving school at 9:05am for KS2 and 1:05pm for Reception and KS1.


The Key Stage 2 Sports Day will begin at 9.30am ending at approximately 11:30am and the Reception and Key Stage 1 sports day will start at 1.30pm ending at approximately 3 pm.

Normal lunch time and end of school collection arrangements will still apply on this day.

PE kit

Our teams will be: green, blue, white and red and your child/children has been told their team colour by their class teacher. If possible, please could your child wear a t-shirt to match their team colour. If your child does not have a coloured t-shirt, they should wear their white PE top and they will be given a bib to wear.

Children should come to school in their PE kit to be worn for the whole day.

On the day

Please could you ensure your child has their water bottle and a cap/hat at school; it would also be useful if you could apply sun cream before your child comes to school.


The format of this year’s event will be competitive races and field events (KS2) with children having the opportunity to compete for medals. These will be awarded by staff and sports leaders from Allerton Grange, who will be placed on the finish line. No VAR this year, unfortunately!  However, all children will be rewarded for taking part.

We expect each child to take part in at least two events. Some may take part in more depending on how many children are in their team. As far as is possible, we have tried to place children in events of their choice.


No seating is provided so please bring a rug or your own chairs if you come to spectate.


Thank you to those parents/carers who are able to bring gazebos on the day. Any additional gazebos would be welcome, to shade the children, if you can help with this.


The PTA will be selling refreshments for parents and carers on the day.


You are welcome to take photos on the day. These should be for your own use and as we have children in school who cannot be photographed please do not share these photos on social media.


For safety reasons, please do not cross the track to where the children are seated – thank you.

Living and Learning: healthy choices

Posted on Monday 01 July 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

This week, we’re focusing on healthy choices – this could relate to maintaining good mental or physical health.

I can make healthy choices.

Can you encourage your child to make a new healthy choice every day this week? Or think about one new healthy change your child can make? Try to help them by making sure the choice is a realistic, achievable one, such as avoiding being on an electronic device after a certain time to help sleep, or adding one extra daily portion of vegetables to their diet each day.

Living and Learning: relationships

Posted on Monday 01 July 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

In Living and Learning, Year 6 have been discussing relationships. Here are the statements we’ve been discussing each week:
  • I see things from other people’s points of view.
  • I know the difference between laughing at and laughing with someone.
  • I tell the truth and say sorry if I need to.
As well as this, Year 6 have recapped their learning from Year 5 on Relationships and Sex Education. This was a useful session to iron out any misconceptions the children had and allow them the opportunity to ask any questions – of which there were many!

Showcase of skipping skills

Posted on Wednesday 26 June 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Thank you to all parents, carers and family who came along to see the fantastic skipping skills on display at our recent skipping assembly.

Jodi, from Skipping School, provided skipping sessions for Reception class, Year 1, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 throughout the day and it was great to see all the new skills learnt. Year 2 and Year 4 have already been involved in their skipping projects this year and have taken part in festivals representing the school.

Skipping is one of the ways we encourage the children to achieve their 30 active minutes at school by providing short and long ropes at playtime and lunchtime.

If you didn’t get chance to buy a skipping rope after the assembly, we do have some available for sale.  Please come to the Year 2 classroom on Monday or Tuesday, after school, if you would like to purchase one.

What is Light?

Posted on Wednesday 26 June 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

It’s been getting spooky in the Year 6 classroom this half term while we investigate a very serious crime.

A laptop has been stolen from school and there’s a mountain of evidence to trawl through, most of which seems to require specialist knowledge of light and how it behaves. Therefore, we have all become physicists to investigate the evidence and find out ‘who dun it’.

We’ve explored how light can be reflected because it can travel in straight lines.

We’ve found out how the angle of the light beam entering a mirror affects the angle at which it is reflected.

We’ve also investigated what factors change the length of a shadow.

So far, we’ve eliminated two suspects from our investigation. We’ll keep you posted on how it progresses in the coming days.

Wimbledon themed menu

Posted on Tuesday 25 June 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Catering Agency, our school meal provider, will be running a special themed menu on Tuesday 9th July.  Please contact the office, as soon as possible, if your child would like a school meal on this day (no action needed if your child normally has a school meal on this day). Subject to the weather on the day, we hope the children can enjoy this picnic themed meal outside.

We are Total Warriors!

Posted on Sunday 23 June 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

Year 6 had a fantastic morning at Bramham Park on Friday conquering the Total Warrior junior course.

Before the event, we enjoyed getting our race numbers attached and our bandanas on – truly warrioresque.

The course threw muddy obstacle after muddy obstacle at us and we took them on head first.

Very muddy and very pleased with ourselves, we celebrated each of us crossing the finish line.

And the prize for muddiest warrior goes to…

Total Warrior – what you need

Posted on Thursday 20 June 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

Tomorrow, Year 6 are going to Total Warrior in Bramham Park – it’s going to be great fun!

You need to come to school wearing clothing you can run comfortably in and you don’t mind getting VERY muddy (especially your trainers). You also need to bring the following with you:

  • clean clothes to change into (don’t forget shoes)
  • an old towel (to wipe mud off)
  • a plastic bag (to put muddy things in)
  • a packed lunch
  • a water bottle
  • your homework book (with homework completed)
  • your script

Can’t wait! See you tomorrow.

Clean Air Day

Posted on Thursday 20 June 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Today is Clean Air Day to help tackle air pollution and protect the health of everyone in Leeds.  It is all about making people more aware of the changes they can make to their day-to-day life to support this aim.

We support the aims of Clean Air Day to create a safer, healthier and more enjoyable environment for people around school.

‘Improving the air we breathe in Leeds is a huge priority and one we can all play a role in. We can’t always see it, but air pollution has serious effects on our health and our environment. As one of the biggest cities outside of London, Leeds has not surprisingly been identified alongside many other UK cities as one which needs to reduce pollution levels as quickly as possible. By working together to improve the air we breathe, we can protect the health of the people of Leeds.’

We promote active travel to school such as walking, biking, scooting and park and stride (using our preferred site at Marks and Spencer) to reduce congestion around the school gates and therefore to improve air quality.

Have you spotted our new banner outside school aimed at reducing engine idling?