Year 6 Class News

Living and Learning: anti-bullying day and odd socks day

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Mrs Taylor

On Monday, all children will be learning about bullying and how to STOP bullying as part of the national antibullying week.

Our Junior Leadership Team have recently reviewed our bullying definition. As part of this, we use two STOP acronyms: Several Times On Purpose Start Telling Other People – one’s a definition of bullying and the other’s a solution.

On Monday, we will also be taking part in Odd Socks Day which celebrates that we’re all unique. Children are invited to wear odd socks to school, marking the fact we’re all different in some way.

Odd socks day sends an important message to pupils that they should be allowed to be themselves, free from bullying. It helps us celebrate anti-bullying day in a fun and positive way.

Help at home: Talk about our school definition of bullying and the differences between falling out and bullying, and between a one-off situation and something that’s happened more than once.

We are gymnasts!

Posted on Thursday 09 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

This half term, we become gymnasts!

Travelling as been our focus for this week, where we’ve practised moving around the space in different ways: high, low, wide, narrow, with many points of contact and few.

Next week, we will perform sequences of travelling using benches!

Living and learning – Me and My Money

Posted on Thursday 09 November 2023 by Miss Wilson

This week, we’ve been learning all about money!

We’ve talked about so many important topics and skills that are vital to our lives and futures.

HSBC talked to us about savvy shopping. We learnt about:

  • budgeting
  • interest and borrowing
  • debit and credit cards
  • being critical consumers

We also learnt about jobs in Leeds and what we might want to do when we’re older or where the most demand for employment might be.

Virgin Money taught us about loans, their roles at the bank and bank accounts and then set us an exciting challenge – to make £5 grow!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be putting our entrepreneurial brains to the test to see if we can make profit from a small business idea. Watch this space!

Y6 said:

“I think I’m more aware of money now.”

“You should be cautious about spending money. There are questions you can ask yourself such as, ‘Is this a want or a need? Can it wait?’”

“I’m really excited to start my own business!”

Me and My Money week – school charity donations

Posted on Wednesday 08 November 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Donating money is one choice people might make when using their money.

As part of our Me and My Money themed week, we welcomed visitors from St Gemma’s Hospice, our current school charity, to hear how they have been using our donations over this year.

We have raised a staggering £1500 across the year so thank you for all of these donations. St Gemma’s Hospice are very grateful for this support.

There is one more way we can donate money this week and this is by bringing any spare 1ps or 2ps into class to deposit in each class’ saving jar.

On Friday, we shall be having a money trail with all the coins donated so please bring any spare change before then.

Here are Year 2 counting their coins so far.


We are readers!

Posted on Thursday 26 October 2023 by Miss Wilson

This half term, teachers have been keeping an eye out for children impressing them with their reading.

In KS2, teachers were looking out for Reading Records where the weekly activity had been completed with time and care, book reviews had been done or challenges ticked off!

In KS1, teachers were looking for children who were putting the most effort into learning to read fluently.

Well done to our winners for this half term and welcome to the Library Team! They’ll meet with Miss Wilson occasionally to share their ideas and help make decisions about our library.

Take a look at some of their fantastic efforts:

Did you know?

Those who read for pleasure…

  • Know more words
  • Are better writers
  • Have more empathy
  • Have better general knowledge
  • Have a better understanding of other cultures
  • Are better at making decisions
  • Do better in school generally!

Keep up the fantastic reading, everyone. There were so many people to choose from and you never know – it could be you next time!

Living and Learning

Posted on Tuesday 24 October 2023 by Miss Wilson

This week, our Living and Learning statement is: “I use what I’ve learnt in living and learning.”

We’ve covered such a wide range of topics so far and they are all used heavily in our daily lives like respect, understanding differences and equality, or using the eight Rs for learning.

Y6 had a go at showing their learning in the form of a poster. Take a look at their fantastic examples below.

Help at home by discussing what situations in real life require the skills we learn in Living and Learning.


We are geographers!

Posted on Tuesday 24 October 2023 by Miss Wilson

This week in geography, we conducted some fieldwork!

We measured trees in Moortown Park in order to find out how much carbon is stored in them.

Help at home by discussing why it’s so important for the environment that trees are planted.

Next, we will plot this data into a graph and use one of our geography words – interpolation! Challenge your child to explain this word.


Writing – expanded noun phrases!

Posted on Wednesday 18 October 2023 by Miss Wilson

We’re going to use the Eye of the Storm to write a narrative.

In order to do so, we have to practise certain skills. Imagine you’re making a cake – you need all the required ingredients for it to taste nice!

This week, we’ve focused on expanded noun phrases alongside discussing the film. We’ll move onto figurative language later in the week.

Check out our creative collaborations below!

Help at home by deciding whether the following options are expanded noun phrases:

  1. many taunting, twisted branches above me
  2. Shackling the beast to the furnace, he returned to his navigation with hope ignited within.
  3. Two ominous, jet-black clouds rumbled nearby.
  4. several icy bullets of rain

Book Club Drama

Posted on Wednesday 18 October 2023 by Miss Wilson

Book Club was ace this week!

There were some incredible examples of this week’s Fact File activity and every single person had a comment / signature from their adult – really impressive stuff, Y6.

We also looked at how many challenges we’d completed so far (which resulted in lots of star jump reading in class!) and some of our book reviews for this year.

We finished with some drama linked to our class novel: Survivors. Can you guess which scenes are being acted out below?

Help at home by discussing our class novel.

  • Which has been their favourite chapter?
  • Which would they recommend to you?
  • Which parts have been the most exciting and why?


Tom Palmer local events

Posted on Tuesday 17 October 2023 by Mrs Lake

This year, some children at school attended an online workshop with author Tom Palmer. Tom Palmer has been in touch to let us know about some local events he is attending in half term.

Message from Tom

For children and families – I am also coming to Leeds on Thursday 2 November
2023 :
*       Farsley Book Festival – 10am-11am more here
*       Chapel Allerton Library – 2pm
*       Pudsey Community Hub and Library – 4pm