Year 6 Class News

Big Walk and Wheel – getting active on the way to school

Posted on Sunday 26 March 2023 by Mrs Taylor

It’s been a great start to Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel walking, scooting and cycling challenge this week.

After the first five days, we are currently in 14th place (out of 514 schools) in the small primary category with an average of 90.36% of our journeys to school being active. This is a great achievement and we want to thank families for supporting this challenge.

To keep up with the leader board for the rest of the challenge, it can be viewed here.

Thank you to those families who brought along bikes to the bike register event too. Nineteen bikes were registered at school.

By walking, cycling and scooting to school, you are helping us make a positive change to the school run. With less cars close to the school gates, this is a safer and healthier way to start the day.

The Big Walk and Wheel challenge continues until Friday 31st March so we look forward to seeing our progress over the upcoming week.

Making Pizza!

Posted on Thursday 23 March 2023 by Mr Wain

Recently, Y6 spent the morning in groups making pizza!

We followed a recipe and created our own pizzas from scratch!

Firstly, we made the dough and kneaded it into shape.

Then, we made our tomato sauce for our base.

After that, we prepared our toppings before placing them onto our tomato base.

Once we’d cooked our pizzas, it was time to enjoy!

Well done, Y6!

Active Travel

Posted on Friday 17 March 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Next week sees the start of Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel walking, scooting and cycling challenge. It inspires pupils to make active journeys to school, improve air quality in their neighbourhood and discover how these changes benefit their world.

Join us to take part in this challenge by walking, scooting, biking or park and stride from Marks and Spencers to school from Monday 20th March – Friday 31st March.

As part of this active travel event, we will be hosting a bike register session on Tuesday 21st March. Pupils, parents and family are invited to bring along their bikes to be registered at this bike security marking event at school.

Girls Dynamos Cricket

Posted on Thursday 16 March 2023 by Mrs Taylor

Dynamos Cricket provides girls from 8-11 years old with sessions of non-stop fun. Each week there will be a focus on a different cricket skill to build their confidence and ability, before they take part in a 60-ball countdown cricket match.
Locally, there’s a girls only Dynamos Cricket eight week programme at Meanwood Cricket Club starting on Saturday 6th May.
Use this link for more information and to sign up.

Staying safe online

Posted on Wednesday 15 March 2023 by Mrs Taylor

As a follow up to the recent Safer Internet Day, PCSO Louise delivered an assembly for all classes to reinforce the key online safety messages.

Help at home by asking your child/children how the 4Cs relate to them when they are online.

Designing a pedometer

Posted on Tuesday 14 March 2023 by Mr Fayers

Today in our Computing lesson we programmed our micro:bit to act as a pedometer. After thinking about our design criteria and planning our algorithm, we created our code.

We tested the micro:bits outside to see if they met the design criteria. Most of them worked, although we thought of ways that they could be improved.

Ask your child about the design criteria and if they can remember the code!

A setting description of Whitby Abbey

Posted on Tuesday 14 March 2023 by Mr Fayers

Over the last few weeks we have been building up to writing a setting description of Whitby Abbey. Everyone was able to create an eerie atmosphere by using figurative language and thinking carefully about vocabulary. Here are some examples:

I made a bad choice. They said brave people could only do it at 3AM. All I had to do was stay there for 1 hour. Easy, right? Not really. It was the darkest yet scariest point at night. No need to be scared. Although I was. Gurvar

Reluctantly, I approached the dungeon as darkness fell. The howling wind echoed through the atmosphere. Gargoyles sinisterly glared into my soul. I edged closer to the robust, iron bars. Much to my shock, the gates were ajar. Abdullah

As the gates creaked open, thick fog slithered over the abbey and seemed to loom closer every second. As the lightning struck, ghostly silhouettes flickered across the empty expanse of land. A solitary door grasped my eye and lured me into the night. Bridget and Eleanor

I hesitantly trudged towards the gloomy passageway. Escaping the unrelenting wind, silence reigned. As I edged along the tunnel, the walls seemed to close in on me. Death sliced through my beating heart as I let out my last breath. Jodie

With my hair standing on end, I hesitantly tip-toed towards the eerie passageway. It was like a magnet pulling me in. As I inched towards the tunnel, the creaking of rotten word rained on the silence. Shameel

Living and Learning: Safer Internet

Posted on Monday 06 March 2023 by Mr Wain

Recently, we enjoyed a day looking at how to be safe online.

Safer Internet Day

One of our sessions involved a visitor!

We enjoyed learning some statistics about being safe online before deciding if some online accounts were real or fake. We learnt not to trust every piece of information we see online: online accounts on social media sites or gaming sites might not always be as they seem!

Think before you post: We also learnt that once we share something online, a picture or post for example, it’s out there for good no matter if you delete it. If you post a picture but change your mind, someone could have easily saved it and passed it on in that time!

Help at home by talking to your child regularly about the pros and cons of being online and monitoring their online usage!

Computing: programming a BBC micro:bit

Posted on Wednesday 01 March 2023 by Mr Fayers

Computing is our topic this half term and we are learning about programming. We are using a small computer called a BBC micro:bit which can be programmed using a laptop.

On Monday, we found out what a micro:bit is and discussed different inputs and outputs. Everyone was able to create an algorithm on the laptops before downloading it onto the micro:bit. The class enjoyed exploring the different functions of the micro:bit and seeing what it can do.

On Tuesday, we created a magical 8 ball feature by programming the micro:bit to say different things when you shook it.

See if your child can remember the algorithm needed to create this!

Well done Year 6!

Science: irreversible changes and controlling variables

Posted on Friday 24 February 2023 by Mr Wilks

In today’s science lesson, we explored an irreversible change. We mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar to create a chemical reaction which resulted in the formation of carbon dioxide. 

We then discussed how we could increase the amount of carbon dioxide that was formed and the importance of controlling variables.

  • control variables (the variables we kept the same): the size of the bottle, the amount of bicarbonate of soda, the type of balloon):
  • independent variable (the variable we changed):  the amount of vinegar
  • dependent variable (the variable we are testing): the amount of carbon dioxide

We found that increasing the amount of vinegar resulted in the creation of more carbon dioxide. However, the 100ml test (green balloon) didn’t support this finding. Possibly there was too much vinegar or maybe the green balloon made a difference! We discussed how repeating this test would make our date more reliable.