Year 6 Class News


Painting in Maths

Posted on Thursday 14 March 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

I had a class of very puzzled children when they walked into their Maths lesson on Wednesday to find paints and paintbrushes out.

I tasked the children with creating orange which they all did confidently until I then said I wanted us all to create the same orange. This led to a lengthy debate on how we could do this and, without them even realising it, the whole class were using the sort of language we use when we work with ratios.

By the end of the lesson, we were all creating different colours, noting down the ratio of paint colours used in order to ensure somebody else could create the same colour as us. Linking this to how a company like Dulux can create the same colour paint over and over again in all sorts of different volumes, helped us understand how ratios are used in real life contexts.

School Savings Club paying in dates

Posted on Wednesday 13 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Please note a change of day for the remaining School Savings Club paying in dates.

If your child has a School Savings Club account, we hold paying in sessions on the penultimate week of every half term.

Thursday 18 October 2018 3.15-3.45pm

Thursday 13 December 2018 3.15-3.45pm

Thursday 07 February 2019 3.15-3.45pm

Wednesday 20 March 2019 3.15-3.45pm

Wednesday 15 May 2019 3.15-3.45pm

Wednesday 10 July 2019 3.15-3.45pm

If you are unable to attend in person, please hand in any money to be paid in, to the office in a sealed envelope addressed to Mrs Tiffany.

If you would like your child to open an account, please enquire at the office.  Pupils in Year 3 can still take advantage of the £10 incentive offer.

Spelling Practice

Posted on Sunday 10 March 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

As there are lots of difficult words on the Year 5/6 spelling list, spelling practice is essential. Here are two good examples from our class this week.

Kai has practised the words, noting down the words he found difficult and exactly which part he was unsure of. This is a good example of really reflective spelling practice.

Amrit was really creative with his practice which will help the spellings move to his long term memory, particularly if there’s a story to go with the cartoon.

Creative Homework

Posted on Sunday 10 March 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

We enjoyed our homework review today because there were some fantastically creative pieces to share.

Here are some of our favourites:

A great comic strip by Isaac.
Fab poems by Grace.
A game of bananagrams from Ripley.
Albert’s mini Fighting Fantasy story.
Ethan’s not-so-mini Fighting Fantasy story.
Theo’s story map of the adventure.

This week’s standard of homework was brilliant to see – keep it up, Year 6.

Living and Learning – body image guide for parents and carers

Posted on Sunday 10 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Our focus in Living and Learning, for the rest of this half term, is body image.

What is body image?

Body image describes our idea of how our body looks and how we think it is perceived by others. This can include our thoughts and feelings about our height, weight, shape, skin colour, and our appearance and attractiveness more broadly.

This parent and carer guide has been designed to give practical ideas to support your child in building their emotional resilience in this area.

Great competitors

Posted on Sunday 10 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Well done to pupils who have represented school recently in sporting competitions.

Congratulations to our Year 3 qualifier in the West Yorkshire cross country final.  She ran a fantastic race at the event at Temple Newsam.

In wet conditions last Friday, our Year 5/6 hockey team competed in the Leeds Quick Sticks competition.  Well done to all the children involved.

Thank you to parents and carers who supported these events by transporting the children.

Why is travelling actively to school important?

Posted on Sunday 10 March 2019 by Mrs Taylor

Sustrans have recently published this article about the importance of travelling actively to school.

With just two weeks to go, Sustrans Big Pedal, is one way we will be encouraging active journeys this term alongside our year round Living Streets WOW sustainable travel initiative where the children record how they travel to school on our daily travel tracker.

Sustrans Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge, that inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two (or three) wheels for their journey to school.  We would love everyone to be involved.  For the first time, walking (and park and stride) will be counted alongside cycling and scooting.  

This year’s Big Pedal will run for five days, from 25th March to 29th March.

You might also be interested in a current bike promotion from our local Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative branch.


Practice Sculptures

Posted on Friday 08 March 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

Leading toward our modroc sculptures we’ll be making as part of our art learning, we practised creating the main shape using newspaper and masking tape this afternoon.

Sometimes is was frustrating and other times is was surprisingly successful.

These models will help us focus on the main shape of our model when we start using wire to create the base for our modroc.

Living and Learning: What influences us?

Posted on Wednesday 06 March 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

In our living and learning session this week, we discussed what influence means and what we think influences us.

The children came up with lots of ideas of what can be an influence on their lives and choices – both positive and negative: parents, friends, teachers, social media, adverts, games, famous people…

They worked as a group to create a diamond nine to represent which of these they felt influenced them most and which influenced them least which led to lots of interesting discussions.

At home, discuss this together, thinking about how friends, for example, can influence us positively and how they can influence us negatively.

Exploring Sculpture

Posted on Friday 01 March 2019 by Miss Rushbrooke

As part of our topic learning around Fighting Fantasy, we’re working towards creating a modroc sculpture of the sort of creature you might come across in Firetop Mountain.

Today, we thought about what sculpture is, looking at some examples and discussing which we like best and why. At home, share any sculptures you know about and see whether your child likes it and why/why not.