Year 6 Homework

22 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 21 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Drum roll please…

I am delighted to announce episode three of Y6’s Hall of Home Learning Fame is NOW LIVE! Click here to see if you’ve made it this week and to see how I’ve been perfecting some skills during lockdown (and creating only one small fire hazard).

Y6 Virtual Residential Day Three

Click here for today’s explanation of the tasks.

Click here for a summary.

Y5&6 Geography – LO: natural resources

Today’s task is to complete this lesson from BBC Bitesize. You need to complete activities one and two.

Y5 Maths Thursday answers

Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: maths challenge
Your task today is to give it your best shot at the following maths challenge! Have a go with members of your household, too!
Click here to start!
Email me if you have any questions!
Y5&6 Reading – LO: I can recommend books and other texts.
Today we would like you to choose one of your favourite books or texts (it doesn’t have to be a book – just something you’ve really enjoyed reading) and recommend it to someone! This could be a friend or family member – whichever is possible.
When making your recommendations, we would like you to:
– mention what the text is about
– give reasons for your choice
– think about who you are going to recommend the text to
An example sentence within your recommendation may look something like this:
I would recommend the Harry Potter series of books because through Harry, Ron and Hermione’s friendship it shows you that your friends can become your family. Additionally, it teaches you to appreciate the people close to you.”
Remember to send an email if you have any questions!

21 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 20 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Thursday, everyone.

Can you believe it’s the 21st of May already?

Your tasks today are reading, writing and maths (/Y6 residential!).

Y6 Virtual Residential Day Two

Click here to see an explanation of today’s tasks.

Click here to see a summary


Y5 Maths answers

Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: subtract mixed numbers

Following on from yesterday, I’d like you to watch the following video: ‘Week 5, lesson 4’ and then complete the accompanying questions.
Y5&6 Reading – LO: FirstNews
Today we’d like you to read FirstNews for at least 30 minutes – enjoy reading in the sunshine if you can – and then have a go at the following puzzle.
Click here to start.
Y5&6 Writing – LO: recount

Today’s writing task is to help you write a recount. You’ll be recapped on what a recount actually is and the R2s you’ll need.

Click here to complete today’s task from BBC Bitesize. You need to complete activities one and two.

Complete activity three.


20 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 19 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Morning, team! Your tasks today are maths, art and science!

First, though, a quick word from Miss Wilson…

Happy Wednesday! As you know, we should have been going on our Y6 residential today until Friday. I’m absolutely gutted we can’t go. It would have been a fab celebration after a tough week and you guys deserve the best celebrations for how hard you work. For the rest of this week, I’ve decided to scrap maths for a Virtual Residential where you could win the title of Camp Champion or Camp Hero. Off we go!

Y6 Residential – Day One

Click here for a video explaining today’s activities.

Click here for a summary of the Virtual Residential Day One Tasks.

Y5&6 Reading Tuesday answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths Tuesday answers
Click here.
Y5 Maths – LO: add mixed numbers
Today’s task is to watch the following video:  ‘Week 5, Lesson 3, Mixed Numbers’ and answer the following questions.
Click  here to start the questions!
Y5&6 Art – LO: drawing and colour
Today we are steering away from an explicit reading task and doing an art task instead!
Your task is to pick any object in or around your house and draw it! However, you may only use two colours – no more, no less.
When drawing your object, these are some things we’d definitely like you to think about (R2s):
  • – Use two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel (a warm colour and a cool colour such as red and blue/orange and green/yellow and purple) as this will create more of a contrast. These are called complementary colours!
  • – Think about where your light is coming from and where your shadow is going to be
  • – What colour do you think the shadow will be? Will it be the warm colour or the cool colour?
  • – What colour do you think the lighter parts will be? Warmer or cooler colour?
  • – Fill the page as best you can
  • – Don’t forget to look at the detail on the object as well its outline
  • – Maybe sketch it out in pencil first before going into colour
  • – Think about form. The object is more than likely going to be three-dimensional
Below is a colour wheel to help you choose which two colours to use.
I hope you all spot the spelling mistake in the colour wheel, too!
When completing this task, you might like to have some classical music on in the background to help ensure a calm atmosphere – here are some composers:
– William Grant Still

– Johann Sebastian Bach

– Amy Beach
– Ludovico Einaudi
We want you to really consider the points above, therefore we would like you to spend 30-40 minutes completing your drawing.
Please send your drawings to your teacher! Who knows, they may feature on your class news page!

Y5&6 Science – LO: adaptation

Today’s task is to complete this lesson from BBC Bitesize. Your task today is to complete activities one and two.

Have a go at the experiment below, like we’ve done in class.


19 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 18 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Today’s tasks are maths, reading and geography.

Y6 Maths –  yesterday’s answers.

(Note that Q15-19 should read Q7-11.)

Y6 Maths – LO: multiplication

Today, we return to defend Mathematica using our multiplication skills. Here’s what the critics have been saying:

“The best maths game (where you have to defend Mathematica) on the internet” – Boris Johnson

“Probably shouldn’t have been made” – Xbox founder (probably jealous)

“Miss Wilson is on fire. She makes fewer than five mistakes – a rare must see” – Mrs Weekes

Make sure you have a pencil and paper / home learning book ready! Click here to access today’s video.

Email me a picture of your character, too!

Y5 Maths – Click here for yesterday’s answers.

Y5 Maths – LO: add fractions

Continuing our work from yesterday, we are focusing solely on adding fractions.

Watch the video here:

‘Week 5 – Lesson 2 – add fractions’

Then answer the accompanying questions by clicking here.

Y5&6 Reading – click here for yesterday’s answers.

Y5&6 Reading – LO: RIC

Today’s task is a RIC like yesterday, however you will be given the answers and have to work out the questions!

Click here to start!

Y5&6 Geography – LO: regions of the UK

As you may remember, the Lake District was one of our regions (along with the Peak District and Scottish Highlands and Islands) that we learnt about in our Geography topic.

Today’s lesson is to watch the videos, read the text and complete the quiz at the bottom on this BBC Bitesize website.

18 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 17 May 2020 by Miss Wilson

Good morning everybody and happy Monday!

Before we start, I’d just like to apologise if the formatting is sometimes a little unclear – the website doesn’t recognise the enter button sometimes for unknown reasons! So sorry about this and if it’s really an issue, let me know.

Hope everyone is keeping happy and healthy! You can remember the acronym CALMER to help you!

  • Compassion – be kind to yourself and be mindful of mental health
  • Activity – keeping moving and exercising can have huge benefits
  • Limit social media where you can
  • Manage any worries – don’t bottle it up! Talk to someone.
  • Engage with family and friends on the phone, by text or video call
  • Routine – establishing a routine can help you feel a sense of control in these uncertain times


Y5 Maths – LO: adding and subtracting fractions

Today, I would like you to watch the video ‘Week 5, Lesson 1 – add and subtract fractions’ and answer the questions as you go along.
Once the video is finished, I’d like you to have a go at completing the following questions found here.
Remember, always email me if you have any questions!
Y6 Maths – LO: decimals as fractions
For today’s task, I’d like you to watch lesson 4 – decimals as fractions  and answer the questions as you go along.
Then, answer the questions below.
Y5&6 Reading – LO: RIC
Your task today is to read the following extract from FirstNews and complete the accompanying RIC.
Click here to start!
Make either your own inference or choice question and email it to me to answer!
Y5/6 Art – LO: painting, collage, printmaking
Today, we want to brighten your Monday with a little creativity! Your task is to read and watch the videos on this BBC Bitesize lesson and then complete the arty activity at the bottom under ‘Practise’.
If you don’t have any art supplies at home, don’t worry. You could use anything from around your home like socks or leaves for collage or you could just sketch using a pencil into your home learning book. Alternatively, you could just watch and enjoy the videos.
As always, we would LOVE to see your artwork (and the rest of your learning).
We’re always here if you need to email us, whatever the reason!

15 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 14 May 2020 by Mr Wain

Happy Friday, everyone!

Y5 Maths – LO: improper fractions to mixed numbers

Today’s learning is about fractions and can be found by clicking here.

On the page, scroll down to ‘Lesson 3 – Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa’

Y6 Maths – LO: treasure hunt
Tuesday’s maths was centred around five arithmetic questions and I asked for some submissions for new questions! Click here ( to see today’s treasure hunt video, get ready to run around your home like a headless chicken and keep an eye out for some familiar names and faces!
As always, email me a picture of your treasure!
Y5&6 Reading: LO: puzzle
Today’s task involves completing a crossword which can be found here:
When you’ve clicked on the link, go to page 2. If you need a little help then you can flick back to page 1 (as they have the words underlined in the text.)
Good luck!
Y5&6 Geography/Science LO: sustainability and plastics
Today, we’re learning about sustainability, plastics and recycling. Click here ( for today’s learning.
Your tasks are to complete the interactive quiz (activity one) and send in a photo of your score.
Then for activity two,imagine you are giving a presentation on everything you have learnt about sustainability. What would you say?  To download the activity, make sure you click on the part that says “Sustainability and plastics activity sheet” underneath and not the hyperlink for Britannia Digital Learning above! Your presentation could take the form of:
– a poster
– a digital presentation eg KeyNote/PowerPoint
– an assembly style speech
– a poem
– a letter to someone eg Leeds City Council
– a play
– a song/rap
– your own idea!
You could work by yourself or team up with someone in your class or household! Make sure you email me with your finished presentations!


14 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 13 May 2020 by Mr Wain

Y5 Maths answers

Click here.

Y5&Y6 Reading answers

Click here.

Keep sending in your talents to Miss Wilson, guys! They’ve been brilliant so far!
Y5 Maths – LO: equivalent fractions
Today’s task is all about equivalent fractions. This is something we have covered but as always, give me an email if you have any questions.
Click here to access today’s lesson video – it’s lesson 2.
Y6 Maths – LO: multiplying fractions by integers
Today’s task is about multiplying fractions by integers (whole numbers). Click here ( to access today’s video. It’s Home Learning > Year 6 > Summer Term > Week 4 > Lesson 1 > 11.05.20. The video is called ‘Multiply fractions by integers’.
Email me if you have any questions or concerns!
Y5&6 Computing – LO: algorithms and debugging

Click here for today’s video. (
Then, your task for today is to complete this activity ( Your second task is to work out what the problem with my algorithm is and debug it.
Start facing up. 4 forward, right turn 90, 5 forward, left turn 90, 1 forward, right turn 90, 3 forward, right turn 90, 1 forward, right turn 90, 1 forward.
Download the activity card in activity three. I especially like the making a recipe algorithm challenge and the film in five words challenge! They’re all small tasks you can do at home that develop computational thinking.
As always, have a go at them and then send us a picture of it!
Y5&6 Reading: LO: comprehension
We would like you to complete the following reading comprehension based on VE day in lock down. You can complete the questions in your home learning book.
Click here to start!

13 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 12 May 2020 by Mr Wain

Hello everybody!

A word from Mr Wain…

You guys have been absolutely fab with all the work you have been sending in – it’s a pleasure to read and I find it wonderful that you are working so hard! We’ve got this!

Y5 – Yesterday’s maths answers:

25 minutes

No – it doesn’t stop there

The 07:43 bus takes 30 minutes from Shelf Village to Bradford (08:00-08:30)

The 07:43 bus as it gets you to arrive in Odsal at 8:15. This is 5 minutes before 8:20. The next bus would be too late.

The 08:15 bus – it takes 45 minutes to get from Halifax to Bradford

15 minutes


Y6 – Yesterday’s maths answers:
1. 140
2. five eighths
3. 129
4. five twelfths
5. 50
On to today’s learning…

Y5 Maths – LO: timetables

Today’s learning carries on from yesterday. How did you all find it? Let me know your thoughts!

Click here for your task.

Y6 Maths – LO: addition and subtraction
Join me for the first part of a maths quest where we try to Defend Mathematica!
Click here for part one. (
How many changes did you spot in the video and background behind me? Send me a list!
Y5&6 – LO: The World
Today’s geography lesson is recapping continents, oceans, globes, maps and atlases and then there’s a quiz and a game to play.
Click here for today’s video.  (
Then, your task today is to play Geography Explorer! (
If the above link is asking for a log-in, try clicking here, scrolling to the bottom (activity 3) and clicking on the Geography Explorer game!
Can you beat Miss Wilson’s score?
Y5&Y6 Reading – LO: retrieval
Today, we would like you to answer the following retrieval questions based on the FirstNews paper from this week.
1) How much does this issue of FirstNews cost?
2) Which anniversary of VE day have we just celebrated?
3) How many times do South Korean scientists believe you can catch Covid-19?
4) What is the name of the dog offering free virtual canine therapy sessions?
5) Greta Thunberg received $100,000 for inspiring climate action. Which organisation is she donating this prize to?
6) In the city of Lund, Sweden, what did worried officials dump in their parks to stop social gatherings?
7) What are the two theories that explain the pink lake in the Badain Jaran Desert?
8) European honeybees fall prey to an animal’s long stinger and powerful venom. Name that animal.
Pick an article of your choice from this newspaper.
Your challenge is to describe the pros and cons of the article.
What is good about it? Do they use challenging vocabulary? Do they have attractive pictures or illustrations to catch the reader’s eye? Is it easy to read?
What isn’t so good about it? Is it too wordy? Does it not provide enough information? Is the picture or illustration unclear?
If you have any questions about any of the learning, remember we are an email away!
Good luck!






12 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 11 May 2020 by Mr Wain

Good Morning, everyone! We hope you’re all doing well and doing lots of fun things to keep yourselves occupied!

Keep sending in your talents and hobbies! It’s been great to be reminded of just how awesome and talented you guys are. Your deadline for trickshots is also approaching!

Y5 Maths Monday answers

Click here.

Today’s learning…

Y5 Maths – timetables

Your task today is to read, interpret and answer questions based on the following bus timetable.

Here is a quick video re-cap to help you if needed.

Click here for your task.

Y6 Maths – LO: arithmetic

Later on in the week, we’re going to do another Arithmetic Treasure Hunt but this time I want to get you guys involved! Have a go at these questions.
1. 7 x 2 x 10
2. one eighth + four eighths
3. 645 divided by 5
4. 10 twelfths – five twelfths
5. 0.5 x 100
Then, what I want you to do is, keeping the style of the question the same, change the numbers so that you come up with your own questions. We’ve done this before in class. You need to work them out so you have a mark scheme to go with them. Finally, email me your questions either just written down or even better would be to film yourself asking the question. (You could even film a short answer clip, too!) The deadline for questions is Wednesday evening (13.05.20). Thanks!
Email me with your ideas for the treasure hunt! What could people find in their home? How could we make it more fun or a bit trickier?
Y5&Y6 Geography – LO: trade and economic activity
In class, we’ve learnt about the trade and economic activity of counties in England. Today, we’re going international!
First, watch this video (
Then, click here ( and scroll down to access today’s tasks: activity one, two and three (just page two – the one with two stars in the top left corner). Be careful not to scroll down too far on activity three because the answers are on there, too! You can mark your answers when you’ve done.
For ten golden tickets, spot the grammatical error written in today’s learning.

Y5&Y6 Reading – LO: FirstNews

Today’s task is simple: read!

This week, there will be reading tasks based on this copy of FirstNews.

Your task today is to read, for at least half an hour, this copy of FirstNews and familiarise yourself with it!

When reading you could discuss any articles that caught your interest with members of your household. You could get in contact with friends and talk about what you have read, too!

Again, we would love to hear from you – email us! /

11 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 10 May 2020 by Mr Wain

Happy Monday, everybody!

Click here ( to check out last week’s Hall of Home Learning Fame and keep sending in your Trick Shot Challenge videos!
There are no answers today so lets get straight on with the learning…
Y6 Task One
For today’s task, we’re swapping maths for something a bit different! Click here ( to watch a video that will explain everything!

Y5 Maths – Two-way tables

Today’s learning is similar to yesterday’s, however the tables you are going to be looking at today are two-way tables. This means that two sets of information are presented in the same table.
Some of the questions involve problem solving. We’ve looked at this at times over the last few weeks but please do ask if you have any problems!
Click here for the task. Remember to send me an email if you have any questions.
Y5&Y6 Reading
We’d like you to complete this BBC bitesize lesson. It is the English lesson from 07 May – Tell me no lies by Malorie Blackman. You can complete this in your home learning book.
Let us know what you thought of the lesson and having being read to by another dancer!
Y5&Y6 Geography – LO: I know some key vocabulary relating to physical geography.
Today’s task is a match up activity.
Click here, and you will see a list of definitions and pieces of vocabulary. Your job is to match up the vocabulary to the definition. If you are unsure about anything, find out by using the internet, asking someone in your home or emailing me! Good luck!
Disclaimer* some of this vocabulary is brand new. Try your best to match them up but don’t worry, you can always look it up!