Year 6 Homework

25 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 24 June 2020 by Mr Wain

Maths – LO: classifying quadrilaterals

Today’s task is similar to yesterday’s apart from using quadrilaterals – shapes with four sides. Click here to begin.


Once you’ve finished, have a go at a times tables challenge on this section of the website. Send me your score /60 or how long it took you to complete!
Reading – LO: understand and draw a setting description
Click here for your task! We will be reading a setting description and seeing if we can draw it! There are challenges that lie within…
Spanish – LO: introducing yourself
Today, we return to learning Spanish and how to greet people, plus how to say your name and age.
Click here to begin.
Draw a comic strip or write a play script for two people speaking in Spanish about their name, age, the alphabet and numbers to ten!

24 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 23 June 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Wednesday, Y6!

Today’s tasks are maths, art and reading.

Maths – LO: classifying triangles

Today, we continue our recap of/learning about angles and use that knowledge to put triangles into groups.
Click here to start.
Art – LO: The Circle Challenge
How many circular objects can you think of? You will use your imagination and creativity to beat this challenge! 
Click here to start.
We would love to see your creative efforts – keep your eyes peeled for the best ones on class news!


Reading – LO: retrieval
Reading page 1 and 2 of this week’s FirstNews, we’d like you to answer the following Kahoot by clicking here.
As always, send in a quick email to let me know how you did.

23 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 22 June 2020 by Mr Wain

Maths – LO: angles

Back by popular demand, click here to access today’s Oak National Academy maths lesson.
We will use algebra and bar models to calculate missing angles.
As always, send in a quick email to let me know how you did.

Reading – LO: FirstNews

Today’s task is to read FirstNews!

Send a quick email to show a fact or piece of information you’ve learnt.

Science – LO: animal kingdoms
I know how much you guys love learning about animals so click here to start today’s lesson about different animal kingdoms.
Send a quick email to show a fact or piece of information you’ve learnt.

22 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 21 June 2020 by Mr Wain

Happy Monday, Y6!
I hope your weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. You’re nearly at high school – whaaaaat!! 😱
Today’s tasks are maths, reading and Spanish!

Maths – LO: scale factors

You guys know what to do! Click here!
Then, click here for your main activity. Use your home learning book to draw and record your answers.
x 3

Reading – LO: give a personal point of view

We would love to know what book you are reading at the minute! With that being said, your task today is to give a personal point of view about the book you are currently reading.

We would like you to tell us:

  • what the book is about
  • what has happened so far
  • your opinion of the book and why you have this opinion
  • is it comparable to any other books you’ve read/know about

When describing your opinion about the book, it’s really important that you give reasons for your point of view, too!

When giving your reasons, remember to use words such as: additionally, furthermore, moreover etc when making your points!

Good luck!

Spanish – LO: numbers
Click here to access today’s Spanish lesson where we learn about where Spanish is spoken in the world, the Spanish alphabet as well as numbers 1-10.
Grab your home learning books and a pluma o lápiz!

19 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 18 June 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Friday, everyone.

Today’s tasks are maths, reading and living & learning.

Click here for yesterday’s maths answers.

Maths – LO: ratio

Today, I’d like you to put your learning from the week into practice and continue your quest to defend Mathematica!

My challenge to you is to reach Shield Level 4 on the Ruins of Ratio and Proportion. It should take you about 30-40 minutes. If you’ve completed that, try your luck in the Battle of Mathematica.

As always, send me evidence of your shield levels and any cool accessories your character has! I’ve heard you can win a dragon for a pet!

Reading – LO: kahoot
Today, we would like you to read ‘Gaby to the Rescue’ from this paper (or this paper, if that one doesn’t work) and then complete the following kahoot!
The details for the kahoot are as follows:
Game Pin: 03360084
Good luck!

Living and Learning

Join me for today’s video.

Here’s a reminder of some R2s:

Send in a picture of your poem – or, even better, send in a video of you performing it so we can show our support!


18 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 17 June 2020 by Miss Wilson

Morning, everyone!

Hope you’re all staying happy and healthy.

Here are yesterday’s answers for the main maths activity and challenges.

Maths – LO: calculating ratio

First, watch this video from the White Rose Maths Hub. You need to find ‘Week 1’, ‘Lesson 4 – Calculating Ratio’. Ignore where it says pause the video and attempt a set of questions. Just watch the video through and try to answer along with the video. You can email me if you need more help.

Then, you know the drill – click here for today’s video.

Next, click here to download today’s activity.

Reading – LO: Love of Reading
Today’s reading lesson is a Love of Reading session – back by popular demand. We would like you to simply read! Find a book, newspaper, magazine, poetry or anything you love to read. Then, relax and immerse yourself in some quality reading time for at least 30 minutes.
We would love to hear about what you are enjoying reading at the moment and where you like to chill out and read, so send an email to me!

Writing – LO: writing poetry

Today, we’re continuing our learning about poetry by writing nonsense poems!

You need to use this BBC Bitesize lesson and complete activities one, two and three.

Email your poem to me for some feedback or it’d be amazing to hear and see you perform yours!

17 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 16 June 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Wednesday, Y6!

Keep your emails coming in – it’s been great to catch up online and over the phone. I’m always here to answer any questions, comments or concerns!

Today’s tasks are maths, reading and writing.

Maths – LO: using the ratio symbol

Click here for yesterday’s answers.

Join me for today’s video by clicking here and then, when you’re done, click here for today’s task.




Reading – LO: create a puzzle

Using this week’s version of FirstNews, your task today is to create your own puzzle like the ones we have completed in previous home learning tasks.
This could be a crossword puzzle or a wordsearch (where the words you have to find are given as clues).
I’d like you to pick an article, within the newspaper and use this to create some clues for your puzzle. It’s a good idea to use an article that’s about the size of a page so that it is challenging enough.
Remember, the words you choose for your puzzle must be in the article!
Here is a crossword from a previous week to help you.


Writing – LO: figurative language

Using this BBC Bitesize lesson, let’s build on our poetry learning from yesterday and explore figurative language.

You need to read the web page, watch the videos and complete activities one and two.


Complete activity three.

16 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 15 June 2020 by Miss Wilson

Maths – LO: ratio and fractions

Click here for yesterday’s answers.

Get your pencil and brain ready and click here to watch today’s video. Be ready to pause when you need to!

Once you’ve finished, click here for today’s activity.

Reading – LO: answer questions about a text

We’d like you to answer these questions based on the FirstNews from this week.

Poetry – LO: analysing and performing

Today, we’re going to learn how to analyse and perform poetry. You need to read this web page, watch the videos and complete the three activities.

Once you’ve done, you need to choose a poem from activity two and perform it to either a family member, the mirror or record yourself on video!

As always, send in your home learning – we’d love to give you some stars and a step!


15 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 14 June 2020 by Miss Wilson

Happy Monday, Y6!

Welcome to another week in these weird and wonderful times. If you haven’t done so for a while, please take some time to email me with what you’ve been up to, whether that’s learning or anything else!

Today’s tasks are maths, reading and we’re going to be looking at Pride month using art.

Maths – LO: ratio language

Join me in today’s lesson where we learn about a new topic – ratio.

Click here to watch the video and be ready to pause it! Then click here to start your task for today.


Reading – LO: vocabulary
I know you all love reading FirstNews, so click here for the latest edition.
Your task today is to find ten increasingly complex words/phrases you are unsure about the meaning of and define them in your home learning book.
How could you find the meaning of these words? You could use a dictionary, an online dictionary or you could use your inference skills and read around the word, using the clues in the sentence.
Whichever way you choose is up to you! Please send your work to me:


12 June 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 11 June 2020 by Mr Wain

Happy Friday, Y6!

At school, we’ve enjoyed doing exactly the same lessons that you’ve been doing at home. It’s been great to show some of your photos and videos to the guys at school – keep sending them in!

Maths – answers from 10.06.20

Maths – LO: algebra
Join me for today’s maths lesson where we read some story problems and work out/solve algebraic expressions.
Click here to start!
Click here for your story problems.
If you need any help, don’t hesitate to email me –

Reading – LO: summarising a text

Your task today continues our learning about ‘Hrungnir against the Gods’. I would like you to create a book cover for this short story. Think about what happens in the story when creating your book cover.

You could use your feelings graph to help you show what the characters may look like, too.

When you’ve finished, I’d like you to summarise the story of ‘Hrungnir against the Gods’ in the following ways:

20 words
10 words
5 words
1 word

Good luck!

Science – LO: life cycles of animals and humans
Today’s learning is courtesy of Finlay – thanks for suggesting this idea, Fin! – and I found the perfect BBC Bitesize lesson.
Click here to start learning about the life cycles of animals and humans. Watch the two videos and complete the mini activities – there are six in total. Everyone must email me with how you did on the tasks!
If you have any ideas for what we could learn about next, please let me know at!